Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Alex's Letter April 27th

So I am just going to post Alex's whole letter because it is just so Alex.

I'm not sick anymore, well I still have a runny nose but I have been taking pills and it is almost gone=) If you could send some benadryl that would be wonderful=) I have seen Joel Clark , Daniel Hansen, Danny Hanna, and I get to see Brad once a day. We always yell stuff and give huge hugs! The Hawaiian (one of his roommates) loved going to the Hukilua Cafe, in fact he lived right next to it! We've actually gone passed his house like 8 times >.< His middle name is about 47 letters long. My companion acts just like Max. He copies everything I do>.< ha ha. tell max that he was given 2 years to get better at anything than me so I hope when I get back he can at least tie me at one thing. I need to go because they only give us a little time to email but we get a lot more when I get to St Louis. Oh and stop sending so much food, I give it out everynight because I can't eat it all! But, the whole building loves You I love the macaroons thought I save those for myself=). Love ya mom and dad, and sorta Max

The turtle lone ranger

Alex's room mate Carter Hesterman and his friend Joel Clark.

Abbey Road M.T.C. Style

Companion push ups.

M.T.C. Ninjas

Alex and friends.
                                                                   Elder Campbell

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Finally an E-mail!

    So, I finally got an e-mail from Alex today. It was short and sweet but I did find out his companion is Elder Hunter from Canada. There are four in a room and his other room mates are Elder Carter Hesterman from just down the street and Elder Tofuga from Hawaii's North Shore. I'm sure Alex and Carter are having fun telling each other about their crazy guitar skills and I am sure Elder Tofuga is tired of hearing how much Alex loves the North Shore! Alex says it has been really fun but really hard being at the MTC!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Alex's First Letter

I finally got a letter from Alex today! I was beginning to think he was serious about not writing home the whole two years he was gone. Thursday will be his P-day in the MTC. The P stands for Preparation day, the day that missionaries write letters and do their laundry. Alex had said he was going to dress up like a pirate and say he thought  the P was for Pirate. I'm sure you can all see Alex doing this. So the letter didn't say much but he is alive and well. He teaches his first investigator on Tuesday and he is a little nervous for that. I know it would lift his spirits to hear from you so if you get a chance write him a letter or you can e-mail him on just set up an account and fill in Alex's information Elder Harold Alex Campbell, his mail box # is 150, mission code is Mo-STL and his departure date is 05/03 He will get the e-mail the same day if it is sent in the morning, but he cannot respond by e-mail so please let him know your mailing address so he can write you back. Thank you for supporting Alex!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Alex's favorite scripture.

PSALMS 23:1  The lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.

The Final Goodbye

On Wednesday April 13, 2011 We took Alex to the Missionary Training Center or the M.T.C. We stopped at Mimi's and had lunch and then to the Provo temple for a few pictures. I think we were the only family that was not crying. I have not been able to say the word missionary for the last year without crying but I did not shed a tear. I think Alex was grateful for that. He was worried I would have some sort of an emotional breakdown right there at the M.T.C. The cute elders that were there to greet Alex made it so easy. It wasn't like we were leaving him there all alone, it was like we were leaving him there with 2000 of his closest friends.
It also made much easier knowing Bradford Walker would be at the M.T.C. the whole time with Alex.

The Farewell

On March 27, 2011 Alex spoke in Church and then friends and family came over to the house for snacks and goodies. It was so fun to see everyone.  His topic was "The Things That Matter Most". He did a great job despite having a really bad headache. We are hoping his headaches will subside and not slow him down during his mission.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Opening the call

So for those of you that are not L.D.S. when you turn in your mission papers you have no idea where you will be serving it could be almost anywhere in the world. Two or three weeks later you receive your call and find out where you will be spending the next two years. When Alex opened his he found out he would be serving the St. Louis, Missouri mission.