Monday, September 24, 2012

Alright lets start with the week. Monday we played some basketball with the AP's then that night we did a baptismal interview. Tuesday we got ready for transfers and went on a team up with Brother Bode, he took us to a Chinese restaurant called golden Harbor. It was so good. Wednesday was transfer day so we went down to St. Louis on a bus! It was way fun to see Elder Bullock and Elder Hinton. Elder Jager was transferred into my zone. Thursday we had Danville"s district meeting, Elder Orim is the new district leader. It was a good district meeting. Then that night I did another baptismal interview with an man naned Cory. It went great! We had to travel about an hour and a half away to a tiny town of about 1,000 people. Friday we had service in the morning. We had dinner with the Zimmblemans. Saturday we had a lesson with Alex then weekly planning and then we went to Danville to held the ward with a open house. Sunday church was good we had dinner with the Shepps! It was great! After a great meal Brother Shepp played the piano for us! It was so good. He is a great piano player! This week went by so fast I don't have a lot to say about it. 5 greenies are in the zone so me and Elder Buys are now the Grandpa zone leaders! Elder Reay and Anderson are two great new Elders! They will be great leaders in this mission if they work hard, they both have great trainers. Thank you so much for the package. It was one of the best!  Zone Leaders conference is this week that will be fun. Yes, it does feel like I've been a zone leader forever and I don't think it will end soon.... But I hope I get to finish my mission training in Fredericktown. That would be way fun.

So I think my headaches are getting better I really need to strech more I think that will help me a ton. I have been doing better writing in my journal. I really miss the Mahuffeys. I love that family so much. It can be really had working with the young single adult ward. But maybe it is just what I need. I am so thankful for a loving companion that is nice to me and make things easier. Sure love ya mom!
                       Love, Elder Campbell

Monday, September 17, 2012

Hey Mother alright lets run though the week! Monday we had a normal p-day we had dinner at President Payne's home. It was great! Tuesday I don't remember much I just remember that there was a change of plans tat day. Wednesday we had Champaign's district meeting. It went O.K. and then we taught Trisha. I learned the alphabet in sign language. Then we had a meeting with Alex! Thursday we had Danville's district meeting. We were training at al of the district meetings this week. Then we had president interviews that was a lot of fun then we had stake correlation meeting where we meet with the stake presidency. Then after president and Sister Clark took us out to dinner. They took us to Biaggi's,  there is one in Salt Lake.It was pretty good and a ton of fun to have dinner with President and Sister Clark. Friday morning we helped at the soup kitchen.  Then I need to do an unplanned baptismal interview. Usually the President would have done this interview but he wasn't able to be here so I had the opportunity. We had a district meeting in Paris and then had a lesson with Alex again. Then on SATURDAY ALEX WAS BAPTIZED!!!!!! His family came even though they were against him joining the church. They came to support him. Alex did great! he was baptized by Elder Buys and I confirmed him at church. Then we had lunch and dinner withe the PRICE FAMILY> IT WAS SO GOOD. HE IS THE STAKE PATRIARCH.  (GAHHHHHHHH A GUY JUST SAT DOWN NEXT TO ME THAT SMELLS LIKE BEER. I DON'T KNOW HOW LONG I CAN TAKE IT.)
Thanks for all the love mom, Max is going to do great. Trial and pain will help him grow a stronger testimony of the Gospel. I lost 6 pounds this week and hope to loose some more next week.
                       Sure love ya mom!
                            Elder Campbell

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Hey MAMA!! THANKS FOR THE PACKAGE IT MADE THE DAY SO MUCH BETTER... IT WAS A ROUGH DAY SO THANK YOU, THANK YOU! Tuesday we taught a new investigator named Lee, we also taught Alex he is doing great his baptism is this Saturday at 1 p.m. !!!!!!!!!! Then that night we helped a deaf lady move. I got so sweaty and gross but it was great. I lost 4 pounds last week. You should pray that I can keep losing weight. Wednesday we had a district meeting then we drove around picking up papers for a meeting fo one of the stake leaders. We taught this guy named Hector who just wanted to prove us wrong . So we bore a storng testimony and hopefully it softened his heart. But, that is same old same old. Then we had a meeting with our stake mission leader. Thursday we went to Maroon for a district meeting and then travel back and contacted on campus. Friday we taught a lesson to Paul he is from  Australia, then we contacted more. Oh and then we taught a friend of a member that night. Saturday we had our weekly planning then contacted the rest of the day. Sunday we had church, Alex was there and that made me so happy. Then we had CES fireside with Elder Holland, it was really good. So that was the week. One cool thing is the library on campus has an original copy of the Book of Mormon from the 1830's. We were going to see it but the doors were locked and no on was around. Have you looked at the campus online yet? (Of course he should know that I looked online with in 10 minutes of finding out that he had been transferred there.) It has some old beautiful buildings. Umm Elder Buys   is sending a food request for granola and pepper jam. You know the pepper jam that I love Elder Buys is the only companion that I have had that likes it too. This week was crazy and next week is probably going to be the same. I am doing great! I am really trying to change a lot right now to be a better man, but I  hope it works. I hope I'm changed by the time I get back. Not like a new person just a better person. I hope dad and Sarah are doing well I hope you are doing well I hope the kitchen gets done soon for you. The quarters are great! Thank you so much mom and one more thing that I really like is Skippy Natural Crunch Peanut butter. It is my favorite. =) Thank you for all you do mom! You are the best! Thank you for the copies of the blogs in the package as well! Sure Love ya!
                 -Elder Campbell

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Horse shoe Sandwich

The Horse Shoe Sandwich Invented in Springfield Illinois.
                           The Sandwich is toasted bread with ham or hamburgers on top covered in cheese sauce and then topped with French  Fries.
Hey Mom! Alright lets run though the week, we are already done with the 4th week of the transfer! Holy cow, it is going by fast! Alright Monday we went to the doctors because Elder Buys has felt a little under the weather (just a little side note from mom, can any of you imagine Alex saying "a little under the weather" before his mission? ) He is doing well now. We did the normal p-day stuff. Tuesday I worked with Elder Furlong a district leader in Champaign. The day went well even though he was also sick. We taught a man named Alex that night. He is such a great guy! He should be baptized on the 15th. I am so excited for that!!!!! Wednesday, we had Champaigns district meeting in the morning and then we had lunch at Windy City. It was so good! Then we taught a lesson to a girl who just wanted to bible bash. We had dinner at the Shep's. It was great! Then we planned for Zoned Leader Council. Thursday we had Danvilles's district meeting. We had another great lesson with Alex. He is getting closer and closer to Baptism! HE IS A GOLDEN INVESTIGATOR! WE PLANNED A LTITLE MORE FOR ZONE LEADER COUNCIL. THE WE LEFT FOR SPRINGFIELD TO STAY THE NIGHT THERE BEFORE WE WENT DOWN TO SANIT LOUIS. WE ATE AT A PLACE NAMED D'ARCYS THAT NIGHT. They say the Horse shoe Sandwich was invented there.
We also went to the place that invented the corn dog. Friday was 5 hours of driving and 6 hours of meetings.... but it was great to see Elder Hinton at Zone Leader Council!!! Saturday we had exchanges withe the assistants I was with Elder Marshall! He was in the Fredericktown district! It was so much fun to work with him! We did great! Ah, man, I love Elder Marshall. Sunday.... I don't remember what happened Sunday.. Well I know Alex was at church! Monday we had Zone p-day only one person got hurt...Just a little bit of blood... Missionaries are crazy and some times turn into their old selfs again... Then we had District leader zone leader Council. Then this morning we taught a found a new investigator! His name is Lee! It was soooooo great!

Now on with the other stuff... It actually didn't storm that bad, just a lot of rain but no huge storms. Some money for laundry would be great! You are the best Mom! (He must really want some quarters for the washing machine.) Some fry-sauce would be great! Thank you for sending the Ukulele. I am glad that you sent that one and not my good one. I have really enjoyed playing hymns on it. Well I'm glad that the people liked me in Chesterfield. I wish I could have done more work there. We got some close to baptism. Amy was baptized! I have not had a chance to check my blood pressure. I have not been able to find a grocery store with a machine to check blood pressure. If I find one I will check it for sure. My headaches are doing O.K. They are off and on now. I just hope they keep getting better. The headaches have probably been one of the best thing s for me , they have taught me a lot. I sure love you mom. I can't wait to see you in about 7 months! I hope I can make the most of these 7 months!

                                                           Love, Elder Campbell

The cozy dog drive in located in Springfield, Illinois  where the corn dog was invented.