Monday, September 26, 2011

Starting to feel better!

I'm doing much better now last week was really hard with my headache but I'm doing so much better now. My headache is starting to go away=) We found 4 new investigators and taught 11 lessons and had an amazing lesson with this family in the middle of no where! It is an hour and a half drive from fredercktown. Super far away which is super annoying because they regulate the miles so much but there is a member that takes us out there but the problem is getting a ride back >.< Brother rains has known about the church for some time and has also taken lessons from the elders a few years ago. He has been working with his wife so that she would listen to the missionaries and a few days ago they were ready so we got a media referral from church headquarters to go visit them. It was fantastic the wife really enjoyed it and brother rains wants to quit smoking so he can be baptized. The Boatwrights have agreed to live the word of wisdom. B.J. has the date of October 8th to quit smoking and Sister Boatwright has stopped drinking coffee. Half of the family was at church the other half had to stay home because they were sick. The Ormans are also doing great! Autumn wants to be baptized!!! She loved the young woman activity! The Ormans will continue to come to church=) I'm going to start taking a lot more pictures because I haven't been taking that many.... But Zack wanted me to send some pictures of the leaves changing so I'll do my best but they say it is going to be a really ugly year just because of the weather. And whats up with the weather???? It seems weather is going crazy everywhere. It rained here all day yesterday. Thank you so much for the emails. They were much better that last week! I loved getting emails from Zach and Max those always make my week! Sorry for the short email but I have to email President Clark.   Love,  Elder Campbell

Monday, September 19, 2011


    YOU GUYS GOTTA SEND BETTER EMAILS THAT THAT!!!!! I send better emails and I don't even write very much:) Today was zone p-day so we are emailing a little late. It is super annoying to have this hurt ankle. It limits so many things I can do! Yes it is super wonderful that the Ortons got baptized! The Boatwrights didn't make it to church =( But don't worry they will be there next week! I had a super bad headache on Saturday and today just because I've been so stressed about the Boatwrights but everything is going well now. The Ormans came to church last week we tracted them out about 4 months ago. Now they are getting active again. Their youngest daughter is getting baptized.
    Oh, It is so super stressful being senior companion so soon but I'm doing a very good job. I want you to know you can be a proud missionary mom because I am working super hard!!! I've been blessed with participating in the baptisms of seven people. >.<
     Elder Bullock is from Alberta Canada. I don't know much about him other than my last two companions remind me of Max. (It seems everyone reminds him of Max) I haven't lost any weight for a while.... I should fix that. So you should totally pray for the Boatwrights. If that family gets baptized it will be the happiest I've ever been in my life! I don't know if I can handle Fredericktown for another transfer but I won't complain if I do because this is a wonderful place. I should probably start taking a lot more pictures because I really don't take that many but I'm going to start keeping my camera on me so you will be getting a lot more pictures. I have no stories or anything other than this week was super stressful!!!!! and I never get stressed..... I love you and hopefully things are going better next week.
                                                  Love, Elder Campbell

Monday, September 12, 2011


WAAASSSSSSS  UPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FAMILY BAPTISM WAS UPP!  I Love the Ortons! I Love Matt he is just like Max! Guess What!!!!????? The Boatwrights came to church and also the baptism!!! I'm super stressed about if they liked church or not .............anyway... I am now senior companion so I have to be super careful not to forget things and I'm also the follow up trainer for Elder Bullock from Canada. So far every thing is going well. Elder Bullock is a really good missionary. I got a letter from Teej. That always makes me happy. Please continue to pray for the Boatwrights because I love them so much I really want them to join the church. I lost my multi tool. Will you send me the red one that is up in my room. Oh, I loved the C.D.'s Thank you so much! I feel so blessed that the Orton's were baptized. My companion is ready to go so I'll email you next week.   Love, Elder Campbell

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

One More transfer in Frederickton!

     So the mission has a blog now  So check it out when you get a chance!! It will have pictures of the mission and stories and all sorts of stuff on it. So I'm not getting transferred! But, Elder Rudd is!!! So I am going to be a follow up trainer. My new companion has only been out for 6 weeks and I am kind of nervous because I am still a greeny and now I am going to be senior companion and running Fredericktown. I would love it if you guys would pray for me to do a good job.
      Elder Rudd's back is doing much better! So that is good. Last week was the hardest week of my mission because we couldn't work and we had to stay in the apartment.... It was hard for me to have sympathy especially since I was teaching the night that I broke my ankle and worked full days from then on (not to mention that when he broke his back I didn't take him to the hospital for four days and made him do his eagle project swinging a pick ax for 8 hours) I was a little frustrated that we couldn't do anything last week... but it is all good. Oh the weather is so nice. It is in the 70s and it feels perfect. The Boatwrights are doing really well and the Ortens will be baptized this Sunday =) I am so happy that I am staying in Fredericktown and excited for my new companion.    Love,  Elder Campbell