Monday, September 12, 2011


WAAASSSSSSS  UPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FAMILY BAPTISM WAS UPP!  I Love the Ortons! I Love Matt he is just like Max! Guess What!!!!????? The Boatwrights came to church and also the baptism!!! I'm super stressed about if they liked church or not .............anyway... I am now senior companion so I have to be super careful not to forget things and I'm also the follow up trainer for Elder Bullock from Canada. So far every thing is going well. Elder Bullock is a really good missionary. I got a letter from Teej. That always makes me happy. Please continue to pray for the Boatwrights because I love them so much I really want them to join the church. I lost my multi tool. Will you send me the red one that is up in my room. Oh, I loved the C.D.'s Thank you so much! I feel so blessed that the Orton's were baptized. My companion is ready to go so I'll email you next week.   Love, Elder Campbell

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