Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Chiggers and Ticks

   Tell Max I want to play minecraft but that is going to have to wait a while.  I can't believe it has already been two months, I should be home in no time and tell Max to get in super good shape! Like he should be stronger than I am when I get home.  I don't have a lot of time this week because we are going to elephant rocks with the zone leaders. I'm sure you have been watching the weather here it has been crazy. the storms are super cool even though I sleep through most of them but don't worry because we have plenty of places to go when the sirens go off.
    -SNAPPING TURTLES - I saw a huge one yesterday under a bridge. Then a guy who was hunting snakes with a blow dart gun told us where the biggest turtles in Missouri are. I can't wait to go see them.
     We now have 14 investigators, we teach a whole group of people on Friday nights.  A really old guy plays baptist hymns and we all sing along.  It all started with us doing service. Oh and just to let you now chiggers itch worse than anything in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
LIKE OH MY GOSH my left leg was on fire for 4 days. Bug spray does not keep them away!  Don't worry though I think I got rid of them. Oh and the only way to get rid of chiggers is to burn them which i did and all that did was start my leg hairs on fire and look really funny so then we were told to scrap them out while you are in the shower with a brush or something. Which I did and it worked but really hurt. So no more chiggers just legs with scabs all over them. Chiggers are devil bugs. ( I don't know if I should tell him chiggers don't burrow into the skin they are like mosquitos they put an apparatus into your skin. They just stopped itching because the bites had healed.) No ticks yet even though I flick them off of me all the time and watch other missionaries get them.
     The branch just had two new families move in so that is great I taught the whole zone how to beat box yesterday and me and Elder Beatty are pro at singing. We sing almost every week in church. This week we are singing " A poor way faring man of grief".  Every Sunday Elder Beatty and I draw pictures of dragons with the kids at church. It always ends with one kid scratching the others trying to breath fire on them.  I have lost 8 pounds and have put on a lot of muscle.  In other words I'm getting "yoked".  Max had better be in super shape when I get back and have read the  book of mormon. But I do miss him a lot!!!!! Tell dad I think about him often and tell Sarah THANK YOU FOR ALL THE STUFF! Oh and tell Daniel to join the church already. I want to close this letter by saying 3 more tornados have touched down in my zone this week. Love you mom and please don't worry because the members are always watching over us.
                                                         Love, Eleder Campbell

I don't know why he thinks I would worry just because he is burning his leg hairs off while the tornado sirens are going off!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Lightning and Turtles

     We have had really cool lightning storms lately. They are really bright and LOUD! IT SOUNDS LIKE   THUNDER FOR MINUTES AT A TIME. I saved a snapping turtle this week. He wasn't that big but he was definitely strong and wanted to bite my fingers off when I moved him off the road. I am down another belt loop! I didn't really think I was fat when I left on my mission but I guess I was. Well I knew I was fluffy but down two belt loops is nice.  =)
      Thank you for the Walmart gift card and for the bike tools and the tire repair stuff. We did the most "bestest" service ever! A lady came up to us while we we're doing service at the senior center and asked us if we could help her fill sandbags. We didn't hear from her and then we ran into her again and she ask if we could come and help her drive some fence posts in for her. So we get to this place that is in the middle of the country, Elder Beatty drives one post into the ground and she sends me to clear out this section of the forest so she can rebuild a fence to keep her goats in. Now this part of the forest has never been cleared, and then 2 years ago an inland hurricane flattened about 40% of the trees. So it is super hard work and super over grown with vegetation!!!  Like so much green! Oh and it was a swamp... so I just kind of looked at it not knowing what to do. Soon Elder Beatty came down and we both looked at it and had no idea how to handle it.... So we both just started clearing it with clippers and building a bridge of vegetation so we didn't have to stand in the swamp. Until we came to a tree that needed to be moved. We asked for some axes to cut it and she was like, axes? "Those are way too much work use the chain saw" but we insisted on the axes. She went and got us some axes. I was thinking she was just going to get a normal ax. She brought us 1 normal ax and one super huge double ax of death thing. I took the double ax and Elder Beatty took the normal ax (which was still Huge)  and after that and after that things went much faster. We cleared that forest so fast and pro! Then she took a book of Mormon Three days later we came back for service and this time we were tearing out 40 feet of honey suckle vines! Remember this is Missouri and those vines have been growing a very long, long, time They bought us a machete, a sickle ( I didn't know Alex knew what a sickle was) and this tool we call the Egyptian ( I don't know what that is) It is like a sickle and an ax combined that cuts though vines like nobody's business. At the end we had a pile of vines 6 by 10 feet cut up and moved. I have never sweated so much in my life. She also set up a lesson next week with her and her husband and a group of their friends. So that is good. There is way more to that story but I just can't explain all of it, but those people are super nice! and oh they gave us some super old religious documents for an old church out here, dating back to about 1840 really cool stuff. We also started teaching this new family because the kids love us and the kids begged us to teach them a lesson. Turns out that the mom is now interested and we are teaching them again tonight. Other than that just the normal teaching. Some people yelling at us and what not. Edger checked himself into rehab=) I don't know if I told you about Edger but I hope I have time next Monday to tell you about him. Love ya mom and MAX go to swim team and exercise a lot because you have to be in super good shape if you come on a mission like this where it is so hot and you have to bike 40 miles a week and sweat like CRAZY!         Love, Elder Campbell

Monday, June 13, 2011

   Alex and Elder Beatty are staying in Fredericktown for six more weeks and then Elder Beatty will head home to Las Vegas. Alex wanted to  make sure that letters go to the mission home address which is

Elder Harold A. Campbell
Missouri Saint Louis Mission
745 Craig Road Ste 306                                                                                                                              Creve Coeur, MO 63131-7122

Packages should still go to his apartment address which is
Elder Alex Campbell
404 Villar, Apartment E
Fredericktown, MO 63645

His letter is short this week, but he did send some pictures which I will add as soon as I can figure out how to do that, anyway on with the letter.
     I want to take you and dad here because I want to show you some of the places I have to go inside of! We gave this lady a blessing and during the blessing there were ants and all sorts of other bugs crawling all over us. I am super tan from biking in the sun all day. My hair is super short and I can ride with no hands now. >.< I am getting in pretty darn good shape but darn it gets hot here!
     That is cool that Max got braces. (Max doesn't think so) He better be big and strong when I get back because missions are not easy and he needs to go on one.

                                                                              Love , Elder Campbell

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


   It is so Hot here!!!! It was 102 degrees and 83% humidity!!! This week has been great. I don't really have very much to say except this is the 6th week I have been here and so transfer calls are on Saturday. I am 1/12 of the way done with my mission. Time is going by so fast. Sorry I haven't written anyone a letter, I just don't have time. I only get one day a week and that is Mondays and Mondays are usually just as busy as the other days. I think all of the bad storms are over with and now it is just super hot and wet. I've never seen so many bugs in my life... they are uncountable!
     I am so sleepy, we have had to get up at 6 for the last couple of days and when you ride a bike 20 miles a day in 100 degrees it makes you sleepy! We reached our mission goal for the month of May! The goal was to pass out 1830 Books of Mormon, we passed out 2300. We get a super activity in July we might go to a Cardinals game or to the zoo or some other activity. I saw like 30 turtles today. I see about 10 dead armadillos a day and tons of dead possums. I don't look the same anymore. I had to make a new belt hole in my belt (the good way) and my arms and face are super tan!
      I would love to take you and dad around here when I get back because there is a lot of cool stuff to do. Mail should go to the mission office in case I get transferred but I think I will stay here.
                                                                               love you mom and family,
                                                                                Elder Campbell

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


    Well I'm fine so don't worry about me, the tornado sirens went off all last week but we were always in a safe place because we always go to a members house that has a basement.=) We have not really been helping on tornado clean-up because Fredericktown got really lucky. Even though two tornados touched down in Fredericktown they didn't cause much damage. We were driving on "00" ( the name of the highway) and trees were ripped out of the ground and laying around. So tornados are pretty scary but you don't need to worry because we always have somewhere safe to be. I'll send some pictures soon.
     It is very hot here and my allergies are diffidently bad! One day I thought my eyes were going to start on fire but Elder Beatty gave me some stuff that took it right away. His allergies are really bad, like super bad, like he almost dies! Uuuggg. I have so many stories to tell but not enough time to write them all! Yesterday I fell in a river! The Houghtens took us up to a canyon which was way cool! On Saturday we had dinner at the Bass's house. They are also one of my favorite members. They have a farm so we had huge steaks, that they had just cut! Fresh whole milk (I don't know if I want to drink fresh whole milk again) and then they gave us fresh eggs from their chickens to take home with us.
     We  had five tornados touch down in our zone last week. But don't worry because the sirens go off like 10 minutes before the storms get to us. ( He really knows how to put my worries at ease.) Oh, and I got attacked by a pit bull. But it was O.K. because the family got me a Sponge Bob Bandaid.
    An apostle is coming to speak to us this week, which will be the 3rd time I've heard one on my mission so far. I'll try to email you some pictures in like 2 weeks. Next p day is a zone p day so I don't know if I will have time to email but hopefully I will! Tell Sarah sorry I haven't written her back yet, I just don't have enough time right now. Tell Max congrats on his flying mount and that I miss him probably more than he misses me and tell dad Thank you for all of the letters and let him know that I am working my butt off. We have talked to pretty much everyone in this town....there is on 4300 people in Frederick town