Monday, March 26, 2012


   So this week I sent Alex a list of questions like T. J. 's mom does.
Question #1 Where is the first place you want to go when you get back? The bathroom because I always have to go after a plane ride.

Question #2 What is your favorite thing about Chesterfield? I love that its is so nice and clean and nothing scary goes on here but what I really love about it is how close all of the elders live!!! That way you get to know the other Elders really well.

Question #3 What is the funniest thing that happened last week? I don't know, Elder Bullock and I had fun on some exchanges, it was just like old times. While Elder Bullock and I were out teaching Elder Hinton and Elder Bullock's companion were chased off a street by a man with a broom. This really neat family, that  I love, played a trick on me! They gave me a trick glass that leaked so it took me about 20 minutes to figure out what was going on.

Question #4 What is your favorite thing about Elder Hinton? I don't know he is just an all around good guy!

Question #5 Did you get the cookies the young women sent you? Yes, they were great!

     You are right, I feel underdressed here in Chesterfield even in a white shirt and tie. I don't really like asking for things but if I could get 4 new short sleeve white shirts. My ones from last summer are worn out after being on a bike last summer in Fredericktown. They are diffidently not up to par with Chesterfield.
Every time a big storm is about to hit Chesterfield it changes direction or just stops.......Do you have something to do with this? Because I haven't had a good storm in a while! Transfers are coming up on the 4th of April but you don't have to worry because I don't think I'll be going anywhere. We had leadership meeting last week and it was really good I learned a lot. I don't know what else to say other than I"m doing great! The area is having a hard time though.. It is hard to cover the family ward, the singles ward and be the zone leader at the same time but we are going to work harder and try different things and see how that goes. I can't believe that this transfer is almost up! Time is just flying by!!!!! I love ya mom and I'm sorry if my emails are not the best thing ever and kind of boring but I love ya and I just started the Book of Mormon again, this time I will race you. I started a week ago so I have a little headstart. Love ya,
                                                                                                         Elder Campbell

Monday, March 19, 2012


     Sorry,  I don't have any pictures to send. I probably won't be taking very many here because everything is just like home. It feels just like home here. THANK YOU FOR THE BEAUTIFUL TIE! It is my new favorite tie! If it were any more crazy and colorful I couldn't wear it. It is just right! So this week we heard from Elder Bednar twice. The first time it was a question and answer and the second time was a talk. I learned a lot but I can't explain it in an email. Throughout his talks he focused on agency and to act and not be acted upon. Elder Bendar did a wonderful job!
    That is is so cool that Teej is a zone leader too! Hopefully he can give me some advice! I sent a letter to him not too long ago but we are going to be really busy now so the letters might slow down. I could send a video to you if I had my camera with me. I took a video of of a storm that was really loud not scary or anything just really, really loud.
    The sister that was homesick is doing better and yes that is the sister who has the brother in Kenya. That is so cool that the Hartmans know him. I can't wait to tell the Hartmans all about my mission. I love how the thing that I am most excited about coming home for is to see everyone and tell them about  my mission but that is still a long time away.
     This week is leadership meeting!!! I am so excited because Lynn is catering the meeting. That means the food will be great but most of all I GET TO SEE LYNN!!!! I am learning a lot out here and it gets a little stressful when people don't progress as quickly as I would like. Keeping track of the zone and helping the other missionaries can be stressful but I love it.
     Thank you so much for the packages! Time is flying by here and I want it to stay that way. We need to do a better job finding people/working with the members. I am short on time we have to go back to a members home and snag our laundry. I'm sorry I don't have more time to write. Thank Zach for the letter. Tell Coleen I love her. Tell Sarah thanks for the kite. I will write back to her I have just been so busy. Tell Max thank you for saving Darwin again and to get better at other things than Mass Effect 3 >.< and that I Love him. Love ya Mom! Elder Campbell

Monday, March 12, 2012

     So I have a beautiful picture of the sunrise here I'll try to send it next week. Last week was really great.=)The zone had a wonderful week! I was so happy I had the opportunity to speak at church on Sunday! A family we are working with was there and loved it. =) So just FYI I am emailing from a Chiropractic college right now. In fact we were at a chiropractor's home last night with the presidents assistants. Elder Stewart was getting his back worked on and elder Hinton got his ankle worked on. There are a lot of doctors that live in the Chesterfield area. We are taken care of very well. The members feed us everyday and the ward is great at finding people for us to teach but it is still hard sometimes.  We have some sister missionaries in our zone that are really struggling, one of them is really homesick.  Do you have any advice?
     Elder Hinton and I are the bestest of friends! We got kicked off of the of Missouri Baptist University... apparently they didn't like us teaching their students..... but we have a group we are working with so I am sure they won't mind after we clear up some misunderstandings. Sometimes this area can be a little overwhelming because we cover two wards which takes up a lot of time and church is 6 hours long and then we also cover the zone. I admire Elder Beatty so much because he served as zone leader and then he went out to little old Fredericktown and really turned the whole area around. He is a great missionary. I feel very lucky to have been trained by him.
     Don't worry about the storms, I will be fine here in Chesterfield. Now maybe if  I was still in Fredericktown you could worry. That is where the largest Tornado in recorded history was. It killed over 700 people. I get a letter from Lynn every week to update me on things in Alton. I also got an email from Brad this week!!!!!!! That made my week. It would be nice to hear from Max and I would love to hear from Zach his emails always make me laugh! I hope to get a letter from dad soon. =)TELL SARAH I LOVE HER,  (kinda...) love you bye, Elder Campbell

Monday, March 5, 2012


    Don't worry about the bad storms. I am safe here in Chesterfield! chesterfield is too rich to get hit by a tornado they only like trailer parks. There are houses here that are big enough to fit all of Fredericktown inside of them. The mission has safety plans and evacuation plans so no need to worry about anything. I have to give a talk this week and do a Family Home evening for the Young Singles branch. I am super busy.
     Zone conference went well. I got to conduct. Everything went smoothly and I think it really helped the zone. President Clark said it was a great zone conference. The zone struggled a little last week and I am trying to find out how to help them. We found two new investigators this week and four last week. I know Elder Hinton and I could do so much in this area but we are so busy with being zone leaders it is really difficult to get everything done.The most important thing is to be able to help the zone. It is hard to find time to write in my journal it seems like I just get a line or two down and then I have to move on to something else.
     I hope Max is doing well. It has been along time since I have heard from Sarah. I hope she is happy and doing well. I still don't know how the other missionaries write so much. Pray for me to find what I need to do to help my zone and that I can get everything done that I need to do. I Love You, Elder Campbell