Monday, March 12, 2012

     So I have a beautiful picture of the sunrise here I'll try to send it next week. Last week was really great.=)The zone had a wonderful week! I was so happy I had the opportunity to speak at church on Sunday! A family we are working with was there and loved it. =) So just FYI I am emailing from a Chiropractic college right now. In fact we were at a chiropractor's home last night with the presidents assistants. Elder Stewart was getting his back worked on and elder Hinton got his ankle worked on. There are a lot of doctors that live in the Chesterfield area. We are taken care of very well. The members feed us everyday and the ward is great at finding people for us to teach but it is still hard sometimes.  We have some sister missionaries in our zone that are really struggling, one of them is really homesick.  Do you have any advice?
     Elder Hinton and I are the bestest of friends! We got kicked off of the of Missouri Baptist University... apparently they didn't like us teaching their students..... but we have a group we are working with so I am sure they won't mind after we clear up some misunderstandings. Sometimes this area can be a little overwhelming because we cover two wards which takes up a lot of time and church is 6 hours long and then we also cover the zone. I admire Elder Beatty so much because he served as zone leader and then he went out to little old Fredericktown and really turned the whole area around. He is a great missionary. I feel very lucky to have been trained by him.
     Don't worry about the storms, I will be fine here in Chesterfield. Now maybe if  I was still in Fredericktown you could worry. That is where the largest Tornado in recorded history was. It killed over 700 people. I get a letter from Lynn every week to update me on things in Alton. I also got an email from Brad this week!!!!!!! That made my week. It would be nice to hear from Max and I would love to hear from Zach his emails always make me laugh! I hope to get a letter from dad soon. =)TELL SARAH I LOVE HER,  (kinda...) love you bye, Elder Campbell

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