Wednesday, May 30, 2012

    Alright, I'm going to go though the week first. Monday was crazy because we has a dentist appointment at 9 a.m. we had to email, shop and be at the Frontenac church at 1 for zone We got done with p-day at 6 o'clock and had a meeting with the bishop. I love bishop Blair. He is a great guy! Then we had the YSA FHE. Tuesday we had Pagedale's district meeting which Elder Belnap did a great job for his first district meeting. Elder Crowley is also in that district. He is one of my favorite elders in the zone!!! We had a whole bunch of planing after that we had a DISTRICT LEADER-ZONE LEADER CONFERENCE which went really well. Tuesday night we started an exchange with the ap's. The ap's live in Brother Thomas's home. He is like the best eye doctor in the country. Bishop Blair said he was going to set something up with him some day Bishop Blair and his family are in Italy right now. Wednesday we had the Parkway's district meeting. Elder Bullock did a great job as always. The rest of the day was normal missionary work. Thursday was good just a whole bunch of missionary work. We taught a lesson to the Freemans' Friday was more missionary work... hahaha. I'm sorry that I don't have a lot to talk about when I go the though my days. We don't have many investigators so that mean a whole lot of tracting. Saturday we had breakfast with the Voyel's! IT WAS GREAT! Then we tried to contact this guy named Ray, he didn't answer his door. Then we visited a part member less active it turns out they left the church but son't take their names off because they love the people but thy got way into a lot tof the anti mormon stuff. She was active for 28 years and her husband was a councilor in the bishopric. They just fell into a trap. Then we tracted then out agaian. Then we taught a lesson!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!To a lady named TIFINNY! A NEW INVESTIGATOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!YAY!!!!!YAY!!!!!
Hopefully we will be seeing more of those. Sunday we had 6 hours of church like normal then we had dinner with the Gidden family!!!!!!! They are on of the best families ever. So yesterday the 28th we visited the part member family. They talked about anti mormon stuff for about 40 minutes. All I can say is guard your tetimony. Make sure it is strong because you never know when it is going to get shaken. I saw many examples of that this week. Alright .... on to other things. This week has been one of the harder ones on my mission but in a good way way it is hard because you are working hard, that is good it is just a little hard to change from helping other missionaries mode to find teach and baptize mode. Not that I can't do both it just almost all of out time last transfer was spent helping other missionaries but we are working hard now.
     Elder Jager is from Oregon. His mom was just named Oregon's mother of the year so that should give you something to stalk on the internet. THAN YOU SO MUCH for the shirts they are perfect! The tie is the most beautiful tie in the world! This week will be ZLC and leadership so it is going to be two full days of meetings. So at the end of this transfer it will be 4 1/2 months os a zone leader. The time has just flown by. I mailed a letter to the bishop. I started reading the Book of Mormon for the 4th time on my mission. I'm really happy about that! the book of Mormon is what really keeps me strong on my mission. When people bash with us or shoot every bit of Mormon anti at us it all goes back to the Book of Mormon. It has been an anchor to my soul. Max had better be reading it everyday!!!!! How is Sarah's dog doing? How is Sarah doing? How is dad doing? I haven't gotten an email from Max in a long time!!!! This week looks like it will go by super quick. hahaha I never have any cute little spiritual insights to share or anything but I do learn a lot and I am changing a lot. We are getting a whole bunch of new missionaries in so I might be training again soon. I would love to be a district leader again sometime. Well I am doing great I am becoming stronger and stronger in the Gospel everyday. I hope that even though I am not good at sharing spiritual stuff I hope it will be evident to see in my person when I return home.
                    Love ya Mom,   Elder Campbell

Thursday, May 24, 2012

I have thirty minutes today so I am gonna do my best to type fast. This week started with us having lunch with Javier! He is one of the best people ever! Elder Hinton packed the rest of the day and I said my good byes to Elder Buys. Tuesday started withe some tracting and updating the part member list then we stopped by the Mahaffeys so Elder Hinton could have one last loaf of home made fresh bread. We also took dinner to one of the Mahaffy's friends. Then we had a lesson with the Freeman's they were not at church this Sunday, I hope they can jump on the train and ge baptized. Then we had dinner at the Mecains. They are a great family and the father has a really strong testimony , we gave him a blessing. Then we meet with Teresa a convert to the church that night. Wednesday started with a transfer meeting and we dropped off Elder Hinton and picked up Elder Jager. We did some zone planning together and some tracting. I don't remember a lot that day, it was just a big change. Thursday was Elder Bullocks district meeting which was really good it was great to see Elder Bullock. He is just such a good guy and a familiar face. I did get to go to one of the baptisms that was going on in the zone it was the sister's baptism. Menlo Smith was the person who baptized Kathryn but anyone who know brother Smith knows  Knows that he is Willy Wonka!!! He is the owner of Willy Wonka... He also bought the land for the temple! Not too many people know that but I do! I shook his hand. Sunday the Bishop cam up to me it turns out that he is great friends of the Carters. (The Carters are some old friends that used to live in the ward that Alex is serving in) So He is going to set up an appointment with brother Tomas, the eye doctor, I' have been to his house It is really nice. I am trying to be loving. It is so easy to love the members. but missionaries I am still having trouble but maybe love is for those you love and charity is for those you don't love hahaha anyway things are going great! I don't want to make it seem like time are rough but I could really really use some prayers. That would be great... any I hope thing go great at home! I am glad that Dad, Sarah and Izack are fine after their collision with the antelope. Love ya Max, Love ya Sarah (is that enough to write to Sarah and Max) Wll it is all they are getting today. I love ya! DON'T FORGET TO  PRAY FOR ME.

SO I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY NEED NEW SHIRTS!!!!! You can send me the money and I'll go buy them at the mall for a great price. Hopefull. Any bike pump will do but we could really use one. Elder Jager is from Oregon. I don't know much about him I'll find out more later.
                                Love ya, stay Sweet.
                                  Elder Campbell

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Staying in Chesterfield

It was so fun to talk to Alex on Mother's Day. He sounded great. He will be staying in Chesterfield and Elder Hinton has been transferred to Champagne, Illinois.

 I don't have my planner with me today and I don't have my camera...oops so maybe next week >.< This week was fine. I'm sorry I won't be able to go though day by day. I really like doing that because it gives me a lot to talk about and it has all of the name's of the people we saw. I'll just talk about all the big things that happened. On Tuesday we had a district meeting with the Maryland heights district. It went really well the Spanish elders had 3 baptisms this week and the Maryland height elders had 1 so it was a really good week for that district and for the zone. We tried to do some tracting but every time we would start we would get an emergency call from one of the elders about their companions or something. Our Elders are having a hard time getting along. =(

It is always nice to get a new companion! I'll miss Elder Hinton but I am looking forward to having a new companion. I just finished the Book of Mormon again I was studying the strengthening power of the attonement. I am going to start reading it again looking for stuff about LOVE! I know that sounds weird but that is what I am having a hard time with. Loving people when I just want to slap em and tell them to grow up but that is not the way to do it. I am being a little hard on myself because compared to the rest of the mission I get along great with people.

Elder buys cooked a great meal on Friday! It was soooooo goooood!!!! We were having a really hard day and it was so nice to enjoy such a wonderful meal. We had dinner last night with a family named the Arnells. They are a way awesome family! On Sunday We taught the primary because all of the mons were in a mothers day class. I LOVE PRIMARY! I hated it growing up, by the way , I don't know if  you ever knew how bad I hated sharing time. The classes were fine it was just sharing time. But now primary is great! So this week there were not big storms! I'm really hoping that we can get some work going in the Chesterfield area. I don't know what else to say because I just talked to you yesterday.

So my one line for Sarah and Max is I LOVE YOU.


Elder Hinton likes popcorn you should send him some.

Love ya, Mom Love Ya, Dad I don't have any spiritual thought other than you reap what you sew.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

I will call at about 3:30 on mothers day!!! So this is how my week went. Monday we had dinner at the Nelson's then we had an appointment and got 2 new investigators. Tuesday Lynn picked us up in the morning a to us to Sullivan which is about a 3 hour (round trip) drive from here... Blessed be Lynn's name. WE ate at some crappy china place that I'm sure I was eating road kill. It was nice to be in the country again and wonderful to be able to spent some time with Lynn. That night we had dinner with the Johnson's and then had our studies. Wednesday we went to parkway's district meeting which was goodd. Then we had dinner at the TENNEY'S. I think that they are related to us. Then we met with a recent convert. Thursday we started the day tracting and then we had lunch then tracted some more. Then we had correlation and dinner with brother voyles. Friday the day started with a petty good storm and weekly planning went really long because we are trying so hard to make a difference in oure are. All is Well and we figured things out and got some answers to payers. then we had dinner with Javier and Dave, two way solid people in the ysa brance. Saturday we started with service and a quick exchange with an elder who is struggling. then we had dinner at the Finlinsons and stopped by a part member family. Sunday we had 6 hours of church like every Sunday and also stake correlation meeting. Then we tracted... the first door we knocked on got pretty mad at us. I thought we were nice but we must of made him mad some how. That doesn't phase us now. We finished that street and had dinner at the Jensen's then dessert at the Mahaffey's house and some how the have a cd of guitar music! ( I had given Sister Mahaffey a c.d. of the music that Alex had written and recorded before his mission. She was going to have it playing when he came over) I love the Mahaffeys they are  where you can feel the spirit oftern. Well thats my week.
All of the Elders are doing better except one he is meeting with a doctor today and president Clark on the 9th so we'll see what happens. The zone had a good week also. Just think when you go to the temple no one can call you for 2 hours....Ha ha! I'll know by mothers day if I am getting transferred but I am pretty sure I will be staying here. It has been a really hard area when it come to doing missionary work but such wonderful members who watch over us and feed us all too well. I GOT A LETTER FROM TEEJ THIS WEEK!!! It has been a while I thought that his address changed so I haven't written him ..oops. I also got a letter from Ashley. Her letters are always really nice and insightful. It sounds like she is doing great. She will be such a great missionary. I think I am going to try and share something spirttual this week. So just some thought that I have learned on developing line upon line. 
 "If pride is the great stumbling block of humanity and humility is the opposite of pride what does that make humility?" OLEX
Well it means that humility is the opposite of a stumbling block. Pride is a vice. It hold you down. Keeps you from progressing but humility is a virtue it accelerates your progression. 
  Remember I am always going to be safe. I'm never going to be hurt by a storm as long as I am "quick to observe" Love ya mom and dad. I hope I still make you happy at least once a week. I love for you to be close with Chesterfield. Just remember the more I hear about home and the things the harder it is for me not to get homesick and focus on the work I Love you and miss the family.. Kinda. and I look forward to the phone call. p.s. after this phone call I only have 1 more. >.< Love ya, bye Elder Campbell

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

I am sure you already know about the big storm that his St. Louis. We are fine and all of the missionaries are fine some of the missionary cars are not fine. They have broken windshields and windows. We were safe at a members home eating hamburgers.

Zone leaders conference was this week, Elder Hinton and I put our feet down on a couple of things so I hope none of the other zone leaders are upset with us but when you see an bad seed ( bad ideas or somewhat false doctrine) you have to cut it down right when it starts. I'll be having lunch with Lynn tomorrow. >.<  Anyway I'll get on with explaining the week. Monday is p-say so nothing really happens but we had dinner withe the blacks and a non member we taught the lesson at YSA family home evening and it went really well. We hope he is baptized soon. Then Monday night we went over to the ap's home. They live in a members home that is really nice. We slept over their to get an early start on our ap exchange. Tuesday I was with Elder Stewart, we went down to Washington's district meeting to give a training and to follow up with our Elders that were struggling. We are going there on Tuesday to check on them again. The best part is Lynn is taking us!!! >.< After the district meeting we drove back and had our zone leader ap meeting. Then we went to Pagedale to have an exchange with the elders there. We always worry about the Elders in Pagedale because it is the really bad part of the city. Don't worry we only go there about once a month. On Wednesday we went over to Parkway to exchange with the Elders there. We are trying really hard to set an example for the Elders there. We had dinner with the Tates and a meeting with the Elders President. Thursday we tracted and had zone leader council prep. The Harris family was kind enough to drop off dinner to us. Then we taught the Freeman's which went really well. Friday we had zone leader council from 10 am to 5 pm, long meeting. Then we had dinner with the Fairchilds. Saturday we planned for the week and planned for district and zone leader council. then we had dinner. Sunday the Freeman's were at church.We had great church meetings. Then we had dinner withe the Morgens and then we had our district  zone leader council.

Mom, thank you so much for all you do. Sorry for the confusion about my neck size. >.< I love my mission. Just a reminder, how lucky you and dad are to have a temple so close to you. I think every Monday you should go to a movie-----the movie at the temple. >.< Love ya mom, Love ya family.
Sorry I have been so busy and don't send hand written letters! If it makes you feel any better no one has  had one in a while. Love ya stay safe. Bye, Elder Campbell