Tuesday, May 8, 2012

I will call at about 3:30 on mothers day!!! So this is how my week went. Monday we had dinner at the Nelson's then we had an appointment and got 2 new investigators. Tuesday Lynn picked us up in the morning a to us to Sullivan which is about a 3 hour (round trip) drive from here... Blessed be Lynn's name. WE ate at some crappy china place that I'm sure I was eating road kill. It was nice to be in the country again and wonderful to be able to spent some time with Lynn. That night we had dinner with the Johnson's and then had our studies. Wednesday we went to parkway's district meeting which was goodd. Then we had dinner at the TENNEY'S. I think that they are related to us. Then we met with a recent convert. Thursday we started the day tracting and then we had lunch then tracted some more. Then we had correlation and dinner with brother voyles. Friday the day started with a petty good storm and weekly planning went really long because we are trying so hard to make a difference in oure are. All is Well and we figured things out and got some answers to payers. then we had dinner with Javier and Dave, two way solid people in the ysa brance. Saturday we started with service and a quick exchange with an elder who is struggling. then we had dinner at the Finlinsons and stopped by a part member family. Sunday we had 6 hours of church like every Sunday and also stake correlation meeting. Then we tracted... the first door we knocked on got pretty mad at us. I thought we were nice but we must of made him mad some how. That doesn't phase us now. We finished that street and had dinner at the Jensen's then dessert at the Mahaffey's house and some how the have a cd of guitar music! ( I had given Sister Mahaffey a c.d. of the music that Alex had written and recorded before his mission. She was going to have it playing when he came over) I love the Mahaffeys they are  where you can feel the spirit oftern. Well thats my week.
All of the Elders are doing better except one he is meeting with a doctor today and president Clark on the 9th so we'll see what happens. The zone had a good week also. Just think when you go to the temple no one can call you for 2 hours....Ha ha! I'll know by mothers day if I am getting transferred but I am pretty sure I will be staying here. It has been a really hard area when it come to doing missionary work but such wonderful members who watch over us and feed us all too well. I GOT A LETTER FROM TEEJ THIS WEEK!!! It has been a while I thought that his address changed so I haven't written him ..oops. I also got a letter from Ashley. Her letters are always really nice and insightful. It sounds like she is doing great. She will be such a great missionary. I think I am going to try and share something spirttual this week. So just some thought that I have learned on developing line upon line. 
 "If pride is the great stumbling block of humanity and humility is the opposite of pride what does that make humility?" OLEX
Well it means that humility is the opposite of a stumbling block. Pride is a vice. It hold you down. Keeps you from progressing but humility is a virtue it accelerates your progression. 
  Remember I am always going to be safe. I'm never going to be hurt by a storm as long as I am "quick to observe" Love ya mom and dad. I hope I still make you happy at least once a week. I love for you to be close with Chesterfield. Just remember the more I hear about home and the things the harder it is for me not to get homesick and focus on the work I Love you and miss the family.. Kinda. and I look forward to the phone call. p.s. after this phone call I only have 1 more. >.< Love ya, bye Elder Campbell

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