Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Staying in Chesterfield

It was so fun to talk to Alex on Mother's Day. He sounded great. He will be staying in Chesterfield and Elder Hinton has been transferred to Champagne, Illinois.

 I don't have my planner with me today and I don't have my camera...oops so maybe next week >.< This week was fine. I'm sorry I won't be able to go though day by day. I really like doing that because it gives me a lot to talk about and it has all of the name's of the people we saw. I'll just talk about all the big things that happened. On Tuesday we had a district meeting with the Maryland heights district. It went really well the Spanish elders had 3 baptisms this week and the Maryland height elders had 1 so it was a really good week for that district and for the zone. We tried to do some tracting but every time we would start we would get an emergency call from one of the elders about their companions or something. Our Elders are having a hard time getting along. =(

It is always nice to get a new companion! I'll miss Elder Hinton but I am looking forward to having a new companion. I just finished the Book of Mormon again I was studying the strengthening power of the attonement. I am going to start reading it again looking for stuff about LOVE! I know that sounds weird but that is what I am having a hard time with. Loving people when I just want to slap em and tell them to grow up but that is not the way to do it. I am being a little hard on myself because compared to the rest of the mission I get along great with people.

Elder buys cooked a great meal on Friday! It was soooooo goooood!!!! We were having a really hard day and it was so nice to enjoy such a wonderful meal. We had dinner last night with a family named the Arnells. They are a way awesome family! On Sunday We taught the primary because all of the mons were in a mothers day class. I LOVE PRIMARY! I hated it growing up, by the way , I don't know if  you ever knew how bad I hated sharing time. The classes were fine it was just sharing time. But now primary is great! So this week there were not big storms! I'm really hoping that we can get some work going in the Chesterfield area. I don't know what else to say because I just talked to you yesterday.

So my one line for Sarah and Max is I LOVE YOU.


Elder Hinton likes popcorn you should send him some.

Love ya, Mom Love Ya, Dad I don't have any spiritual thought other than you reap what you sew.

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