Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Elder Campbell comes home!!!

The Mom Hug!!!!

The Brother Hug!!!! Don't worry Max's ribs were not broken just cracked.
 Waiting for him at the bottom of the escalator!
The Dad Hug!

The Campbell Boys Wearing their Momma Shep Bibs.
The Brad Hug!

Alex's flight came in at 10:15 April 11, 2013. We were so happy to see him after two long years!
Sarah was our photographer the only pictures with her in them were taken by a lady with very shaky hands, so we are a little out of focus!

Thursday, April 11, 2013


Monday, April 8, 2013

Last email home

Alex and his Ray Ray

Hey Mom! Well I wish my headaches would get better ... Worst pain in my life so far has been this last beek.... but it is all part of the pan. The Lewis kids make me happy. They gave me some advice. They told me to go home and have little Campbells (kids) and to spend time with them. Quality time, take them to the park and things. I will teach them for the last time tonight. My bike shipped home for free! The Lord blesses us and proves that he cares about us and knows what we are going though. Conference was really good. I will probably share more in person. But I can't wait to read those talks! Mom I love you I am going to prove that I've changed and learned by my actions at home. I know I have not sent a ton of spiritual things home in my emails but I hope my actions will show I've changed. I bet you already know about the bad storm that is coming here on Wednesday. I'll be safe. This week has been hard. Elder Williams is coming down here to be a zone leader! I didn't have time to get a haircut so my hair is a little long. (By this he means more than a quarter inch long) Can't wait to see you on Thursday!                                Love, Elder Campbell
Alex's favorite church sign ever!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Hey mom, so I have pictures but I can't send them this week because we have to email some where  else =( but next week I will send them all=) I baptized Ray Ray on Friday=) She is so cute! When she came up out of the water some of the non members that were there started to clap. ( I guess I must have done a really good job, Just kidding....) but then the members joined in and Ray Ray loved it. In our lesson we asked the kids what are some of the things tha make them happy? and Ray Ray goes oh, I know Elder Campbell makes me happy! My little haeart almost burst! I love those kids so much! We have been seeing so many miracles lately with them! Sunday I confirmed Ray Ray amember of the church! =) What a greeat way to go out =) and today Brother Kremer came down from O'fallon and took us to Lambert's. I had their catfish. Oh man, was is good!!! Anyway let me tell you mom but don't worry bout it o.k.? ( There is nothing like that statement to make a mom worry) I have had the worst headaches of my life this week. Sometimes I feel like I can't open my eyes! but it is okay it is a price I am willing to pay right now. Really hard week but I am really happy! I'm not going to run though the week because it is such a blur... but good things , hard things , late nights with a lot of talking. We tracted for like an hour yesterday and it was so great!!! But other than that it has been a really slow week. I don't hink Emily knows how much her letters help on those bad days. Best member ever! My mind is drawing a blank when it comes to this week. I've got so much on mind.It is going to pop off. Working out helps calm me in the apartment. One really neat thing that I saw this week was a farmer crop dusting his fields he would fly so low and go under the power lines it was so cool! All I can think of right now is headache headache headache. But like you said I am praying for the strength to get through it I Heavenly Father wants me to have headaches like this go ahead. I trust him more than myself. But I do love the Lewis kids!!!!! I wish we could just play outside with them all day running around. Oh man! I can't wait to have kids mom! It will be so much fun! I know it will be heard but so worth it! I wish I could send you these pictures but you are going to just wait another week! I am going to bring my suits home but one does need to be resized. I am a little skinnier than when I got it. Well I can't wait to tell you all of my stories! I can't wait to show you all of the places out here! My mission has become sacred ground to me. A lot of the areas have a feel to them that stirs my heart. I feel I have done a good job heare and on my mission. I have a lot more to learn and I am gonna learn it as fast as I can. I am going to need help not to become a lazy pile when I come home.  I can't wait to see some of my friends and it is hard to leave some of my friends here! I am going to make the next 9 days count for helping Elder Meyers. I know that is why I am here. I have so much to share with you when I get home! I have a big study journal! I haven't shared much of it with the family yet anyway mom I sure love you! I can't wait to see you! Love your son, Elder Campbell

Monday, March 25, 2013

Hey mom as for the headaches... They are bad as far as missionary work it was the worst of times and the best of time. As far as happiness goes I am happy =) I just have some bad headaches. Ray Ray and J.D. will be baptized on Friday and I will be baptizing Ray Ray. We are like two peas in a pod!!! Is is o.k. to have a 10 year old be one of your best friends =) she is so smart! Danny has told us that he is not sure about the church and we have not been able to talk to him... This week was one of the hardest everything was going wrong.... Bad, bad headaches, worry and stress over the work. Things falling apart. On Thursday I received a letter, it had turtles on it and a quote and a few lines of uplifting writings. From that point on the week changed. Sometimes I don't think people fully understand how much the Lord will use other people to answer your prayers. I am thankful for the loving people in my life. Well monday we taught the Lewis grandchildren. Ray Ray and J.D. and the 3 other kids oh man they are as cute as all get up. Tuesday we had the music performance. It went well, we did there is a green hill far away. It was ok then we were asked to sing brightly beams our fathers mercy for the stake fireside on Sunday. So Elder Meyers, Elder Marshal, Elder Bassett and I sang it with out a piano. Tuesday we had dinner at Lamberts with the district. Then I was with Elder Locklear in Poplar bluff. It was a good, good day we found some people for them to teach I also got yelled by this guy and I had to fight the desire to make him look like an idiot in front of his family... Because he was being stupid. But I was still mad that I got upset when I was yelled at for a good 10 minutes. But I just havent. been yelled at for a little while. I said a prayer to Heavenly Father asking him to bless this man and to give him happiness and asked for forgiveness and then my heart changed a little =) That is a way that the atonement works for me=) feeling of peace and forgiveness. Well Tuesday we found a new investigator in poplar bluff and then went back to Sikeston and we found a guy in Sikeston! Then I don't remember much of the day after that other than getting that card that changed my week. So far I know it doesn't sound like a bad week but it was the feelings in my mind and heart that made it hard and those headaches!!! But don't worry about the Headaches I have it under control =) Friday we tracted I remember that but other than that we did a few other small things. Saturday we got out almost the whole day I was so proud of Elder Meyers! We found a new investigator and taught the Lewis kids =) I was much happier at his part of the week. Sunday Danny tells us he is not sure about the church any more :( The Lewis family was there and the racist people attack me for having them baptized  Haha not with fist but with words filled with grossness. The Branch President is all for the Lewis kids getting baptized. Then the AP's cam down my good friends Elder Crowley and Elder Bean;) I got to be with Elder Crowley! It was good to see him. I was his zone leader in Chesterfield and he was a district leader. Then he became a zone leader when I left so I was able to see him at ZLC. Then we found another family to teach. Then we went and sang to the stake with O'neal Miner. The ap's stayed the night with us and now we are going to Lambert's after emailing. I sure love you mom! Thank you for the prayers!
                   Love, Elder Campbell

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

                                        Only 21 more days to go....... Woot Woot!!!!!!!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Hey Momma! Well thank you for the guitar compliment. Elder Meyers and I are doing a musical number for the mission tomorrow.... I found out about last night ... It should be great! Things have gotten worse but they are ok. My headaches are super bad but thats o.k. The Lord takes them away when it is time to work. We got out 2 times this week. One was just a walk and the other we had some part members to go see... I am sure sick of living in an apartment every second of the day! I have been applying the promise in D&C 123:17 doing things cheerfully and having faith. It has worked like a charm =) The Lord is very good to me =) I feel spoiled sometimes!

The buffalo Jerky was my favorite ;) I can do 10 pull ups now >.< I was so out of shape! Well lets go over the week! Oh by the way thank you for sending Amy's blog. It has helped me a ton with all of the stuff I have been going though right now! Monday we  taught the Lewis kids :)  Then Sister Lowe, one of the best members ever, ( A few of the other best members live up in Champaign) took us out to dinner! Tuesday I don't remember probably because I had to look at the apartment wall all day. Wednesday we had district meeting which was good. Then we taught Phyllis and William. Sadly, William will not give in and join the Mormon church which means Phyllis will not be baptized (Sad... she will be baptized one day the spirit has told me that). Well, I don't remember the rest of the day I was pretty mad. Not about William and Phyllis but something else. Thursday... I don't remember because I spent the day in the apartment. It was such nice weather it was so hard to be inside. Friday we helped the Sanders plant trees in the morning! It was so nice outside and putting my hands into the cold dirt felt so goo! One of those special moments I will never forget planting the first tree after being inside an apartment for the past 2 week. Well after that we stayed in the apartment the rest of the day other than teaching the Lewis kids! Saturday Elder Meyers would go for a walk with me. It was so nice I had promised not to tract but I did talk to a few random people. I just have to be a missionary sometimes.
>.< We had so many miracles that day people calling us asking us for help so I got to be outside a lot! We helped move a couch out of a house there was probably over 200 cockroaches in it.... And oh man they get all over you!!! but love is stronger than any amount of cockroaches! Well the zone leaders came down which was great. I need that. I got to work with Elder Marshall.  He was in my district when I was in Fredericktown. It was so good to be with an old friend. Well sunday was great. We had dinner at the Williams and then visited a part member. The member is a very old lady! She was sooo sweet. She said I won't have any problem finding a mate when I get home! I didn't know people wtill used the word mate. Hahaha. I also had a grandma at church say if she had a daughter or a grand daughter my age she would have her waiting at the airport when I got home. Ha Ha. I think that means the ward like me. Any way you just got to smile and laugh. =) Oh, and Danny is getting baptized on the 30th! It is going to be great! I am also going to make sure little Ray Ray get baptized! Well I finished the Book of Mormon for my 6th time on my mission today! I want to finish it again befor I come home but that might be hard. But then again I might have a lot of time to read if thing keep going like they are going! But anyway I am hPpy. My headaches are bad again but they will go away. They always do with time. Well yes I could use some cash to start sending stuff home! Well a few more weeks and it is all over... I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE ALL OF MY FRIENDS!!!! Tell them they are going to be proud of me when I come home! I sure love you mom! Have a good week!

                                Love, Elder Campbell

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

I feel a little bit better as far as my sinus infection but I have a really bad headache but that is not only from being sick.I am frustrated over a couple of thing Phylis wants to join the church so bad but her husband won't change even though he loves the Mormon church... I don't get it.... I am starting to run a mile every morning now. I know that is not a lot but I only have like 15 min. to run and evrything. I can usually do a mile and a half in that time. I've lost 3 more pounds! I'm kinda like in the middle of fat and in shape. You will be able to tell in my pictures. Alright so as far as the black mold family. I know there is nothing I can do for them. I feel the spirit has told me to leave them alone. I wish them the best of luck but when the spirit lets me know to go back I will. We went bowling for zone p-day it was fun but I am kinda glad it was my last zone p-day. We came back and taught the little Lewis kids =) They are so great! The branch president wants them baptized so that should happen before I go home. Danny is going to get baptized.

So Tuesday it started snowing! I WENT BACK TO FREDERICkTOWN! Everyone remembered me! I had investigators running out of their houses and giving me hugs =) It was great to be back! So many people that I love are not going to church =( I kind of want to fly out for a week and gto with brother Adams and do missionary work! It was so great to see Brother Adams!!!!! He started his mission in Rantoul right next to Champaign so it was fun to talk to him about that. Then we saw the Ortons !!! It was so good to see them. I LOVE THEM SO MUCH!!!! Bill, the father, has had some strokes and has had to have brain surgery and is missing a big part of his skull. It was so hard to see him like that. I know that he is a fighter and will fight until his last breath. Mindy, his wife, noticed that my shoe  was falling apart and said you need new shoes.. Bill stood up and left the room. Bill is the type of person that would give me the shirt right off of his back. When Bill walked back in the room he was holding his shoes from the navy. I knew there was no way I was leaving that house without accepting Bill's gift to me. Now this sweet family doesn't have much when it comes to worldly things. Bill is one of the finest men I will ever get the chance to know. I know I could have gotten shoes on my own. But Bill wouldn't have that. I will cherish these shoes of Bill's. I only hope I can fill them as well as he did.
I hope I have to chance to see Bill in the Celestial kingdom that would make me happier than anything else. Brother Adams is working with them and I know he is the man for the job.

Wednesday came and we helped some missionaries move. And then we taught Phylis and William. ThFriday we taught Danny in the moring and then we got to teach the Lewis kids again. Then we got to go have dinner with sister Pullin!!!! She is so great! Shen made us fried fish and it was way good! She says she is still gonna make me some pig ear sandwiches. She always says "grace the place with mah face. She can always make me laugh no matter how down I am feeling. Saturday we taught James I will tell you more about him latter. It was a week full of ups and downs....Hopefully I can learn from this week and next week will be better. I am so sorry to hear about Sarah's dog. It was great to hear from Max.

I have 4 weeks left. . 4 more emails... One fast Sunday. When do I start thinking about marriage? President Clark would like it if I got married right away hahahaha. All I know is I have got to be really careful who I pick, well she also has to pick me) but bad companion would be "hell" to live with. I have learned a little about companionships. I still have a lot to learn. But I know what I have learned will help me. Anyway whey the heck am I talking about marriage!!!!! Elder Campbell get your head in the game!!!! You are a missionary right now!!!!! Alright so mom I love you. Thank you for all you do I have a favor to ask you. Since you don't have to buy me new shoes (thank to my friend Bill) could you send some for my companion he wears a size 13 wide. Hey it turn out today is the birthday of the best member ever!!!!!!! (Monday March 11th was the day this email was sent) I am going to start sending more stuff home or rent a U-haul truck. I love you!!!!!
                             Elder Campbell

Monday, March 4, 2013

Alright so the surprise is I'm engaged!!!! Ha, just teasing you know I won't get engaged until I've been home at least a week...Just teasing again so your big surprise is there is a photographer here in the branch and he took some pictures of us and I thought you would like to get a couple! They will be online next week for you to look at and pick the ones you want and how many and what ever.  he will give us a great price. This man is very nice, his name is Brother Calbert. He lets us do our laundry at his house and they alway have a lot of snacks for us but I don't eat them because I am losing weight =) I am down under 230 now >.< Anyway and almost every Sunday he goes on team ups with us for like 3 hours. He really goes out of his way for us. He also took pictures that are going in the newspaper. Any way so I thought you would like some really nice picture of me so I hope that is a good surprise. Just wait until you see what I do for mothers day I have it all planned out. =) yes I did get my SSN in the mail and the other package! Thank you so much mom! you are the best! alright so the week started with Monday and I don't remember Monday... Tuesday! We were in Poplar Bluff blitzing their area to help them find some new investigators! Elder Meyers found some so he did great! It was a fun day. Elder Meyers ate these really spicy wings at this place, it was way funny to watch. I tried to talk him out of it but he did it anyway. Well guess what happened I thought this was not going to happen to me if it didn't happen in Fredericktown! WE were in a nice part of  town too! Someone answered the door with a gun!!!!! Ha ha Ha Well he said he didn't want to learn about Jesus that he already knew about him. I was with Elder Duke at the time and we left the house and we looked at each other and started laughing. Anyway we got home at like 5 o'clock and I don't remember much of the day..... Sometimes it is really hard to get Elder Meyers to do missionary work.... but anyway Wednesday we did some tracting in the morning and then we went to Morehouse and taught a lesson to Phylis and William which went great! And that is about  it for the day. Thursday we had service! It is always fun there and we get free food at the end. But nothing really happened that day either. We did visit someone named Sister Pullen she said she is going to cook me some good old soul food!!! She is trying to get some ox tail to make me oxtail soup and maybe some pig ears for pig ear sandwiches. Friday we had weekly planning. Elder Meyers is really struggling I wish I knew how to help him. I tried to help him set some goals and then we went out and found 2 new investigators and taught 2 great lessons.... I was hoping this would help him feel better  but Saturday morning he was back to his old self. I knew I couldn't get him to go tracting so we went to the public college and used their computers for Mormon.org for an hour, we can do that once a transfer and guess what they closed the building and set the alarms with us still in there!!!!! They didn't check all of the rooms to see if everyone was gone! So when we went to leave as soon as I opened the door all of these alarm go off!!! It was way loud!!! But we just left maybe we should of stayed but we left and right now I am emailing at the college so if anyone was mad at us they would of let us know. But anyway I totally set off some way annoying loud alarms. Probably a lot like when I was little and I would go into the basement at night.... Anyway that was way funny. But yea I don't remember much of the day. It is not because of headaches it is because sometimes Elder Meyers won't work and when that happens I don't remember anything. Well Sunday came and it was Stake Conference. Elder Oaks spoke and rebuked everyone about missionary work... I wonder if that will do anything for the branch... but anyway we had 6 people at church and 3 families. I sat by Phylis and william and so when it ended I talk to them. They loved it. Phylis is ready to be baptized but William is still struggling. Phylis says she sees my face in dreams and it reminds her to pray. that was a special moment for me. William says he has bad days but when we come he always feels better. Brother Boley and I have a pretty good relationship. I hope he is baptized before I go. We are teaching the cutest kids and it is so much fun. They want to be baptized but we have a member that is really prejudice she always gives us guff for working with that part member family. It is really hard for me because I want to say something so bad. I am going to baptize those kids and give her the biggest smile. =) but that was the week. guns, alarms wonderful spiritual moments, and little black kids that make my day =) I'll get a picture with them before I leave. Oh, I am going to Fredericktown tomorrow so pray that I  will be able to help the people there =) The need some help so they are sending me up there for a day. I am doing great mom! I get frustrated sometimes because I can' work as hard as I want to. I am changing a lot. Oh,I love the black mold family but I don't know what to do to help them the husban slipped up on drugs again and beat his wife and broke her jaw and he broke his fist from punching her in the back of the head... I just don't know how to help them. I want to steal the kids and take care of them. They love it when we come over because someone will listen to them and make them smile but Elder Meyers hates going over there so it is hard for me to say well if you don't do this we are tracting. anyway I can do 8 chin ups now. Way better than my 3 when I first got here I want to be at 20 by the time I get home. I'm trying my best but when it is time to tract to trac I have to make myself do it which is not hard anymore but getting Elder Meyers to so is way hard. I tell you what is really nice is when I get letters from people it always makes me Happy! Emily is doing great in the church which make me way happy! I wrote Alex a letter and I should hear from William soon. I am visiting the Orton's tomorrow. It will be great to be in Frederick town. I Love the people I have met on my mission and all of them are friends and some I hope will be my friends for my whole life! We have good members down here but the very best members are up in Champaign Illinois!!!! I Love you mom thanks for all you do! You are the worlds best mom! If there is anything I can ever do to make your day better just let me know.=)

Monday, February 25, 2013

Just an update on Alex he will be home on April 11th and his homecoming will be April 28th at 12:30 pm at the church at 2350 East Creek Road in Sandy. You are all invited to our home for some lunch and lots of visiting and of course big bear hugs from Alex.

Hi Mom, Yes you can be facebook friends with Emily and amy! They are great!!! I would consider them some of my best friends! I'll get you Ethan's number so you can call him and tell him to come over and have dinner. Lynn is coming down today because he couldn't come down on the week end because the storm shut down all of St. Louis. It might sound like I am going though hard times but mom I want you to know that I am happy =),, very happy and I love being here is Sikeston and I love Elder Meryers. I will hopefully never let outside influences affect my inward happiness ever!!! Oh and I'm not getting transferred, Neither is Elder Meyes. So I will be finishing up my mission here in Sikeston. Elder Meyers was not too happy about staying here but he is happy to be with me. Monday we went over to the Sanders and taught a lesson to the kids!I love the kids here! Most of the kids run and tackle me when they see me mostly the Frederick's kids (black mold family) It is hard for me to do anything because they are always trying to climb on me or what ever. Sadly that family is not changing much. Oh and Brother Sanders is a really good ankle doctor so he is going to look at my ankle tomorrow! I have a surprise for you next week =) You are going to love it=) but you have to wait until next week=)

Elder Meyers fingernails.

Elder Meyers getting his fingernails painted.

Lynn and Alex at Lamberts.
Home of the throwed rolls.
Tuesday I was in Popular Bluff on exchanges. It was good but I hate leaving my area because when I leave nothing gets done!!! Wednesday we had district meeting. It was good The couple missionaries were there you know the old ones) well she thinks I have a devil in me... but they are crazy and the ward want them kick out haha. They are nice but just crazy! I don't have a devil in me I promise, but I was not very happy on Wednesday but I am trying to help the ward. My companion and I have the whole area and about 20 people that we are teaching so sometimes my brain is on overload... but my headaches are still not too bad. If I pray often and work hard and do the right things I normally don't have a headache. But Thursday I had maybe the worst headache on my mission. After service Elder Meyers jokingly hit me in the back of my head. Now I've asked him not to do this... but he hit me pretty hard. I asked him very nicely to not ever to that again and explained again how much that really hurts me. The spirit rebuked him pretty hard.. and JI've been watching how people handle guilty he handles it by trying to be funny and not take it seriously. Some people get mad or really defensive and some just don't talk for a long time. But anyway he handles guilt really bad. I am thankful that the Lord watches over me and helps me become a better person because at the time he hit me I wanted to beat him up way bad. I think that he thinks he is stronger than me... but anyway I handled it well and the Lord helped me But the headache it gave me WOW!!!!! It was bad!!! The back of my neck felt like it was on fire and the top of my head had sharp pains running through it .It was really bad but I went and prayed to the Lord and he took it away pretty fast... It took me about a day to get over the feeling of wanting to beat him up. But sometimes it is hard because I don't know what to do for him to teach him a lesson to correct him. I don't know what to do sometimes. Anyway we had a good day and we taught a guy named Danny and he wants to join the church but his wife is not ready. Well she stayed for the lesson and it was great! She talked a lot and so hopefully they will be baptized soon. Saturday we got to do some tracting but it is still hard to get Elder Meyers to tract but he is a lot happier this week. Ever since Friday he has been so happy! but finding out he is not getting transferred might change that but for a few days he has been really happy! Maybe he has been taking those pms pills hahaha. That was so funny mom. (I sent a package this week with a bunch of medications in it because Elder Meyer was not feeling well last week. I accidentally included some over the counter p.m.s. pills. I didn't realize I had done this until I read this letter and remember setting those aside but they must have gotten mixed back in with the things I sent. I'm sure Elder Meyers thinks I am crazy.)Thank you for the package mom! you are the best!

Elder Williams is going to the St. Louis zone and Elder Philips is going to Charleston, Illinois. I am really going to miss Elder Phillips. Are you ready for a funny story!! Well Sunday morning I was having a great study in the morning, I mean I was really loving it and I looked down at my watch and .....WE HAD TEN MINUTES UNTIL CHURCH STARTED AND I WASNOT EVEN DRESSED!!!! We were 2 minutes late.... I was so embarrassed... and now for a funny/scary story...
We were teaching a family and the mom asked if she could paint my nails. I said no way that will look weird and that is just not ok. so guess what my companion said... "you can paint my nails... We had a member there! Do you know how it sounds when a member tells other members that a missionary let a girl paint his nails? Not that painting nails is that bad. A little weird on a guy but it is the calamities of that action! any way I have pictures to prove it.... but I am sure half the ward know about it and It is going to be harder to get referral... anyway we taught Jessica in Oran, a small little town here that I love. There is a good feeling about missionary work there for some reason. but we are teaching a family and they have a Bull Mastiff (those Huge dogs) and it is the sweetest thing ever! but we were teaching this family and Moses, the dog. bit a little girl outside. Now is was so the little girls fault. So everything stopped Moses didn't even bite her hard enough to draw blood, or break the skin. But it is a dog bite so the cops had to come and they were so worried that they would have to put Moses to sleep. Jessica started crying really bad... It was sad but mosses is going to live! The mom of the girl is not going to press any charges or anything. We got another referral up there for a mom whose 12 years old daughter tried to kill herself.. So that is going to be hard but we can help here if she will let us. Well we have gotten so may referrals Like 7 of them which is a lot. I have 6 more weeks here in Sikeston, Missouri I hope that is enough time to change some lives but I am worried that it is not. We are going to get our pictures in the news paper down here. I will try to send a copy home to you. I am still waving and smiling at everybody in town =) It is fun to make people smile =) I just wish the town was smaller so I could get to know everyone like in Fredericktown. If you can get the town to love missionaries then you have got a lot going for you! Don't forget that you have a surprise coming next week! I Love you mom! I am trying to make you proud! Tell Teej I love him and I have something for him that I will mail home soon! he will love it! Do you know a Kenny Allbrick? I am teaching his son.
                                Love, Elder Campbell

Monday, February 18, 2013

Hey mom, well I get to email today because we email at a college and the library is open. I had a rough week. But that is OK kit is all part of the plan. It was full of highs and some real lows... Well the family with the black mold house, we we moved them out of there and then life started getting better and now they don't talk to us.... I just think things are going good and the don't want God to be part of their life... But let me run though the week. Monday was p-day our appointments fell though. Tuesday we had zone conference, it was good. It was all about being happy... LAMBERTS WITH THE APS AND OFFICE ELDERS AND THE DISTRICT=) They all came down to have dinner with us =) It was so good to see them! My companion has been sick this week so we have not done any missionary work! BLAH.....It is so hard to watch the area crash and not be able to do anything about it. The very best high point of my week was; we went to the temple on the 16th... turns out that is when the Champaign YSA was at the temple so I got to see Elder Williams, Emily and Amy! Elder Williams is Great It was so great to be with him! Emily and Amy are the BEST MEMBERS EVER! They don't know how much it helped me to see all of them because my week was just so bad. Oh and I also saw Brother And Sister Kremer! They are coming down to Lamberts on Saturday and Lynn is coming on Friday So it will be a great week! Now some more good stuff we had a fireside at church on Sunday night and some people we are working with were there. Amber and Adam. It is a miracle that we found Adam.
We were teaching a family a lesson and Adam was in the other room when he heard us say the book of mormon he came into the room and said Mormon? I'm a mormon! He has been inactive but I hope he will come back... Amber said she loved the fireside. she said it was the first time she has ever gone to a church and felt everything was true! Then the spirit hit me! I knew that when I felt it too when she said that! Pray for Danny and his wife, he really wants to get baptized but his wife is against it. We don't want to cause problems in their marriage. There was also another guy there from a part member family
and we have someone moving to Sikeston that wants to be baptized! So the week was not all bad we still taught 3 member present lessons and found 1 new investigator but we have more work to do Heavenly father has more children here that are ready to hear the gospel. Don't worry mom I love every one of them! Even the ones that are hard to love.

Alex's apartment after the cleaning/

Alex and Elder Williams in Danville.
He wanted to make sure Everyone knew that they had permission to do this.

Another view of the Apartment.

The luxurious missionary suite.
You should send Elder Philips a package. He is a great missionary and he could use a few goodies. Transfer calls are next Wednesday! Oh. I should probable tell you that I did ask President Clark to extend my mission for one trasfer and let me train again. I pitch a real good case but he just laughed and
said no... and I figured you would be mad if I extended it anyway >.< but I tried. I love you mom! I'll be a better missionary this week. and you should read chapter 10 in preach my gospel it will help you in your class!    Love, Elder Campbell

Monday, February 11, 2013

THE ONLY THING I NEED IS TUNA!!!!that is because I've only had dinner at 4 members houses since I've been here... It is kind of rough but it will get fixed before I'm done here. (I keep teasing him that we are going to have tuna sandwiches for his homecoming)Tuesday we had service in the morning. I really like doing service there. Then we had lunch and then we had a lesson with a guy named Joe. Then we had a lesson with Daniel. He has suffered with head aches like I have.Then we had a lesson with a family the kids really want to learn but we will have to see about the parents.
Throwed rolls at Lamberts
Wednesday we had district meeting in the morning then we went to subway for lunch... I talked with some Jehovah Witnesses but they did not want me to come to their house and teach them about Jesus Christ... Bummer. Then we went to to this little town called Morehouse and a miracle happened! Now I have never seen the lords hand in missionary work so much since Fredercktown. We have only tracted for maybe 40 minutes since I have been here... and we have found 22 people to teach... CRAZY RIGHT! but in Morehouse we tracted into a family then taught the first lesson with the wife crying few times at the end we asked them to pray and ask God for a witness of it's truth. The wife said I already know it is true because I feel the spirit so strong and the husband was on board for changing and felt it was true as well. We were just skipping around for the rest of the day, We were so happpy. We told them that they need to still pray about it and gain another witness. There is one member family that lives in Morehouse and they are so happy about that and when we told the members about tht  lesson we got 2 more referrals for Morehouse. Then we came back and had dinner and then had our meeting with the ward mission leader. Thursday we had to clean the carpet here!!!!! It was so lame! So the mission got 2 carpet cleaners and they are traveling around the mission. Well we got it first because of how bad our carpet is. Well it took like 5 hours to do all of that!!! It was so nasty.... no matter how many times you went over something it never stopped sucking out dirt from the floor... but it looks a lot better now. I no longer want Kevin's job of cleaning carpets... I've had enough. Well I didn't have anytime to do missionary work. Well kinda, we did set up a lesson I think. Well Friday we had more cleaning of the carpet  we taught a lesson to the Frederick family. They are doing a lot better (The wife wants to get baptized by me before I go home But we have a lot of things to work on. Saturday we had a funeral of a very nice lady that would bring us candy... but a lot of non members were going to be there so we wanted to be there. Well after that we helped a guy with his yard! His wife was so happy when we showed up to help! We did a really good job and thought we had won them over with our hard work and we could teach them but it didn't happen... bummer. Sunday we had church and then dinner with a family named the Willliams. Then brother Williams came out on team ups with us! It was great! WE taught a family well kind of 2 families that live in an old funeral home. Well yeah that is the week. I'm losing a lot of weight =) yes Elder Gubler is crazy and yes he is in Alton and yes he is driving Lynn crazy, in a good way! Thank you so much for the rain coat! It came just in time! You are the best mom! Elder Meyers loved the blue tie that you sent! he is a stipe tie guy! Thank you so much for the ties mom! you are the best! Well I wish I had some pictures for you... So tell me what you want pictures of. Tomorrow we are going to Lambert's with the office elders and the APs it is gonna be way fun!

Love, Elder Campbell

Monday, February 4, 2013

Elder Meyers is a really good guy and he makes me laugh. I know how to work with people, well at least missionaries. We have a fun time and we get work done. We found 5 new investigators this week and 5 last week. So we went from a teaching pool of 0 to 12 in two weeks! The lord has really helped us here. Dan is getting baptized up in Urbana!!!! Yeah buddy! he is such a great guy!!! Tell dad not to worry about tornados. Yes, we have a place to go. We have a member that lives like 100 yards from us. We have a key to his house and he has a basement so we are safe. Yeah, the storm on Wednesday was sweet but it was not really that bad. There were a few tornadoes but nothing touched down in Sikeston. Monday we had zone P-day. Elder Philips is serving in Dexter, the area right next to ours, it is great to have him here, I love him and he is a great missionary. Last week he found 7 new investigators  and we found 5 new so that is 12. The whole rest of the zone found 6. The Lord is just really blessing us down here in the far South of the mission. Sikeston has not been worked hard in a while. Tuesday we found a family and another guy. WE had dinner with a super family down here!!! They are the Andersons. Wednesday we had district meeting. We found a guy that wants to be baptized but his wife is not for it. But we have got a plan to help with that. Thursday we had service in the morning. and the we headed out to see a referral that went way good and we found another family. Friday we helped a family move.... Black mold had taken over their house... It was just a really bad situation the husband abuses his wife and had punched holes all over the house. We found a huge knife in the wall too. You can see Satan in this man sometimes. He has done so many drugs and stuff he just kind of snaps and looks like he has lost his will. But that is just what working in these places is like. But we are gonna fix that family. The wife said I could baptize her, she has to make some changes in her life. Saturday we taught a family that we found on Tuesday. Then we helped the black mold family again. Then we had dinner at Brother Watkins and taught a part member family. Sunday was good. It was super bowl time so no point in tracting. It was kind of lame. But yeah I love it down here ;) I just worry I am going to let the people down here. But I do love it and I think I can help some people Here =) Time is going really fast here. I only have 9 more weeks to really change some peoples lives here. I am doing a lot of chin ups and sit ups and push ups. I am starting to get some of my strength back. Well mom, I sure love you. Thanks for all of the mail and all the things you do for me! I might be going to Fredericktown for a day to do some work! Love, Elder Campbell

Friday, February 1, 2013

Alex will spend the last 12 weeks of his mission serving in Sikeston, Missouri.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Hey Mom! so oh man, I have so much to tell you! Monday was great! and Tuesday we taught a lot of lessons and also had to get a lot of things done because other missionaries just can't always take care of them selves or are to  lazy too. Well, it was hard to say goodbye. to Alex, Amy, and Emily. I loved Champiagn and the people there. I had a GREAT COMPANION. I was leaving somewhere I loved and going some place I din't know. I didn't know my companion or the branch, Well let me just tell you the ride down here was hard on my heart. I didn't want to be down here. I knew that when I got down here and started working hard and teaching people about Jesus Christ it would be better but it was still hard on the ride down. Well let me give you an over view really quick overview. We have found 5 new people to teach in half a week. The branch loves me so far! I have proved to them that I am here to work my hardest. That I can change the area and the missionary work with the branch's help. If we lean on Heavenly father he will work through us to bless his children. When I got here we had 0 people that we were teaching. Now we have at least 5 and we have have already made appointments set up for next week to find about 5 more. There is a strong spirit here. I Love it I am so happy to be here because I feel like I can help. The branch did not trust the missionaries here before. The leaders of the branch were getting complaints and the branch president was getting upset with the missionaries here. But they just think I am the best missionary ever. I won't let them down.  The ward mission leader almost fell off of his chair when I told him of all the new investigators we are finding. He has alway been very, very nice to me. He always showers me with praise and I always give it back! Don't worry I will not get prideful!!! So that was a quick overview. Now lets break it down. Wednesday were transfers. we got here and I walked into the apartment and it was HORRIBLE!!! IT WAS SO TRASHED!!! I have taken out 10 huge garbage bags of trash! I spend every lunch hour, morning, dinner time, and even night time to clean. I bet I have spent over 15 hours cleaning. Well Thursday we had service in the morning we serve old people there food. It made me miss the old service in Champaingn, It was way better and more teaching came from it. Then we had to spend a lot of time cleaning... I spent $50.00 on cleaning supplies! I have 0 dollars to my name. Ha Ha but the mission would give me extra money if I asked. They already gave me extra miles on the car. Friday we had weekly planning,... That was frustrating. We visited a family that was taught a few years ago and they said dthey would like to take the lessons again and that was sweet. The Watkins had us over for dinner. It was great. They have a sweet house. Turns out that they were also getting frustrated with the old missionaries too.

Alex showing off his turtle snuggie

Another shot of the snuggie

A package of salad mix Alex found while cleaning out the refrigerator in his new apartment.
Oh, good news.... There is an ankle doctor here wand he said he will check my ankle and make sure it is healing right. There is also a dentist here. Saturday we did some tracting in the morning and found a new family. Then we had lunch. Oh, send lots of tuna because my companions loves tuna he also loves green olives stuffed with anchovies... but don't sen any of those... Sunday I gave a talk! I din't find out until Friday and my companion could not remember what we were asked to speak about!!! Well his talk lasted about 5 minutes and I had to fill the rest of the time. We were the only speakers. Well not a  problem for me.  I took up the time and the spirit helped me every step of the way! Well that helped the branch know the I love missionary work and that I am here to work hard and make them happy. Well we had a few referrals that the ward gave us.  We treat what ever they give us like it is golden! That way they love us and they are happy and start helping us out more. So when I got  here we had no dinners. Now we have people calling us and setting up dinners all the time. It is just such a great thing happening here. Then we went out to this place called Oran and visited a less active sister that the relief society had asked us to stop by and see and well we visited and boom! Two new investigators! She gave us a referral!!!!

I called the Ortons in Fredericktown to tell them I was down here. They were so happy to hear from me! I was pumped to hear from them. They are the people in Fredericktown that have a special place in my heart. William Petty also has a special place. Amy, Alex and Emily in Champaign will always be in my heart too! I can't wait to find more here in Sikeston that will have a place in my heart! I just really wish I had longer on my mission to help here. I sure love you mom. I am going to need a few extra prayers. I don't have time to email Max. Tell him I Love Him!!!!

                     Elder Campbell

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Alex wearing some of his Christmas Presents.
For those of you who have worried that Alex was getting too serious this should be a great relief.

Hey, Mom! Yup, I am going to Sikeston. Back to the South Baby!!!! Better storms! Crazy people!!! Home sweet Home! It has been a long time. I hope I love it as much as I did the fist time! I don't know what I am going to do being a normal missionary! It is gonna be great! I can see it now! 300 people join the church in Sikeston, Missouri!!!! Then go apostate and start worshipping a giant gold turtle! Well I lost my planner for a little last week so it is not filled out and I can't remember anything!!! Oh, before I forget I sent a box home today! It is full of ... well I don't remember. You can open it if you want. I should of put a note in there saying I love you or something but I spaced.... Maybe next time!! Well I know Elder Williams and I had a great week! A lot of work got done! Yeah it is hard to leave it makes me sad every time I think about leaving all of my cool friends up here! It is hard to leave the people you love and care about a lot. But I'll just have to wait 3 months until I can talk to them again! I will miss Alex a lot He is such a great person! He gave a talk on Sunday! Wow it was so good! Emily is a great girl and has a lot of faith and drive to live the gospel and share it with others. I am going to miss her a ton! Amy is so funny I am going to miss her as well. I know me leaving is all"part of the Plan". Well yeah... I'm becoming a soft little baby, mom!!!!I might cry sooon!  I'm just playing but it is hard on the heart! I just don't cry on the outside but on the inside I am getting torn up to leave. But I am off to go help another soul find Christ! Well I sure love you mom! YOu are the best mom ever! Well at least the best mom for me =) At least that is what Heavenly Father thought when he sent me here to be you son =) I do love you a lot mom! Now stop crying!  Haha,  I'll make you proud,prouder and maybe even proudest! ( I just made up some words, Huh)
Love, Elder Campbell

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Hey Mom, alright so about the dentist... well, I called Dr. Hick and they could not get me in until the 29th of Jan, which I'll be gone by then. So yeah the Lord will take care of me or something will work out! and the jaw thing is very different from my cavities. Well my planner is in Danville so I hope I can remember most of the week.  I think this was the fastest week of my mission. Hey by the way I never got that package that you said you sent in the last email. I blame our new mail man...(turns out it was the mail man, he sent it back saying Hillary Campbell no longer lived there.) Anyway... Monday was zone p-day it went really well everyone had a good time we all had a lot of fun. Then we had a meeting with everyone to share the goal we made in ZLC for the years baptisms. Well the meeting was great. We had some great trainings by some of the elders. Tuesday came and we went down to Paris to do our exchanges.. They went really well and we interviewed some people for baptism. Wednesday our appointment fell though so we went to Mahomet's district meeting. It went really well Elder Gubler is doing a great job. Well Thursday we went to Danville for their district meeting. Oh yeah we had president interviews on Thursday. they went really well. I love President and Sister Clark. Then we had stake correlation and that went really well. Friday we finally had some time to work on campus and guess what!! There was a high school drama camp going on and so campus was flooded with high schoolers. They are so lame!!!! I am glad I've grown up since then. So we can't really work with high schoolers. So we thought we would spent he next day in Danville. We have a lot of young Elders in that district and wanted to teach them that it is all about Love up here in our zone. Sunday was good. Church was great and we had a really solid former investigator show up at church so we are going to work with him as much as we can and find out what held him back. Well my headaches are doing better. I have a lot more peace right now. I am doing really well mom =) . The 23rd is transfers and it is like a 90% chance that I am otta here. Which is bitter sweet. There is a guy named Dan here he is great. I love meeting with him because he always makes me laugh by saying something funny and it has been really neat to see how much he has changed in the past 3 weeks. I would love to see him baptized but I might not be here for it. But if there is one thing I have learned it is that if I am doing the right thing then "It is all part of the Plan"  Sure love ya mom!!!! I had pictures to send but this computer and my camera are not working things out... haha hopefully next week! sure love ya,
                  Elder Campbell

Monday, January 14, 2013

All the students get back on the 14th and I am so excited. On New years Eve we had dinner at teh Payne's which was great! The kids were playing super smash bros and i wanted to play and kick their trash but I couldn't... but that is O.K. Then we stopped over and saw the Jayne's The Janyes are great people and they bring a lot of people to the gospel.  A lot of our lessons canceled this week. But we did have a few good lessons. Thursday we had Danville's district meeting. We had dinner with Brother Kremer He is a really cool guy that is teaching me German... kinda... Schildkrote is turtle in German. I also know turtle in Hebrew and and few others but I don't have a Hebrew key board so I can't type that one. Turns out turtle in Chinese is Ugway like the turtle in kung Fu Panda. But I don't know how to draw the Character in Chinese yet. Friday we did some contacting on campus, there was only like 6 people on campus but we got 2 appointments set up. Saturday we were in Danville withe the office elders having a meeting with the bishop about opening a new area in his ward. Bishop Fulton is the best ever! He took us out to lunch after and it was way good. Amy and Emily came to Dan's appointment and they did a great job! Emily is still the best member ever she came to every on of our lessons this week! Sunday we had church then weekly plan and then dinner at the Allan's then DLZLD. Oh man this week was so stressful we had to plan for Zone p-day and DLZLC and CDM.

Oh man I thought I was going to have a stinky man sit next to me again but it turns out he is not bad smelling but this week I have a man next to me that can't read unless he is reading out lout but at least I know he isn't reading this. So I think I am safe from bad smells this week. So tonight is CDM. It is a meeting with the whole zone. Things should get back to normal after that.

Well, I have a question for you, and well I am pretty sure you will not like this question. What do I do if I have a cavity in a tooth and I think I might have cavities in two teeth. I have been using mouthwash 2 times a day and flossing every night and brushing every morning and night. And I get a cavity!!!!!! What the Heck! Anyway also my jaw has been killing me!!!!! I don't know what to do about that or who to see... but yas. alright so the guy next to me just got up and picked up a book and is just reading it out loud.... Anyway now a spot for a nice smelly person has opeNed up. Well SARAH HAPPY BIRTHDAY! ALRIGHT THAT IS ALL I HAVE THIS WEEK! THANKS FOR THE PACKAGES MOM THEY ARE THE BEST! THIS WEEK MY HEADACHES HAVE BEEN THE WORST THEY HAVE EVER BEEN IN MY LIFE!!!! I LOVE ELDER WILLIAMS HE WORKS HARD AND HE IS EASY GOING AND FUN. WELL MOM I SURE LOVE YA!!!!! I am down to three months Left!!! I wish I could stay a little longers so that I could spend more time in my last area so I can really get to work anyway.. Love You Mom.
                    Love, Elder Campbell