Monday, April 8, 2013

Last email home

Alex and his Ray Ray

Hey Mom! Well I wish my headaches would get better ... Worst pain in my life so far has been this last beek.... but it is all part of the pan. The Lewis kids make me happy. They gave me some advice. They told me to go home and have little Campbells (kids) and to spend time with them. Quality time, take them to the park and things. I will teach them for the last time tonight. My bike shipped home for free! The Lord blesses us and proves that he cares about us and knows what we are going though. Conference was really good. I will probably share more in person. But I can't wait to read those talks! Mom I love you I am going to prove that I've changed and learned by my actions at home. I know I have not sent a ton of spiritual things home in my emails but I hope my actions will show I've changed. I bet you already know about the bad storm that is coming here on Wednesday. I'll be safe. This week has been hard. Elder Williams is coming down here to be a zone leader! I didn't have time to get a haircut so my hair is a little long. (By this he means more than a quarter inch long) Can't wait to see you on Thursday!                                Love, Elder Campbell
Alex's favorite church sign ever!

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