Monday, July 25, 2011


    Well I'm still in the boot but I don't think I'll have to wear it much longer because I can walk on my foot pretty well now. We had two baptisms this week and we now have 25 investigators! I think at least 3 of those will make it to baptism There was a big storm on Sunday after Church, I LOVE how the sky just growls with thunder the whole time during a storm out here. I am staying in Fredericktown for another transfer with Elder Rudd. I have not ever met him and I am really nervous about taking over the area. It is kind of hard working in such a little branch because it is rally hard to get a team up for lesseons. We got kicked out of a member house yesterday don't worry it was not our fault. The guy is a little mental. So lthe family that just moved into the huge catholic university are running a restaurant in it. It is so cool, most of the buildings are 100-200 years old. They are trying to restore everything but estimate it will take about 4 million dollars. Their  cinnamon rolls are amazing, they put carmel and pecans in the frosting. They bake all of their bread fresh.
     It has been kind of nice being on crutches because we get to use the car and when the heat index is 120 degrees it isn't very fun to be on a bike. But, the big storm on Sunday cooled everything off. I'm so sorry Coleen got in a car accident I am so glad she is O.K.  I miss her and hope everything works out for her.
Zach, thank you for the letters, they always make me laugh. I love them. Max, you just keep trying to get better than me at any game but I also want you to be in better shape than me when I get back.
     Thank you for all of the packages, they help a lot. Tuna is the best thing to send ever!!!! because we use at least one can a day.  There is a movie out called "On the Lords Errand".  It is about Thomas S. Monson. It is super good. I want you to watch it as a family for family home evening. also there is a new Joseph Smith movie out that is the same as the restoration but they changed it up a little more. And Dang there are a lot of "anti" out here. People do not understand the Bible. And by the way, who the heck tells non members deep doctrine? Gahhhhh that makes things so hard..........................
                     Love ya, Elder Campbell

Monday, July 18, 2011

My ankle isn't broken!

    So my ankle is not broken, which is good! I just ripped a ligament or two.  So I have to be careful with it.they gave me some huge boot thing....Which gets super hot in the wonderful heat out here. I don't really have much to say but I have some pictures which this computer can't send so I'm not sure you will get them today. Nothing really happened this week because I've been hopping around on crutches. Church was full yesterday even though 3 families we're missing, so that is great! A new family just moved in. they live in a old catholic university which is huge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hopefully I will be able to get pictures of it. A part member, less active family, started coming to church which is really nice because we've been teaching them forever and they haven't progressed at all but now there is hope for them. We have 21 investigators right now so we are doing really great. We have two baptisms this Sunday, hopefully those will happen this week. I have no doubt that they will be baptized I just hope it happens this week.
     Friday we got to go to the temple which was wonderful. I love the St Louis temple. Apparently we are under a heat advisory so we are so supposed to be really careful about the heat so we don't get heat stroke.
And what do you mean you are in worse shape than when I left! Is that even possible? START GETTING HEALTHIER all of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, July 11, 2011

A Day at the Hospital

   So we found out why we didn't get an email from Alex today. He was in the hospital with a broken leg from basketball. I did get to talk to Elder Beatty and give him Alex's medical information. So I guess that makes up for the Email. I could really tell how much these two Elders love and care for one another. Ironically Elder Beatty's stitches just came out today.

Thursday, July 7, 2011


     So Elephant Rocks was not so fun because my companion fell and got eleven stitches in his lip! He bit all the way through it. So it was really a bloody mess all the way to the hospital. >.< But don't worry he is o.k. now. We went down to the Houghton's house to watch fireworks and to teach two people that are getting baptized in July and some old lady kept telling us we were no Elders and that we don't use the Bible... I don't know what tot do with those people because they won't listen to us but that is o.k. Oh and scraping off chigger bites is the best way! Trust me! (hopefully I will never find out for myself). Any way brother Houghton is a line man, he climbs telephone poles out here because the cherry picker can not reach the really overgrown areas. The reason I am telling you this is because they might be doing a show about his company like they do with ax men and deadliest catch. Because these guys free climb 40 to 70 foot poles and they have nothing to secure them except when they get to the top they put a leather belt around the pole but that is it. Most line men only stay with that job for about 9 years because it is really dangerous. So if it makes it air then you will be able to see Andy Houghton. He would be the only mormon on the show! 
                 So on the forth of July at about 9 o'clock it started to rain like crazy and when we got back to the apartment the power was out, but that happens all the time in Fredericktown. So there is a lot of Campbell's out here apparently, I haven't met one yet but they say they are out here.

      The latest and greatest is that two new families moved into the branch which is a big deal because it is a really small branch. We found a family that lived in Utah and we started teaching them on Sunday. They were really cool and will probably get baptized >.< Hopefully I get to baptize them because I love them! That would put me at 7 baptisms and that is what the mission asks each missionary to get his whole mission. So we have been having a lot of success and this is not all because of me but I have found if I work hard and I have a good companion that does the same we  really do well=) I'm not slacking off and all the members love me and I LOVE FREDERICKTOWN! =) I have so many stories to tell you about the Boatright family and the people we teach and and how much I love my mission. Time is going by really fast. I was hoping I could hear more from Max. If he could e-mail me and write me now and then I would love it. I sent him a letter this morning.

     Oh and I love President Clark, I don't really get to see him very often because the mission home is two hours away but he is super nice and funny and so is Sister Clark!

     I miss Griffin! Keep him healthy! I want to play with him when I get back, make sure you take him on walks everyday ! Oh and the whole family needs to get in better shape so we can go do cool stuff when I get back! Because I am getting skinny and yolked, one might say.
                                                              Elder Campbell