Monday, October 29, 2012

Thanks for your email mom! I don't have my planner and I don't remember anything.... I'll do my best to note the highlights. Elder Buys and I are staying together for his last transfer which is nice that means I will be a zone leader here for the next three months because I will need to train the new zone leader. That will put me at being a zone leader for over a year..... much, much too long. But I would not trade it for anything I have learned so much from serving others. Zone Leader Council was great!!! Elder Buys and I gave a training on how to have effective councils. President Clark loved it! It was a way fun training to give. I am the oldest zone leader in there. Elder Marshall is the only one that has been to more than me but that is because he is an assistant. President Clark took us all out to lunch to a place called Cheeseburger Cheeseburger. It was really good they have a pound burger but I am trying to loose weight so I didn't order that. The mission is looking at getting 30-60 new missionaries at the beginning of the year. Almost all of them will be sisters. If I catch one Elder flirting with a sister I am going to brake his legs... Elder Hinton is going home in 4 days!!!! He said you are welcome to come to his home coming! I saw Bishop Blair at ZLC Conference, Chesterfield is where we hold ZLC.  I told him to say hi for me. I asked him to say hi to the Mahuffys for me. So I know how the rest of my mission will go. I will be in Urbana for 3 more moths and then I am going to train a new missionary (training takes three months). I hope I keep making you proud! Sister Shep is feeding us today, she always makes sure we are taken care of and Brother Shep always make me laugh! Emily's baptism was so great! So, So So, great! Both of her parents came!!! I am really starting to love the branch I just need to be a better worker on campus it is so hard to for me to work at the university.. but I am working at it! If you would pray that I will use my agency well and be strengthened that would help me. Oh and pray that I keep loosing weight! I will pray that you start loosing weight. I voted this week I knew that would make Dad happy. Sure love ya mom! Hope I make you proud.  
Elder Campbell in his turtle bib. Now I just have to learn how to flip pictures.
              Love,  Elder Campbell

I just had to add that I got a wonderful phone call from Mama Shep tonight. Alex had just left their home. She is the one who made him his turtle bib. She told me when he comes to eat he has his bib on when she opens the front door. It was so fun to visit with her. I also got to meet one of the members who knew Alex in Chesterfield today. My heart is so full of Gratitude for all of the people who watch over and love Alex while he is serving.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Hey mom! Monday we had a normal p-day well kinda a slow p-day. Tuesday we had a district meeting over in Paris it was great! It was good to see Elder Jager, he is doing a great job training and working in the area. Wednesday we had Champaign's district meeting. The assistants were there with us. Wednesday we had exchanges with the assistants. I was with Elder Christensen. It was so much fun to work with him. I know Elder Marshal and Elder Christensen really well, it is like working with good friends when they come. Emily is ready for baptism so that is great we just need to find a time that works for everyone. Wednesday night we had dinner at mama Shep's she made a huge dinner because she knew the assistants were coming! It was so good and then papa Shep played some music for us! Mama Shep is so nice! I am sure you will get to meet her. I miss the Mahuffeys so much. Thursday we had Danvill's district meeting. It was great. Then we had a lesson with a member who is getting ready to on on his mission. We also had a dinner with Kalan, he took us to Meatheads, It is a great hamburger place. Then we exchanged with Rantoul. Well me and Elder Orme came back to work the university but it turns out that our phone was left up in Rantoul. ... so I was phoneless! Well everything tuned out really nice. It was a very quiet day with out a phone. Poor Elder Buys had to deal with a Car Crash that happened in the zone. Friday I worked the day with Elder Orme We had service at the soup kitchen. Then a lesson with Emily that went well. Then we tracted some apartments. Then we had our district leader zone leader meeting then we had dinner at mamas again! Then we went back to Rantoul to switch companions back. Saturday we did our weekly planning and Elder Buys made pumpkin cheese Soup. Sunday we had church. Emily's mom came but I don't think she was very happy. I hope the spirit softens her heart a little. Another thing that happened on Monday is we got a fake referral from An ex girlfriend was trying to make life miserable for this guy and new girlfriend so she put the new girlfriends name on and all sorts of information about how she wants to learn about the church. The cool thing is that we got an appointment with this couple. So when I came to Urbana I was 254 pouns and now I am 239 pounds. I just need to get down to 215 and I witll look and feel a lot better then. Sure love ya mom!  Oh and transfers are on Halloween so next Monday I will know if I am getting transferred. Sure love ya mom and sure miss ya! GO TO THE TEMPLE IT IS LIKE DOING MISSIONARY WORK JUST LIKE ME.  IT WOULD BE A GREAT MOTHER SON BONDING SURE LOVE YA!
                                                                          ELDER CAMPBELL

Sunday, October 21, 2012

HEY MOM!!! That is so cool about Max's eagle project! Over 2000 pounds of food wow! Thank you for the package, it was nice.. Monday we had a normal  p-day with a ride down to Paris! We got there at night and planned for our next day and went to bed. Tuesday we went on exchanges with the Paris Elders.Elder Hunter was sick so after 2 hours of tracting he was not feeling well at all and couldn't go out he looked very sick so he went to bed and I cleaned the apartment. Then that night we traveled back to Urbana. Wednesday in the morning we had Champaign's district meeting. The Barbers were at the district meeting, they are a senior couple that just started their 3rd mission. They are so great! They made cookies and brother Barber bore his testimony. He has such a strong spirit about him. We had a lesson with Emily she is doing really well! Her baptism wil be on the 24th. We hope everything is good to go for baptism. Thursday we had Danville's district meeting. They are still doing really well. We came back and prepped for the stake coordination meeting we had later that day. The stake meeting went well ant it will be the last stake meeting we have with president Lunt. Friday we had service at the Soup Kitchen! Then just normal missionary work. Saturday we had a normal day of working but it rained all day! Sunday we had church and Elder Buys confirmed Jess a member of the church. Then we did some tracting and then we had dinner with the whole YSA branch. It was a lot of fun. After we get done emailing we have a lesson with Emily! So things have been going well I can't wait for the day I can soak all the stress away in the new hot tub.... That sounds so nice... my body is always so tight and I can never stretch it all out. University work has been hard for me... but I just need to keep working so this is something dad would like to hear, I looked back at the day I came into the mission and President Clark's message to to the mission was "Never give up" I thought dad would like that. So I have been doing really well a writing in my journal. I have been doing a page a day and the journal pages are big!!! I am also working on a smaller book of funny stories or other things that happened in the mission. Ya I know I only have 6 months left so I will probably only have one more area after this one. I don't know if I am going to stay here again in the university but I think I will be released as zone leader soon and just be a regular missionary again. I hope I get the opportunity to train again. Sure do love ya mom Thanks for the great email! You are the best! Love,
                                                                                     Elder Campbell

Monday, October 8, 2012


Hey Mama! So Monday was a normal p-day. Tuesday we finally got to do our weekly planning a we had a lesson with a girl named Emily.I'll tell you more about Emily later. We had to do a lot of planning because we had a ZONE CONFERENCE THE NEXT DAY! WEDNESDAY WE HAD ZONE CONFERENCE EVERYONE WAS ON TIME 15 MINUTES EARLY READING THEIR SCRIPTURES AND BEINNG QUIET. When president came in he was tickled to see all te missionaries being quiet. He was really impressed he showered the zone and us with praise. Zone conference went really well. We gave a training on our purpose as missionaries. It was a Hit. Thursday we had the Champaign district meeting. That night was Jess's baptism! I never really taught Jess but I did her baptism interview. Friday we had service at the soup kitchen, that is always fun. The people are always interesting. We had a lesson with Alex Wong he is doing well but his home teachers have not been to see him yet! =( Saturday!!! Saturday was CONFERENCE!!!  so here are some cool things...Emily, our investigator cam to all of the conference except on session. It was great... But it gets even better Sunday morning session answered some of the questions that she had been struggling with and now she is ready to be Baptized!!!!!!

Some of the themes I picked up from conference, just a few of the things I thought were spiritually important. The prophet Joseph Fielding Smith was mentioned three times. Right now I am listening to the last time Joseph Fielding Smith spoke because I feel there is something there that I need to learn from him.

Yes, I still have my winter clothes. I have some good news for you since I came to the university I have lost 12 pounds! cool right! Stop eating cookies for dinner. You know what helped me to lose weight? Prayer... I kept asking for strength to help me loose wieght. Sure love you mom ! Than You so much for watching conference It made me so happy to hear all that you got from it. Saturday night I wrote in my journal that I don't feel like I can talk to God but I know he is there and that he watches over me.. Sunday morning the is what the first talk was all about. Anyway that is probably going to be the most spiritual email you get from me for the rest of my mission. Thank you for all yo do Mom! Stop eating cookies >.< . Teach those young women well so they can be great missionaries.   Love,
                                                                                                                   Elder Campbell

Monday, October 1, 2012

Hey mom! sure love ya but I don't have any pictures because I don't have the cord with me that I need but I'll try to get some for next week. Elder buys and I are working on a movie so that will make up for a little less pictures. (I know we are all awaiting the premiere of that movie) I will be sure to get some pictures to you next week. Monday started with just a normal p-day, we had dinner at the Payne's. It was so good. Tuesday we had a lot to do because we have zone conference and zone leaders conference and district leader zone leader conference that we needed to plan for so most of Tuesday was spent doing that. Wednesday we had Champaign's district meeting, it was great. Alexis, a member in the branch took us to dinner that night it was really fun. Thursday we had Danville's district meeting that was really good Elder Orme is doing really well as a district leader. We had to travel back and then had a little bit of time to pack and finish planning then we left for Springfield , it is a two hour drive. The reason we went to Springfield is because we have ZLC On Friday and it take 11/2 less if we go to Spring field the day before. We had dinner at a place that Elder Buys loves called D'arcys. It is way good! Friday morning we left for St. Louis at about 6 in the morning we picked up some other zone leaders and got to St. Louis at about 9. We went to the mission office and then went to Chesterfield for the zone leaders meeting. The meeting got over at about 4 o'clock and then we started the long drive back to Springfield to do some zone conference planning with them. Then Saturday we drove back to Champaign. We met with a referral and taught her a lesson and set up a return appintment. Then we had some more planing to do.... Lots of planning. Sunday we had church in the morning. Church was great! alex is still going strong! He got the priesthood on Sunday as well. We had a little meeting with Alex and then after church I did another baptismal interview. She is ready and will be  baptized on the 4th. That night we had dinner and the Allen's they feed us so well and there are a very nice family. That is all I have to report on the week! well I'm trying to have more love for the people because I feel like I get angry sometimes. Usually slowly after a long time of doing the right thing even though it is hard I just need to get rid of that! I am trying to be loving all of the time and have patience with myself. But I am doing well. Thank you for all the love and the all the nice letters. =) They sure make me happy. I forgot to put a stamp on the  letter to Ainsley but I got it returned and sent it off again. Sure love you mom and I hope you have a nice week!   Love,
                                                                        Elder Campbell