Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Hey mom! Monday we had a normal p-day well kinda a slow p-day. Tuesday we had a district meeting over in Paris it was great! It was good to see Elder Jager, he is doing a great job training and working in the area. Wednesday we had Champaign's district meeting. The assistants were there with us. Wednesday we had exchanges with the assistants. I was with Elder Christensen. It was so much fun to work with him. I know Elder Marshal and Elder Christensen really well, it is like working with good friends when they come. Emily is ready for baptism so that is great we just need to find a time that works for everyone. Wednesday night we had dinner at mama Shep's she made a huge dinner because she knew the assistants were coming! It was so good and then papa Shep played some music for us! Mama Shep is so nice! I am sure you will get to meet her. I miss the Mahuffeys so much. Thursday we had Danvill's district meeting. It was great. Then we had a lesson with a member who is getting ready to on on his mission. We also had a dinner with Kalan, he took us to Meatheads, It is a great hamburger place. Then we exchanged with Rantoul. Well me and Elder Orme came back to work the university but it turns out that our phone was left up in Rantoul. ... so I was phoneless! Well everything tuned out really nice. It was a very quiet day with out a phone. Poor Elder Buys had to deal with a Car Crash that happened in the zone. Friday I worked the day with Elder Orme We had service at the soup kitchen. Then a lesson with Emily that went well. Then we tracted some apartments. Then we had our district leader zone leader meeting then we had dinner at mamas again! Then we went back to Rantoul to switch companions back. Saturday we did our weekly planning and Elder Buys made pumpkin cheese Soup. Sunday we had church. Emily's mom came but I don't think she was very happy. I hope the spirit softens her heart a little. Another thing that happened on Monday is we got a fake referral from An ex girlfriend was trying to make life miserable for this guy and new girlfriend so she put the new girlfriends name on and all sorts of information about how she wants to learn about the church. The cool thing is that we got an appointment with this couple. So when I came to Urbana I was 254 pouns and now I am 239 pounds. I just need to get down to 215 and I witll look and feel a lot better then. Sure love ya mom!  Oh and transfers are on Halloween so next Monday I will know if I am getting transferred. Sure love ya mom and sure miss ya! GO TO THE TEMPLE IT IS LIKE DOING MISSIONARY WORK JUST LIKE ME.  IT WOULD BE A GREAT MOTHER SON BONDING SURE LOVE YA!
                                                                          ELDER CAMPBELL

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