Monday, October 29, 2012

Thanks for your email mom! I don't have my planner and I don't remember anything.... I'll do my best to note the highlights. Elder Buys and I are staying together for his last transfer which is nice that means I will be a zone leader here for the next three months because I will need to train the new zone leader. That will put me at being a zone leader for over a year..... much, much too long. But I would not trade it for anything I have learned so much from serving others. Zone Leader Council was great!!! Elder Buys and I gave a training on how to have effective councils. President Clark loved it! It was a way fun training to give. I am the oldest zone leader in there. Elder Marshall is the only one that has been to more than me but that is because he is an assistant. President Clark took us all out to lunch to a place called Cheeseburger Cheeseburger. It was really good they have a pound burger but I am trying to loose weight so I didn't order that. The mission is looking at getting 30-60 new missionaries at the beginning of the year. Almost all of them will be sisters. If I catch one Elder flirting with a sister I am going to brake his legs... Elder Hinton is going home in 4 days!!!! He said you are welcome to come to his home coming! I saw Bishop Blair at ZLC Conference, Chesterfield is where we hold ZLC.  I told him to say hi for me. I asked him to say hi to the Mahuffys for me. So I know how the rest of my mission will go. I will be in Urbana for 3 more moths and then I am going to train a new missionary (training takes three months). I hope I keep making you proud! Sister Shep is feeding us today, she always makes sure we are taken care of and Brother Shep always make me laugh! Emily's baptism was so great! So, So So, great! Both of her parents came!!! I am really starting to love the branch I just need to be a better worker on campus it is so hard to for me to work at the university.. but I am working at it! If you would pray that I will use my agency well and be strengthened that would help me. Oh and pray that I keep loosing weight! I will pray that you start loosing weight. I voted this week I knew that would make Dad happy. Sure love ya mom! Hope I make you proud.  
Elder Campbell in his turtle bib. Now I just have to learn how to flip pictures.
              Love,  Elder Campbell

I just had to add that I got a wonderful phone call from Mama Shep tonight. Alex had just left their home. She is the one who made him his turtle bib. She told me when he comes to eat he has his bib on when she opens the front door. It was so fun to visit with her. I also got to meet one of the members who knew Alex in Chesterfield today. My heart is so full of Gratitude for all of the people who watch over and love Alex while he is serving.

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