Monday, October 1, 2012

Hey mom! sure love ya but I don't have any pictures because I don't have the cord with me that I need but I'll try to get some for next week. Elder buys and I are working on a movie so that will make up for a little less pictures. (I know we are all awaiting the premiere of that movie) I will be sure to get some pictures to you next week. Monday started with just a normal p-day, we had dinner at the Payne's. It was so good. Tuesday we had a lot to do because we have zone conference and zone leaders conference and district leader zone leader conference that we needed to plan for so most of Tuesday was spent doing that. Wednesday we had Champaign's district meeting, it was great. Alexis, a member in the branch took us to dinner that night it was really fun. Thursday we had Danville's district meeting that was really good Elder Orme is doing really well as a district leader. We had to travel back and then had a little bit of time to pack and finish planning then we left for Springfield , it is a two hour drive. The reason we went to Springfield is because we have ZLC On Friday and it take 11/2 less if we go to Spring field the day before. We had dinner at a place that Elder Buys loves called D'arcys. It is way good! Friday morning we left for St. Louis at about 6 in the morning we picked up some other zone leaders and got to St. Louis at about 9. We went to the mission office and then went to Chesterfield for the zone leaders meeting. The meeting got over at about 4 o'clock and then we started the long drive back to Springfield to do some zone conference planning with them. Then Saturday we drove back to Champaign. We met with a referral and taught her a lesson and set up a return appintment. Then we had some more planing to do.... Lots of planning. Sunday we had church in the morning. Church was great! alex is still going strong! He got the priesthood on Sunday as well. We had a little meeting with Alex and then after church I did another baptismal interview. She is ready and will be  baptized on the 4th. That night we had dinner and the Allen's they feed us so well and there are a very nice family. That is all I have to report on the week! well I'm trying to have more love for the people because I feel like I get angry sometimes. Usually slowly after a long time of doing the right thing even though it is hard I just need to get rid of that! I am trying to be loving all of the time and have patience with myself. But I am doing well. Thank you for all the love and the all the nice letters. =) They sure make me happy. I forgot to put a stamp on the  letter to Ainsley but I got it returned and sent it off again. Sure love you mom and I hope you have a nice week!   Love,
                                                                        Elder Campbell

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