Monday, December 31, 2012

MOM, You would not believe how bad the guy next to me smells!!! He smells like... Lizard Poop.... mold, and beer! With a little bit of smoke mixed in. Maybe he has pooped his pants... but I am not going to investigate it any more. It was great to talk  everyone on Christmas!!!


Well let me tell you about some of the people we are teaching... oh poop , I forgot my planner... Anyway so Hang is from China we taught him shortly outside in the cold one night and we set up a time to meet with him. Well, We had our first real lesson with him. He has never learned about Jesus Christ.He has only been in the United States for 3 months. Well we had a great lesson. He said the closing prayer. He thanked God that he was in the Americas and then asked  "God are you there?" Then he closed his prayer. This was the first prayer ever that he has given. He said he felt warmth when he asked "God, are you there?" He said it filled his whole body. We told him it was the spirit and he agreed. So that was a great lesson. Dan is someone else we started teaching this week. His parents are members. He said he has never felt the spirit. He is a little mad at God. But, he doesn't want to be and the gospel confuses him. But, even though it was a harder lesson the spirit came often and softened his heart. It is still a hard heart but it is going be soft by the time the Lord is done with him. Throughout the lesson his countenance became brighter. Which is a good sign. We had another lesson with Serina. Someone else we found this week. Serina is a longer story. It is a huge miracle that we are teaching her but maybe that is a story for when I have more time. Maybe even when I am home. If she is baptized it will be quite a story. But she was so happy to meet us! Emily met with her. Serina has such a good spirit about her if she investigates the church she will be baptized. I have talked to Serina's aunt almost everyday I tell her how she is doing and what we are going to do to help her. Her Aunt is always so grateful and happy to hear about how things are going. I can tell she is holding back tears of gratitude sometimes. Next week I hope to report good things about these 3 people we have six other students with great stories.  to tell but it is just to much to explain. Serina is also from China. I don't want to say any more though because these things are so spiritual they don't belong on my Blog.

Elder Williams is great!!!! He is such a hard worker and loves to do missionary work! Emily has been a SUPER STAR with team ups she is the only member in town!!!! WE called everyone and even the people that live here are gone! She has come to every lesson with us! She is the BEST MEMBER EVER!!!!! Well pretty cool huh? We work with a lot of really neat people here on campus! I thought you would like to know a few of the people we are teaching.

Well, we had Zone Leader Conference on Friday is St. Louis it was a good meeting we had a lot of things to go over for the new year. President Clark wanted to have me and Elder Williams role play our stake corrdination. He loved our stake coordination. He just kept on bringing up how well we did with the Stake President! We went on exchanges with the assistants ! We always have a great time with them. I wish the Guy next to me would leave he smell so bad!!! I think I might barf soon... It really smells like Lizard poop! (In case you are wondering how Alex knows what lizard poop smells like, we have a big bearded dragon named Godzilla who makes toxic waste poop).

Sorry I don't have any pictures! The harder I work the less pictures I take but I will make sure to get the important pictures. I sure love you mom! Thank you for all you do! I am down to 236 right now which is 18 pounds less than when I got here! I need to keep on losing weight!!

THE LIZARD POOP GUY LEFT!!! I was getting sick to my tummy... Well tell dad he can be proud this week. I worked really hard and got a lot of things done and that his advice he gave me really helped this week!!!! It was put to good use! Well, I keep on aiming to make you proud mom!
Another view of the thanksgiving football game

Elder Buys enjoying a burger.

Elder Campbell and Elder Buys Prepared dinner for Elder Gubler and Elder Gisht this was there menu.
I noticed Alex made sure to mention his fine collection of hot sauces.

Alex taking the orders.

Busy working in the kitchen.

                                                       These pictures are from Elder Gubler.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

So I don't have any pictures this week, sorry about that. Don't worry about sending a lot of emails mom I love reading them, they always make me happy. I am a changed man for sure if I like hearing from you now! Elder buys is a great guy!!!! We had so many fun times together and I felt like we helped some people lives for the better. I felt like him and I changed the zone a lot and helped some great missionaries! He has a great leadership ability to make people want to be more like him and he also is really great at finding the strengths in others. Well Elder Williams is great! I knew we would get a long really well. Working on campus has been a blast with him. We talk to so many people, we have almost filled up a whole planner page  full of names and numbers of people in less than a week.. Elder Williams is a very hard worker. Something that I struggle with.... no I am not a huge slacker but I want to be a harder worker and Elder Williams is helping me do that! We had our stake coordination meeting with the new stake president and president Clark. It went really well. There was a great spirit in the room and it was just so great!

I can't believe I forgot to say happy birthday and send you a hand written letter mom! But, I can try and make up for it. Mom you have always been a light in my life. I know you care for me and I know you have impacted my life in a very real way that has made me most of who I am today. All the things that you say you are proud of me for are actually things you should be proud of yourself for. You are an amazing mom and you do more than any other mom does for her kids and for the people around you. I know you might not think you did everything right and no one does everything right but you are a perfect mom. I love you mom and I hope I live up to your expectations. That is great to hear that you had a great birthday!
( Just a little side note from mom.... I received this email while Bob and I were out finishing some last minute Christmas shopping. We were at Sportsman's warehouse so I was in the camouflage section reading this email with tears streaming down my face thinking at minute there is going to be an announcement coming over the loud speaker say do not sell any weapons to the lady dressed in black) =)
Well, lets start with transfers. We had 6 hours or more of driving on Wednesday. Then we went with an area here that had been white washed and needed a ride to Wallmart to get food for the week. Thursday we had a district meeting in Danville. Elder Orme is still doing a great job. I am sure Elder Williams was happy to be back in Danville. We came back and we were able to get some contacting on campus done. Then we had Stake coordination with President Stole. It was so great it was one of the most spiritual meetings that I have been to on my mission. Not like a crazy doctrine or life lessons learned just a really good feeling there. Then we had dinner and contacted some more until it was time to go home. Friday we had Service in the morning! We had lunch and then we went and contacted. We had a lesson with Ben and it went really well. Then we contacted some more. Then we had dinner and contacted some more!!! Saturday we had a lesson with Juno in the morning his teacher is Mike Bednar, Elder Bednar's son, he is so great I love Juno he is so smart and has an open mind and a quest to find God! We then helped the branch do some service at a less active/ part members home. Then we had weekly and zone planning it was great planning with Elder Williams! We then contacted some more that we got to go to the YSA branch Christmas Party! The YSA have been doing such a great job bringing non members to things like that. There was a guy named Dan there, his parents are Mormon and he wants to take the lesson! But that is going to have to wait for 2 weeks because he cannot meet until after the new year. Everyone is leaving.... All of our investigators and stuff but we are going to keep finding. Sunday Church was great, Brother Price , the stake Patriarch, spoke and so did President Stole! They talked about prayer and living according to our testimony.

Hey do you know where my retainer is,  for my teeth,. If you could send that out that would be great.
(kind of a funny request since he only used if for about 3 weeks and most of that time it was in his pants pocket) Well I think that is most of the week! I can't wait to talk to you all next week. How is Sarah doing! How is Dad Doing? Well don't worry mom you can buy all of the turtle stuff you want when you go Christmas shopping just keep some of it at home. Barns and noble has this cool turtle that projects stars. I think that is everything I wanted to talk about... Oh that is great that you got to meet all of the Elders at Elder Buys homecoming that is a great group! Mama and Papa Shep are great! I'll get to see Lynn on the 20th so that will be great! Oh and Me and Elder Williams are performing a song on the 20th... Elder Williams is also teaching me how to sing! He is such a great singer! Yes Ethan in going to BYU Provo! Oh and I think SLCC would be a good place to start and I can transfer somewhere. But I don't know.. about all of that stuff yet and I am going to wait a little longer until I do that. Alright mom this time no smelly person has sat down next to me yet!!! Did I ever tell you that the Freemans that I was teaching in Chesterfield for 5 months got baptized like 2 months ago? That made me so Happy! Alright mom I love you ! Email you next week! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! THANK YOU FOR ALL THE PACKAGES!  LOVE, ELDER CAMPBELL

Monday, December 10, 2012

It is called the big fat ugly - It weighs 6 pounds and has 20,000 calories!
Don't worry Elder Buys and I split it!!!!!
Hey Mom,
Yeah Elder Buys goes home the 13th. So let me run through the week. Monday we had dinner at the Paynes. It was great! They are so nice to us... They are going to be out of town for Christmas... So are the Sheps...I don't know what I am going to do... Any way Tuesday was, I don't remember.... but Brother Bode took us to Papa Del's for dinner. It was great! Papa Del's is a really good deep dish pizza place. Wednesday we had district meeting in Champaing. Elder Furlong has been doing a great job. This week a few of our investigators dropped us which was really lame but that is how the work goes. Thursday we had DLZLC. It was a good meeting. We went to Danvilles'a district meeting as well. Then Alexis took us out to dinner! Alexis is full of the spirit, she glows because her spirit is so strong. She is a super star member! Friday we went to a funeral It was very different  from  a mormon funeral. We listened to a preacher and clapped along.  Oh, Emily had us over for dinner. She made breakfast for dinner and it was really great. Ethan came with us to that and to a lesson after. Ethan is going to move to Provo this month. And yes we already have plans to chill when I get back. =) Saturday we had the ward Christmas party. It was fun. I learned how to say turtle in Hebrew!  ( Only Alex) We also had to run around and get people's stake reports. That took four hours! Then we had dinner. Sunday we had church. Planned miles for the mission Christmas party, that was a headache. Anyway then we had the Sheps for dinner maybe one of the last dinners that I have with them, actually it probably was because they are leaving to go out of town.

Elder Buys and Elder Campbell

Santa in Urbana

Danville's District
Well I am glad you are feeling better. I did not hear from Max this week. What up with that? I am glad Sarah got my leter. I need to write dad. I am just so short on time right now. Alright so for transfers. I am getting Elder Williams! He is a yellow- white, I would say! I love him he was a district leader that I worked with as a zone leader. Elder Bullock is also a Zone leader now and so is Elder Belnap. 3of the 4 district leaders I worked with in Chesterfield are now zone leaders! I am pumped to work with Elder Williams! He is a really hard, hard worker! Which is going to be so great! Yeah it is going to be hard to see Elder Buys go! He has so many strengths that I don't have it made to work go smoother. Yes, Lambert's is way cool Alright so all the members are going to be gone for Christmas!!! The dorms close!!!!! The Payne's are going away and the Sheps are Leaving! I AM GOING TO STARVE TO DEATH!!!!!  Alright it might just be a way to loose more weight. We just have to find someone to have Christmas dinner with. The branch is going to be down to like 6 people.... Maybe the Allan's will help feed us... Anyway, you are the best mom! Sure love you mom!   Love, Elder Campbell


Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Fitz's in Saint Louis. They make their own sodas.

I think Alex might have had one too many sodas!

Elder Christensen, Elder Marshall, Elder Facer, Elder Lewis, Elder Buys, and Elder Campbell at Lambert's

Great picture of great missionaries!

Alex,  Elder Buys and Ethan having Lunch!

Alex and Ethan taking a rest after the big weekend!
HELLO MOM!  That is bad news about your accident! I'm glad everyone is o.k. Yes, I got your package. Thanks so much! You are the best! Alright so lets break down the week -  Monday we taught a lesson to a guy named Ben. It went well, Ben is really fun to talk to but I am not sure how interested he is. but he is super nice and hopefully we can spark a desire in him! Then we went to FHE it was great. Ethan taught the less.  Ethan is so great! Then we started our exchange with the Champaign Elders. I worked with Elder Milne, he has been out for a little over 2 months. The day went O.K. we did a lot of tracting. Wednesday we went to Champaign's district meeting. The Barbers were there, it was so fun to see them. Mamma Shep fed us dinner that night. Oh man it was great! Thursday we went to Danville's district meeting it was excellent like always. Then we got ready to go down to Saint Louis for Zone leader Conference. It is a three hour drive. We got in to St. Louis and we at at a place called Fitz. It is a way cool place that make their own soda. The BBQ was fantastic. Then we headed over to the mission office to help the office elders and assistants get some stuff read for the ZLC. The we all crazed at their apartment. ( I am not sure what crazed means but I think it means crashed??) We had 6 Elders stuffed into their little apartment. The next morning we got up and wet to ZLC (Zone Leader Conference) The Conference was great they just keep getting better and better.. This was my 10th ZLC. I think this was the best one I have ever been to. When the conference was over we the fun really started. It ended up being one of the funnest things I have done in my whole life. The assistants, the office elders, Elder Buys and myself went down to a little place called Lambert's! We had been planning this little trip for about a month! It was a once in a lifetime / mission experience! So Lambert's is about a 3 hour drive south of St. Louis! So the Crew was Elder Christensen, Elder Marshall, Elder Facer, Elder Lewis, Elder Buys, and Elder Campbell. LAMBERT'S IS THE BEST PLACE EVER!!! If you want to check it out go to www. I can not explain how much fun we had and what a great restaurant it is. The best I have ever been to. It was so fun to go with those missionaries. They are such great friends. We had so much Fun! We drove through Fredericktown so it was really weird driving though my 1st zone! Memories came flooding back to me. We got back to St. Louis and stayed the night and then drove back up to Urbana Saturday morning. Ethan came to 2 lessons that day and took us out to lunch! He is so great. He is so fun to be around and a great member and example to help fellowship investigators. Sunday was fast Sunday and Emily bore he testimony! It was so strong! It was wonderful to her from her. It is always great to see Alex too! He has such a great spirit about him! Then we had Break the Fast with the branch. Elder Buys made brownies! They were so good! Then we watched the Christmas fireside devotional. WOW!!! WHAT A WEEK!!! I sure love ya mom. I am so happy that you got your kitchen back! Now enjoy some pictures....

Monday, November 26, 2012

                                                        Missionary Sleep Over
                       All of us in the van on Thanksgiving day. Headed out for a game of Football.
                                                                After the football game.
                Thanksgiving dinner at Mamma and Papa Shep's House.  Mmmm  Mmmmm Good!!!
       Alex still has the crazy in him. Elder Buys does not look to happy about dressing up like a turtle
                                                                 for Halloween.
        Elder Campbell and Elder Buys help serve at the soup kitchen every Friday morning.
                                       They love the ladies that they work with.
                                     Building on the Campus of University of Illinois at night!

Hanging out on campus at night!
Hey mom! Sure love ya! Alright so this Monday we had zone p-day. It was o.k. the elders enjoyed it. Then we went down to Paris for an exchange. The exchange went fine but it was nice to be back with Elder Buys at the end of it. Wednesday we taught a student from Egypt. He is a new investigator. Emily came to the appointment, she is doing great! Thursday was Thanksgiving!!!!! It was so great!!!! We played football in the morning Mama Shepp made so much food!!! Her stuffing was so good and her yams were great. (Some how I don't remember Alex eating either of those items at home.) She made this cranberry sauce that was way good too! We were there for 5 hours! I talked to papa for a long time he gave me advice on life. Friday we had service at the soup kitchen. Saturday the main thing we did was weekly planning. It was kind of a lame day. Sunday we had church at the family ward because the was only 5 people at the YSA branch because all of the students went home for Thanksgiving. All of the student housing on campus is closed all week so my area became a ghost town. Not a lot of missionary work got done. Yes, I got Dad's letter! Thanks so much. It was just what I needed at the right time!  Wow , I am so happy for Coleen!!! She is so great. I am down almost 20 pounds since I came to the campus. The thermals fit great. Thanks for sending them. Wow It is so WEIRD that Brayden is home. The Hartmans too!  I Love them so much!!!!
Well I will make up for the short letter with some pictures.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Tuesday is the day I emailed you sorry I was late emailing we had a big meeting on Monday. Tuesday Brother Bode took us out to dinner at a place called Flat Top, it is so good! Then we visited some people and invited them to the YSA branch. Wednesday we taught a lesson with Jerry who is getting ready to go on a mission. Then we had dinner with Kalan at 5 Guys burgers and fries. Then we had an appointment Wednesday night that Ethan and Emily came with us but no one answered the door. Thursday we taught Julie in the morning! Julie is sooooo great ! She has been praying and now believes in God!!! That is so great! So cool! I know she is going to join the church any day now. Then we had a district meeting in Rontoul, Elder Gorman gave a great training! Elder Orme also did great. We came back and had a lesson with Dion. Half of the YSA branch is out of town because they go home for Thanksgiving. .... So it is going to be a ghost town around here. Friday we had service at the soup kitchen. It is always so much fun there! I did another baptism interview. Then we had dinner at this place called Moon glow they have a huge hamburger for like 6 dollars. Saturday we were with the assistants ! I love being with them they are so much fun. I was with Elder Marshall! My old buddy! We found 2 new investigators together and tracted our little hearts out. I felt so proud! Elder Marshall and I are a great team! If he was my companion it would be the best and we would get the most stuff done! But I am happy withe Elder Buys! Yeah he goes home in like 26 days. So Sister Shep also made dinner for us on Saturday! I love her! Papa's blood sugar got really low. But he is all good now! I love them both. They are feeding us for Thanksgiveing. The Assistants and Office elders are coming up to have Thanksgiving with us. That will be so much fun! Sunday we had normal church, weekly planning and dinner at the Allans. Then getting ready for the Zone p-day. Well that was the week. I got really excited about the email from the Hartmans. There is another Elder Campbell in our mission but he is out in Decatur which is way far away from St. Louis. Rainbolt does not ring a bell. I will have to figure out who it could be...

Thanks mom for all of the mail and packages! You are the Best! I need a new pair of pants but I can buy those. umm... I can't think of any thing I need! You are the best mom , Thanks so much. I am sorry I didn't get a Thanksgiving card sent out to the family.... Just running out of time. Oh yeah, I am feeling better. But my Headaches came back today... but I know why... well I think I know why... I didn't have much time to email Max but I sure love him. I have like 13 more pages in the D & C before I'm done with ti too! I have just started the book of Mormon for the 5th or 6th time on my mission.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Hello There Mom!

Well I can already smell alcohol on the guy sitting next to me! So Monday was P-day with dinner at the Payne's! After dinner we contacted on campus! Tuesday we had Leadership in St. Louis! It was Great! Elder Crowley gave a training he did an excellent job! The only other person in the parking lot when we got there was Elder Bullock! It was so great to see him! The only bad thing that happened at leadership was that I started the day as healthy as an ox but at the end of the day I was so SICK! Wednesday we had district meeting in Mattoon, everything is going well down there. We went to Burger King for lunch not the fast food restaurant but an old, old burger place called burger king. It was kind of a fun little neat place. We tracted a little that day. We had dinner and started our exchange with the Rantoul Elders. I went with Elder Christensen, he has only been out for about 2 weeks. So it was fun working with a greeny. Thursday we had District meeting in Danville it is always great to have district meeting there. Those Elders are just outstanding. We had lunch at another old hamburger place. Elder Christensen and I had a great time tracting! We found a family of 9!!!!!!! I miss working with families, but working with The Students is way fun and inspiring. We had Dinner at a really nice families home. They have a devil Cat it looked so Evil... I have even heard about the Cat from other Missionaries! Friday we had service at the soup kitchen it was great! I got a picture of the soup ladies and us. They are so nice. I will send it to you next week because I don't have the camera with me today. We had a Recent convert lesson with Emily. Andrew and Amy are great members the were sharing the lesson! Emily is also a great member!!!! Ever since she joined the church! Alex was busy this week but he is also a great member. This whole time I was so sick! but I am getting better now but Friday and Saturday was the worst. But I finally rested and that helped a lot. We had dinner with Alexis. She is so great! Super member of the church. That night the assistants came up and stayed the night with us! I Lone Elder Marshall and Elder Christensen! The always seem to take all the worries away and we have a lot of fun! Sunday we had Stake Conference! It was so good the Stake Presidency was getting reorganized wihch is a big deal of course but it is an extra big deal because we work with the stake Presidency a lot. President Lunt and President Allan were release. They did such a great job!!!! I am going to miss them. the new stake president is President Stole! His Councilors are Prsident Mcnab ( He is a co founder of FAIR) He is so great I can't wait to work with him and Presiden Bendnar. Elder Bendnar's son. Elder Choi was the seventy that was there, usually Elder Bendnar is here since his son lives here.  Elder Choi is so great! After Stake conference we tracted with the assistants and the Paris Elders. It was great to tract with them all! Monday we had a mission conference with Elder Choi! It was SO GOOD MOM! SO GOOD! Like life changing good. It was a great day with the mission and President and Sister Clark! Then we taught Family Home Evening for the YSA branch. I am really starting to love the YSA branch. Ethan is such a great member and friend here in the YSA!

I am so glad that you got to go to Elder Hinton's homecoming! He was such a wonderful companion and example to me. Wow 24 inches of snow that is a lot of snow. I am down another 2 pounds!!!!! Great things are happening mom! I LOVE MY MISSION! I want to work my butt off for the next 5 months and prove to dad that I can work hard and also to my heavenly father but the funny thing is that I'll only be able to work hard and change my lazy nature though Christ so I don't have any Credit for myself.... So I think a better way to say it is watch myself and let heavenly father change me. I have change a lot but I need to try even harder now..... I hope my actions can match my words! The only thin I need is a little cash because getting sick is expensive. I can't believe how much medicine costs. Sure love ya mom.   -Elder Campbell
Elder Buys, Emily and Alex
Emily and her friend Amy have become some of Alex's best friends.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Hello Mom! Alright here goes nothing. Monday was p day and we had dinner at Mama Sheps! It was really good like always. Tuesday we started with some contacting on campus and we also tracted. Brother Bode took us out to dinner to a place called "Golden Harbor" It is really good. Brother Bode takes us out to lunch almost every week and he makes sure we are taken car of He is a very, very nice man. Wednesday we started with some more contacting and then we had a lesson with Emily! She is so Great! She is such a great member of the church! We had lunch then we tracted or something came up I can not remeber. Then it was Halloween so our cars were parked at 5 p.m.. Thursday we had a district meeting in Rantoul. Thous Elders are doing great! We came back and our lesson canceled... the day was kinda lame so we went out and did some tracting and then we had dinner and got ready for our meeting on Saturday. Friday we had a lesson with Julie in the morning. It went really well. Julie is doing great! She understands the gospel so well. Then we had our meeting with all the district leaders. Sister Shepperd called us at 5 and invited us to dinner! It was great! Sunday we had church. It was a really good fast Sunday. We had weekly planning after church and then we had break the fast withe the YSA branch it is were everyone brings some food and we have a big dinner. We took some caramel dip and apples. Then there was a CES fireside that was really good It talked about some of the steps to happiness. 1. realize your potential 2. become who you are. I also read all of dad's letters to me on Sunday they were very up lifting and inspiring and made me recommit to working harder. Dad is very uplifting, loving, kind and thoughtful. Something that is sometimes hard to see when you are face to face with him. But I am a better son now and I see his love and kindness easier now. Also Thanks mom for all you do as well!!! hmmm.... I just really wanted to thank you and Dad for all you have done for me. I can't think of anything that I need other than some thermals and thick socks... It is getting cold. Mom my headaches have been really good this week!!! Isn't that great. I think I had 1 day when it was bad and it soon left! We have been working out harder every morning and that is helping me slim down. I am so sick of being fat. My body is a gift and I should take better care of it. I've been reading"True to the Faith" It has been great. I love reading simple true doctrine. Also I have been reading the Book of Mormon and studying humility as I read it. I am almost done with the D&C. How is Hawaii? I sure wish I could be there! but not really because that world mean I would have to leave here.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Thanks for your email mom! I don't have my planner and I don't remember anything.... I'll do my best to note the highlights. Elder Buys and I are staying together for his last transfer which is nice that means I will be a zone leader here for the next three months because I will need to train the new zone leader. That will put me at being a zone leader for over a year..... much, much too long. But I would not trade it for anything I have learned so much from serving others. Zone Leader Council was great!!! Elder Buys and I gave a training on how to have effective councils. President Clark loved it! It was a way fun training to give. I am the oldest zone leader in there. Elder Marshall is the only one that has been to more than me but that is because he is an assistant. President Clark took us all out to lunch to a place called Cheeseburger Cheeseburger. It was really good they have a pound burger but I am trying to loose weight so I didn't order that. The mission is looking at getting 30-60 new missionaries at the beginning of the year. Almost all of them will be sisters. If I catch one Elder flirting with a sister I am going to brake his legs... Elder Hinton is going home in 4 days!!!! He said you are welcome to come to his home coming! I saw Bishop Blair at ZLC Conference, Chesterfield is where we hold ZLC.  I told him to say hi for me. I asked him to say hi to the Mahuffys for me. So I know how the rest of my mission will go. I will be in Urbana for 3 more moths and then I am going to train a new missionary (training takes three months). I hope I keep making you proud! Sister Shep is feeding us today, she always makes sure we are taken care of and Brother Shep always make me laugh! Emily's baptism was so great! So, So So, great! Both of her parents came!!! I am really starting to love the branch I just need to be a better worker on campus it is so hard to for me to work at the university.. but I am working at it! If you would pray that I will use my agency well and be strengthened that would help me. Oh and pray that I keep loosing weight! I will pray that you start loosing weight. I voted this week I knew that would make Dad happy. Sure love ya mom! Hope I make you proud.  
Elder Campbell in his turtle bib. Now I just have to learn how to flip pictures.
              Love,  Elder Campbell

I just had to add that I got a wonderful phone call from Mama Shep tonight. Alex had just left their home. She is the one who made him his turtle bib. She told me when he comes to eat he has his bib on when she opens the front door. It was so fun to visit with her. I also got to meet one of the members who knew Alex in Chesterfield today. My heart is so full of Gratitude for all of the people who watch over and love Alex while he is serving.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Hey mom! Monday we had a normal p-day well kinda a slow p-day. Tuesday we had a district meeting over in Paris it was great! It was good to see Elder Jager, he is doing a great job training and working in the area. Wednesday we had Champaign's district meeting. The assistants were there with us. Wednesday we had exchanges with the assistants. I was with Elder Christensen. It was so much fun to work with him. I know Elder Marshal and Elder Christensen really well, it is like working with good friends when they come. Emily is ready for baptism so that is great we just need to find a time that works for everyone. Wednesday night we had dinner at mama Shep's she made a huge dinner because she knew the assistants were coming! It was so good and then papa Shep played some music for us! Mama Shep is so nice! I am sure you will get to meet her. I miss the Mahuffeys so much. Thursday we had Danvill's district meeting. It was great. Then we had a lesson with a member who is getting ready to on on his mission. We also had a dinner with Kalan, he took us to Meatheads, It is a great hamburger place. Then we exchanged with Rantoul. Well me and Elder Orme came back to work the university but it turns out that our phone was left up in Rantoul. ... so I was phoneless! Well everything tuned out really nice. It was a very quiet day with out a phone. Poor Elder Buys had to deal with a Car Crash that happened in the zone. Friday I worked the day with Elder Orme We had service at the soup kitchen. Then a lesson with Emily that went well. Then we tracted some apartments. Then we had our district leader zone leader meeting then we had dinner at mamas again! Then we went back to Rantoul to switch companions back. Saturday we did our weekly planning and Elder Buys made pumpkin cheese Soup. Sunday we had church. Emily's mom came but I don't think she was very happy. I hope the spirit softens her heart a little. Another thing that happened on Monday is we got a fake referral from An ex girlfriend was trying to make life miserable for this guy and new girlfriend so she put the new girlfriends name on and all sorts of information about how she wants to learn about the church. The cool thing is that we got an appointment with this couple. So when I came to Urbana I was 254 pouns and now I am 239 pounds. I just need to get down to 215 and I witll look and feel a lot better then. Sure love ya mom!  Oh and transfers are on Halloween so next Monday I will know if I am getting transferred. Sure love ya mom and sure miss ya! GO TO THE TEMPLE IT IS LIKE DOING MISSIONARY WORK JUST LIKE ME.  IT WOULD BE A GREAT MOTHER SON BONDING SURE LOVE YA!
                                                                          ELDER CAMPBELL

Sunday, October 21, 2012

HEY MOM!!! That is so cool about Max's eagle project! Over 2000 pounds of food wow! Thank you for the package, it was nice.. Monday we had a normal  p-day with a ride down to Paris! We got there at night and planned for our next day and went to bed. Tuesday we went on exchanges with the Paris Elders.Elder Hunter was sick so after 2 hours of tracting he was not feeling well at all and couldn't go out he looked very sick so he went to bed and I cleaned the apartment. Then that night we traveled back to Urbana. Wednesday in the morning we had Champaign's district meeting. The Barbers were at the district meeting, they are a senior couple that just started their 3rd mission. They are so great! They made cookies and brother Barber bore his testimony. He has such a strong spirit about him. We had a lesson with Emily she is doing really well! Her baptism wil be on the 24th. We hope everything is good to go for baptism. Thursday we had Danville's district meeting. They are still doing really well. We came back and prepped for the stake coordination meeting we had later that day. The stake meeting went well ant it will be the last stake meeting we have with president Lunt. Friday we had service at the Soup Kitchen! Then just normal missionary work. Saturday we had a normal day of working but it rained all day! Sunday we had church and Elder Buys confirmed Jess a member of the church. Then we did some tracting and then we had dinner with the whole YSA branch. It was a lot of fun. After we get done emailing we have a lesson with Emily! So things have been going well I can't wait for the day I can soak all the stress away in the new hot tub.... That sounds so nice... my body is always so tight and I can never stretch it all out. University work has been hard for me... but I just need to keep working so this is something dad would like to hear, I looked back at the day I came into the mission and President Clark's message to to the mission was "Never give up" I thought dad would like that. So I have been doing really well a writing in my journal. I have been doing a page a day and the journal pages are big!!! I am also working on a smaller book of funny stories or other things that happened in the mission. Ya I know I only have 6 months left so I will probably only have one more area after this one. I don't know if I am going to stay here again in the university but I think I will be released as zone leader soon and just be a regular missionary again. I hope I get the opportunity to train again. Sure do love ya mom Thanks for the great email! You are the best! Love,
                                                                                     Elder Campbell

Monday, October 8, 2012


Hey Mama! So Monday was a normal p-day. Tuesday we finally got to do our weekly planning a we had a lesson with a girl named Emily.I'll tell you more about Emily later. We had to do a lot of planning because we had a ZONE CONFERENCE THE NEXT DAY! WEDNESDAY WE HAD ZONE CONFERENCE EVERYONE WAS ON TIME 15 MINUTES EARLY READING THEIR SCRIPTURES AND BEINNG QUIET. When president came in he was tickled to see all te missionaries being quiet. He was really impressed he showered the zone and us with praise. Zone conference went really well. We gave a training on our purpose as missionaries. It was a Hit. Thursday we had the Champaign district meeting. That night was Jess's baptism! I never really taught Jess but I did her baptism interview. Friday we had service at the soup kitchen, that is always fun. The people are always interesting. We had a lesson with Alex Wong he is doing well but his home teachers have not been to see him yet! =( Saturday!!! Saturday was CONFERENCE!!!  so here are some cool things...Emily, our investigator cam to all of the conference except on session. It was great... But it gets even better Sunday morning session answered some of the questions that she had been struggling with and now she is ready to be Baptized!!!!!!

Some of the themes I picked up from conference, just a few of the things I thought were spiritually important. The prophet Joseph Fielding Smith was mentioned three times. Right now I am listening to the last time Joseph Fielding Smith spoke because I feel there is something there that I need to learn from him.

Yes, I still have my winter clothes. I have some good news for you since I came to the university I have lost 12 pounds! cool right! Stop eating cookies for dinner. You know what helped me to lose weight? Prayer... I kept asking for strength to help me loose wieght. Sure love you mom ! Than You so much for watching conference It made me so happy to hear all that you got from it. Saturday night I wrote in my journal that I don't feel like I can talk to God but I know he is there and that he watches over me.. Sunday morning the is what the first talk was all about. Anyway that is probably going to be the most spiritual email you get from me for the rest of my mission. Thank you for all yo do Mom! Stop eating cookies >.< . Teach those young women well so they can be great missionaries.   Love,
                                                                                                                   Elder Campbell

Monday, October 1, 2012

Hey mom! sure love ya but I don't have any pictures because I don't have the cord with me that I need but I'll try to get some for next week. Elder buys and I are working on a movie so that will make up for a little less pictures. (I know we are all awaiting the premiere of that movie) I will be sure to get some pictures to you next week. Monday started with just a normal p-day, we had dinner at the Payne's. It was so good. Tuesday we had a lot to do because we have zone conference and zone leaders conference and district leader zone leader conference that we needed to plan for so most of Tuesday was spent doing that. Wednesday we had Champaign's district meeting, it was great. Alexis, a member in the branch took us to dinner that night it was really fun. Thursday we had Danville's district meeting that was really good Elder Orme is doing really well as a district leader. We had to travel back and then had a little bit of time to pack and finish planning then we left for Springfield , it is a two hour drive. The reason we went to Springfield is because we have ZLC On Friday and it take 11/2 less if we go to Spring field the day before. We had dinner at a place that Elder Buys loves called D'arcys. It is way good! Friday morning we left for St. Louis at about 6 in the morning we picked up some other zone leaders and got to St. Louis at about 9. We went to the mission office and then went to Chesterfield for the zone leaders meeting. The meeting got over at about 4 o'clock and then we started the long drive back to Springfield to do some zone conference planning with them. Then Saturday we drove back to Champaign. We met with a referral and taught her a lesson and set up a return appintment. Then we had some more planing to do.... Lots of planning. Sunday we had church in the morning. Church was great! alex is still going strong! He got the priesthood on Sunday as well. We had a little meeting with Alex and then after church I did another baptismal interview. She is ready and will be  baptized on the 4th. That night we had dinner and the Allen's they feed us so well and there are a very nice family. That is all I have to report on the week! well I'm trying to have more love for the people because I feel like I get angry sometimes. Usually slowly after a long time of doing the right thing even though it is hard I just need to get rid of that! I am trying to be loving all of the time and have patience with myself. But I am doing well. Thank you for all the love and the all the nice letters. =) They sure make me happy. I forgot to put a stamp on the  letter to Ainsley but I got it returned and sent it off again. Sure love you mom and I hope you have a nice week!   Love,
                                                                        Elder Campbell

Monday, September 24, 2012

Alright lets start with the week. Monday we played some basketball with the AP's then that night we did a baptismal interview. Tuesday we got ready for transfers and went on a team up with Brother Bode, he took us to a Chinese restaurant called golden Harbor. It was so good. Wednesday was transfer day so we went down to St. Louis on a bus! It was way fun to see Elder Bullock and Elder Hinton. Elder Jager was transferred into my zone. Thursday we had Danville"s district meeting, Elder Orim is the new district leader. It was a good district meeting. Then that night I did another baptismal interview with an man naned Cory. It went great! We had to travel about an hour and a half away to a tiny town of about 1,000 people. Friday we had service in the morning. We had dinner with the Zimmblemans. Saturday we had a lesson with Alex then weekly planning and then we went to Danville to held the ward with a open house. Sunday church was good we had dinner with the Shepps! It was great! After a great meal Brother Shepp played the piano for us! It was so good. He is a great piano player! This week went by so fast I don't have a lot to say about it. 5 greenies are in the zone so me and Elder Buys are now the Grandpa zone leaders! Elder Reay and Anderson are two great new Elders! They will be great leaders in this mission if they work hard, they both have great trainers. Thank you so much for the package. It was one of the best!  Zone Leaders conference is this week that will be fun. Yes, it does feel like I've been a zone leader forever and I don't think it will end soon.... But I hope I get to finish my mission training in Fredericktown. That would be way fun.

So I think my headaches are getting better I really need to strech more I think that will help me a ton. I have been doing better writing in my journal. I really miss the Mahuffeys. I love that family so much. It can be really had working with the young single adult ward. But maybe it is just what I need. I am so thankful for a loving companion that is nice to me and make things easier. Sure love ya mom!
                       Love, Elder Campbell

Monday, September 17, 2012

Hey Mother alright lets run though the week! Monday we had a normal p-day we had dinner at President Payne's home. It was great! Tuesday I don't remember much I just remember that there was a change of plans tat day. Wednesday we had Champaign's district meeting. It went O.K. and then we taught Trisha. I learned the alphabet in sign language. Then we had a meeting with Alex! Thursday we had Danville's district meeting. We were training at al of the district meetings this week. Then we had president interviews that was a lot of fun then we had stake correlation meeting where we meet with the stake presidency. Then after president and Sister Clark took us out to dinner. They took us to Biaggi's,  there is one in Salt Lake.It was pretty good and a ton of fun to have dinner with President and Sister Clark. Friday morning we helped at the soup kitchen.  Then I need to do an unplanned baptismal interview. Usually the President would have done this interview but he wasn't able to be here so I had the opportunity. We had a district meeting in Paris and then had a lesson with Alex again. Then on SATURDAY ALEX WAS BAPTIZED!!!!!! His family came even though they were against him joining the church. They came to support him. Alex did great! he was baptized by Elder Buys and I confirmed him at church. Then we had lunch and dinner withe the PRICE FAMILY> IT WAS SO GOOD. HE IS THE STAKE PATRIARCH.  (GAHHHHHHHH A GUY JUST SAT DOWN NEXT TO ME THAT SMELLS LIKE BEER. I DON'T KNOW HOW LONG I CAN TAKE IT.)
Thanks for all the love mom, Max is going to do great. Trial and pain will help him grow a stronger testimony of the Gospel. I lost 6 pounds this week and hope to loose some more next week.
                       Sure love ya mom!
                            Elder Campbell

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Hey MAMA!! THANKS FOR THE PACKAGE IT MADE THE DAY SO MUCH BETTER... IT WAS A ROUGH DAY SO THANK YOU, THANK YOU! Tuesday we taught a new investigator named Lee, we also taught Alex he is doing great his baptism is this Saturday at 1 p.m. !!!!!!!!!! Then that night we helped a deaf lady move. I got so sweaty and gross but it was great. I lost 4 pounds last week. You should pray that I can keep losing weight. Wednesday we had a district meeting then we drove around picking up papers for a meeting fo one of the stake leaders. We taught this guy named Hector who just wanted to prove us wrong . So we bore a storng testimony and hopefully it softened his heart. But, that is same old same old. Then we had a meeting with our stake mission leader. Thursday we went to Maroon for a district meeting and then travel back and contacted on campus. Friday we taught a lesson to Paul he is from  Australia, then we contacted more. Oh and then we taught a friend of a member that night. Saturday we had our weekly planning then contacted the rest of the day. Sunday we had church, Alex was there and that made me so happy. Then we had CES fireside with Elder Holland, it was really good. So that was the week. One cool thing is the library on campus has an original copy of the Book of Mormon from the 1830's. We were going to see it but the doors were locked and no on was around. Have you looked at the campus online yet? (Of course he should know that I looked online with in 10 minutes of finding out that he had been transferred there.) It has some old beautiful buildings. Umm Elder Buys   is sending a food request for granola and pepper jam. You know the pepper jam that I love Elder Buys is the only companion that I have had that likes it too. This week was crazy and next week is probably going to be the same. I am doing great! I am really trying to change a lot right now to be a better man, but I  hope it works. I hope I'm changed by the time I get back. Not like a new person just a better person. I hope dad and Sarah are doing well I hope you are doing well I hope the kitchen gets done soon for you. The quarters are great! Thank you so much mom and one more thing that I really like is Skippy Natural Crunch Peanut butter. It is my favorite. =) Thank you for all you do mom! You are the best! Thank you for the copies of the blogs in the package as well! Sure Love ya!
                 -Elder Campbell

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Horse shoe Sandwich

The Horse Shoe Sandwich Invented in Springfield Illinois.
                           The Sandwich is toasted bread with ham or hamburgers on top covered in cheese sauce and then topped with French  Fries.
Hey Mom! Alright lets run though the week, we are already done with the 4th week of the transfer! Holy cow, it is going by fast! Alright Monday we went to the doctors because Elder Buys has felt a little under the weather (just a little side note from mom, can any of you imagine Alex saying "a little under the weather" before his mission? ) He is doing well now. We did the normal p-day stuff. Tuesday I worked with Elder Furlong a district leader in Champaign. The day went well even though he was also sick. We taught a man named Alex that night. He is such a great guy! He should be baptized on the 15th. I am so excited for that!!!!! Wednesday, we had Champaigns district meeting in the morning and then we had lunch at Windy City. It was so good! Then we taught a lesson to a girl who just wanted to bible bash. We had dinner at the Shep's. It was great! Then we planned for Zoned Leader Council. Thursday we had Danvilles's district meeting. We had another great lesson with Alex. He is getting closer and closer to Baptism! HE IS A GOLDEN INVESTIGATOR! WE PLANNED A LTITLE MORE FOR ZONE LEADER COUNCIL. THE WE LEFT FOR SPRINGFIELD TO STAY THE NIGHT THERE BEFORE WE WENT DOWN TO SANIT LOUIS. WE ATE AT A PLACE NAMED D'ARCYS THAT NIGHT. They say the Horse shoe Sandwich was invented there.
We also went to the place that invented the corn dog. Friday was 5 hours of driving and 6 hours of meetings.... but it was great to see Elder Hinton at Zone Leader Council!!! Saturday we had exchanges withe the assistants I was with Elder Marshall! He was in the Fredericktown district! It was so much fun to work with him! We did great! Ah, man, I love Elder Marshall. Sunday.... I don't remember what happened Sunday.. Well I know Alex was at church! Monday we had Zone p-day only one person got hurt...Just a little bit of blood... Missionaries are crazy and some times turn into their old selfs again... Then we had District leader zone leader Council. Then this morning we taught a found a new investigator! His name is Lee! It was soooooo great!

Now on with the other stuff... It actually didn't storm that bad, just a lot of rain but no huge storms. Some money for laundry would be great! You are the best Mom! (He must really want some quarters for the washing machine.) Some fry-sauce would be great! Thank you for sending the Ukulele. I am glad that you sent that one and not my good one. I have really enjoyed playing hymns on it. Well I'm glad that the people liked me in Chesterfield. I wish I could have done more work there. We got some close to baptism. Amy was baptized! I have not had a chance to check my blood pressure. I have not been able to find a grocery store with a machine to check blood pressure. If I find one I will check it for sure. My headaches are doing O.K. They are off and on now. I just hope they keep getting better. The headaches have probably been one of the best thing s for me , they have taught me a lot. I sure love you mom. I can't wait to see you in about 7 months! I hope I can make the most of these 7 months!

                                                           Love, Elder Campbell

The cozy dog drive in located in Springfield, Illinois  where the corn dog was invented.

Monday, August 27, 2012


                                                        St Louis Temple
Alex and Elder Jager

Fredericktown zone together agian!
They all look like they need to shine their shoes.

Elder Buys and his Birthday Cake!


Alex loves the sky!

I love the christmas lights.

Apartment in Urbana.
Someday I am going to learn to flip the pictures,
just turn your computer on its side

I think he has enough ties.

Monday we taught a lesson and played pool and then we traveled to Paris, just a bunch of corn everywhere. Then we had district meeting in Paris, I worked the day with Elder Vincent, it was great. Then we traveled back to Urbana and there was some more corn. =) Wednesday we taught Marco, contacted and contacted some more, and then left for exchanges in Danville. Thursday we had Danville's District meeting I worked the day with Elder Frances. Then we had dinner in Indiana, then drove back. On Friday we had service at the soup kitchen. We had dinner with the Jaynes. Sat we had weekly planning and had lunch with the Urbana missionaries. Then we contacted the rest of the day. Sunday we had a golden investigator bring himself to church his name is Alex we hope to teach him this week. He found the church and came alone, he wanted to go before but his parents would not let him but now he is on his own and wants to come. Then we taught Trisha and had dinner with the Aleens. This week was  just running around and doing stuff. but I finally got the apartment clean.... It looks nice now! I miss the Mahuffys! I learned so much from them. They really live the gospel in that home. I love you and miss you. Enjoy the pictures.
Love,  Elder Campbell

Monday, August 20, 2012

Thank you so much for the package, I did get it and thank you for the email to put your mind at ease I am doing really well but let's run though the week first. Monday we had a kind of zone p-day and then had a meeting with all the district leaders. Tuesday we had Paris's district meeting it went really well. Elder Hunter is the district leader he was my MTC companion. Then we taught a lesson to an Asian named Marco. So just a heads up I am not serving in the city of Urbana I am serving on the University campus. Covering the YSA ward so I work only work on the campus. We have our own car. It is kind of weird only working with peers but I'll talk more about the pros and cons of that later. So we had a lesson with Marco, he is a good guy he is just not sure if the is really a god but I think he is pretty close to finding that out. Wednesday we had Champaign's district meeting so Elder Oberlee was there and so was Elder Woodbury. We contacted the whole day, so contacting is when we go out on the campus of the University of Illinois and talk to random college students so it seems most of the time I am surrounded by Asians or immodest college girls. Anyway then we visited this family named the Jayne's they are great! They run in demo derbies. they are so much fun to be around! Thursday we did a lot of contracting and had dinner with Brother bode. Friday we had service at the soup kitchen in the morning until lunch. We contacted until four then we had a lesson with Trisa. She is a deaf investigator, Elder Buys knows sign language, so that is a great help. Then a member took us to Texas Road House for dinner. Then we contacted until 9. Saturday we had weekly planing in the morning and then we contact until dinner and then we contacted some more, We do a lot of contacting, right. Sunday we had three nonmembers at church, it was great! Charley is a great guy it was his 20th day out of China and his first time to a church ever. The Asians are so happy to have the chance to go to church. Marco came a a girl named Emily that we should start teaching soon. It is so weird teaching only people that are my age.. and even weirder when they are pretty girls..... but the work must go on. Ha Ha. Then we contacted some more and had dinner aat the Zimblemans. So that was the week.

Taylor Hartman wrote me a great email!!!!!! Please thank him for me. It meant so much to me. It was very consistent with what I am going though. So I don't know if I really forget or if it is more that I don't put stuff to memory when I have a headache Being here with Elder Buys has been great and I think my headaches are improving.

Tell Mitch Thank you for the Email.... He is the Best!

Yea, that was a lame joke!!!!!!! The only thing that I don't like about serving on the campus is that I won't get to know and learn from families like the Mahuffey's. I would probably not like it much here if it wasn't for Elder Buys. So places I have eaten at. Well President Clark took us to Meat Heads that was O.K. There is a sushi place named Muyo. Windy City makes a mean Philly cheese steake. Elder buys and I make a mean pan fried tuna wrap with avocado, cilantro, and grated pineapple. So there is always a sweet person that is always looking out for us in in every area, the nice people here are the Shepperds Brother Shepperd (papa) is way funny and a master piano player and Sister Shepperd (mamma ) is a really good cook (Don't worry you are still better) but when I arrived at their home for dinner there was a turtle bib on my seat.!!!!!! I'll have to send you pictures next week! I will be able to download pictures here. I got a letter from Ashely It was so great to hear from her! I need to write Teej. Oh and we also went to a place called "papa Del's it was great and we really want to go to a place call Black Dog It is famous for its BBQ. We also went o a place called Gross Burgers it was pretty good. The apartment needs a washer and a dryer so if you could just flat rate those out to us. Just Kidding don't mail us a Washer and dryer. It has been over a year with out them. We could use wash rags and Elder Buys world love some more Beef Jerky and so would I. Elder buys would also like some dried fruit. Elder Mason left the zone as soon as I came =( but I saw him and and Elder Hinton at transfers. I will see Elder Hinton again on the 31st. I have lost 4 pounds since I've been here. Hey mom I love you a lot and I hope you are happy! Love, Elder Campbell

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

New Address for Alex

New Address

Elder Harold Alex Campbell
1026 East Kerr apt 301
Urbana, Illinois 61802

I know Alex would love to hear from all of you his headaches are starting to get better but he is having a little memory loss. This happened with his headaches before. I know he would love to here from you and it would cheer him up.
 I AM GETTING TRANSFERRED!!! TO URBANA, ILLINOIS!!!! WITH ELDER BUYS AS MY COMPANION!!!!!  IT IS GOING TO BE THE BEST TIME EVER! I LOVE ELDER BBUYS AND HE LOVES ME!!! IT IS GOING TO BE SO GREAT!!!! O.K> lets go though the week. Monday was p- day it was great just a normal p day though. Tuesday we had a priest with us the whole day Eli was his name. It was a great experience. At the end of the day Eli talked about how much fun and a spiritual day he had with us. The bishop said we might of changed Eli's life! I am going to miss Bishop Blair. We tracted and taught a lesson to a less active that the branch asked us to work with then we taught Francisco, some one that I taught when I first got here and we just got back in touch with him, then we had dinner at the Varones. It was great! Wednesday we had Elder Bullocks district meeting, he seems a little down because his area is being closed. I hope he has somewhere great for his new area. Then I meet with Dr. Olsen. Then we went to the temple. Then we had dinner with some members of the YSA branch. Thursday we had DLZLC it was O.K. then we had lunch and teamed up with the assistants to the president, that was fun. I love Elder Christensen and the new AP Elder Marshall both are great guys. Then we did some tracting with them and had dinner with a ysa girl and taught 4 of her friends. It was Great. Then we did some tracting. Friday we helped the assistants and tried to visit some part member families. We taught Fransico again with brother Bonner and then did some more tracting. Saturday we had another priest with us, noah was his name. We tracted for about 2 hours Noah was scared to do it but he did a great job. Then we had dinner with the Jarvis's then we took transfer calls. Sunday we had church for 6 hours and then we taught someone at church and that was great. I said goodbye to everyone. Then we had dinner with Noah's family It was great. The Mahuffys are feeding us today so I am happy about that! AHHH MAN I WOULD LOVE TO SEE TY! HE IS SO GREAT!!! THATS FOR ALL THE LOVE AND MAIL! YOU ARE THE BEST MOM EVER! Oh I got a letter from Jessie, It was great to hear from her. I think I'll be in the same zone as Elder Mason =) or if he was transferred I will get there when he left =(  Man I need to loose some weight. So I think I  will be able to send some pictures soon. the Voyles took a picture and I think they put it on facebook for you. The Voyles family are great! I loved them so much. I heard from William Petty! He makes me so happy!!! I love him so much!!!! If he is the only person I baptized on my mission It would be so worth it. I need to write some other people too... Like the Ortons. I really miss them.

 How is the traveling going? Did I tell you happy I am to serve withe Elder Buys!!!!! It is going to be so great. He loves to cook and so I would love some spices and some sauces. If you could mail those to us! We are both trying to loose some weight so don't send us anything fattening! Please just like some garlic or chili oil.

How is Max doing? I LOVE Max so much! I am going to hug the crap out of him when I get home. Still no washer or drier in Urbana... Lame. I thing that is everything. Alright mom I sure love ya hope everything is going well!     Love,
                                      Elder Campbell

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

                  Missionaries at the Cardinals Game on July 26, 2012. Can you find Alex?

Monday, July 30, 2012

Yes, president Clark knows about my headaches. No, I have not asked him for a blessing and well I can not remember any of the other questions... Yes I saw Elder Mason! also Elder Kennedy, Elder Hinton and everyone else, I spent some time with Lynn and Erwin that was great! yup, I do hold all of my feelings in. I am learning how to deal with them. Dr. Olsen has been a great help with that. Maybe elder Hartman can help me when I get home. Alright lets run though the week! Monday I had a headache. Tuesday I had a headache. Wednesday I had a headache. Thursday I had a headache. Just kidding, well not really I had a headache but I'll say more about the day =) Monday was zone p-day! We had a water fight, it was o.k. not super fun but o.k. We had dinner at the Morgen's, the ones that stopped by and saw dad. Then we had FHE with the YSA branch. Tuesday we had a district meeting and I went to see Dr. Olsen. We talked a lot about how I can get headaches less often then we had dinner, sister Bonner ordered us pizza!) then we gave a priesthood blessing to an old non member man named Tom. It was a great experience and I hope that the family will start learning about the Gospel. Wednesday we had another district meeting and then another appointment with Dr. Olsen. It was great and my Headache was much better after. then we had dinner and tracted a little. Then we had a meeting with Brother Voyels. Thursday was the Cardinals game. It was really great that they won. A missionary got the home run ball and I spent most of my time with Elder Bullock, Buys and Hinton. Then we had dinner at forest park. Lynn provided the meal, it was great! The line was way long so I sat down and talked to Lynn. He asked if I was going to eat and I explained that I was just waiting for the line to die down. He proceeded to get a plate and cut in line and make a plate for me I felt loved Hahaha. The next day we had a meeting in a church with the whole mission and had some speakers. Dr. Anderson, he is a missionary doctor, Menlo Smith, the owner of Willy Wonka and Dr. Olsen, the man that sticks needles in my face. It was great. I learned a lot. Then everyone left but the ZL's , we all met up in downtown St. Louis and contacted the city! Downtown still doesn't know what hit them, I think we gave out like 30 referrals there. Then we had dinner at the mission home. President Clark cooked some hamburgers and hot dogs That was a lot of fun to be around elder Buys and Hinton all day. Then all of the ZL's had sleep over at the mission home! That was a lot of fun too! Then Saturday we had ZLC and because Elder Buys had lost 40 punds in 4 months we got to an all you can eat mongolian BBQ. It was so good! Then we finished our meeting. So it sounds like we joked around for a while but we did important things too. I am just talking about the fun parts. Sunday we had church and dinner at the Voyles and weekly planning. Alright so back to headaches . I'm working on cracking the puzzle- it is just frustrating but if I take them the right way they will shape me into a much better person. Elder Christensen just got sent back to Farmington and it sounds like they are going to white wash Fredericktown.... If they send me back there I'm gonna rear up and baptize the whole town and the other town and the other town. Well I am just going to tear it up... Love ya mom, stay safe,
                                                                                                         Elder Campbell

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Hello, Alright so lets run though the week. Monday was super busy we helped the Freeman's move and went to see Dr. Olsen and had FHE for the YSA ward.Tuesday we went down to Washington for their district meeting. Then we went and talked with the a.p.'s about the zone and any changes that might need to be made. We had dinner with the Weeks family, it was great! I have not really known them very well but they are such a great family. Then we finally got to email you. We traveled for an exchange but the missionaries didn't show up so... that was really frustrating to me... so I need to learn to be more patient... Wednesday we had a district meeting with the
Parkways elders. Which was great.I got to go on exchanges with Elder Bullock it was so fun to see him again. I also met with Dr. Olsen. Thursday we taught another MTC (missionary training center) for missionaries that dinn't go to the MTC. They get trained here, it doesn't happen very often. Then we met with the Patten and with Brother Voyles. Actually I stayed and worked in the office while Elder Jager and one of the office elders went and taught the MTC. Saturday morning we met up with the AP's  and went to teach another MTC. Elder Christensen listened to somewhat of the same music as I did! It was a great day! Then we had correlation meeting with brother Voyles. Sunday we had church and then had dinner with a member and then did our weekly planning.

I would send pictures if all I had to do was bring a cord but the computers we use can't download the pictures so you are just going to have to deal with out them for a least 2 more weeks. Ya... I don't know what I am going to do about my headaches.... I' am pretty sure what causes them now or has a big part in causing them. I just need to find out what my part of what I need to to to help them go away. I know if I was more Christ like that they would go away. I just don't know how not to get frustrated or mad at certain types of people so I am working on more meekness and humility. I just can't get mad or angry as soon as I get  either of those I start getting a headache... I am having a hard time because I can't run away from my headaches but at the same time they are teaching me a lot so I am grateful for them but I'm still not too happy about illl but if it ends up being some easy medical fix I will have still learned a lot. On Thursday we get to go to a Cardinal's base ball game! It is going to be great! Well I am doing good! I will get to see Lynn soon and that will help my headache I have learned to pay really close attention to my headache and how it comes on an what leads up to it! Anyway that you for the prayers!       Love you all, Elder Campbell

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Sorry I could not email until today, things have been rough and busy..... Bishop Blair is going to get brother Thomas to look at my eyes. I had dinner with two neurologists again on Saturday and I met someone at YSA that has had the same kind of headaches his whole life. They got really bad on his mission too. Yes, I did get the package. They just forgot to put the slip in the mailbox for me. Thank you so much! Did everyone get their letters in the mail? I am seeing a doctor named doctor Olson. He reminds me of Taylor Hartman. He is a chiropractor and he also does acupuncture!!!! he put needles in my feet, hands, arms and face! And guess what it took my headache away and he does it all for free! However soon after the needles came out the headache returned.  =( Sad day. But he is going to keep working on it. He is such a nice guy.

Amy has a baptism date for August 11!!!!!!!  I am going on exchanges with Elder Bullock tonight! I am so happy. I'll be biking tomorrow so pray that I have not lost all of my biking skills. Biking and being in the sun helped my headaches a lot in Fredericktown. I think my headaches are from stress.... I am very stressed right now but there might be some other things playing into them. I don't really want to run trough the week. Well why not.

Monday was dinner at the Hauns, it was great! It was also P-day. Tuesday we had a district meeting in Pagedale and I went on exchanges with elder Cannon. He is a good friend of Elder Mason and we got along great!We visited some of the really, really big houses in Chesterfield! Wednesday we had leadership training which was great. It was so good to see friends and to see Elder Hinton again. Man, I love that guy! He loved his package and he wanted me to tell you thank you!! We had dinner and then went over to what we thought was going to be a new investigator family but it was a pastor of another church. and Man I don't know how much anti mormon stuff can get thrown at me. Just when I think I have heard it all more comes flying at me. NEVER LOOK UP ANY ANTI EVER!!!! I'VE MET PEOPLE OUT HERE THAT HAVE GONE INACTIVE BECAUSE THEY WENT AND LOOKED FOR ANTI MORMON StUFF. NEVER DO IT!!! Even missionaries can loss there testimonies from it. I am working on being more open about things and not keeping all of my stress bottled up inside. Anyway back to the week. Thursday we taught a 5 hour MTC and they we went to the Jensen's for dinner, they are a great family. Friday we taught Amy with th e O"fallen elder so we can have her baptised by the elders where she lives. Elder Kennedy is one of the O'fallen elders. Man I love that guy!!! We had dinner with Javier he is the best guy in the world. I love him so mush we ate at a Mexican place called Nacho Mamma's. Saturday we taught another 5 hour MTC. We had dinner with the Bonner's another great family. Sunday we did some tracting and had dinner with Terresa and then tracted some more. The Weeks had us over for dinner tonight. It was a great week really! But I had some all time lows when it came to headaches and just not being happy but that was like my first time having a hard time on my mission If you could even call it a hard time! I'll work though anything I'll push though any headache... I'll be fine.. Oh I did get dad's letter and I read his teaching by the spirit thing. It was great! Dad should really read Preach My Gospel, the new missionary program. Mom, I'm so glad that you had a great week at girls camp. I wish I could hear from Max. I can't wair to come back and spend time with Max. I want to help him any way that I can' One thing that has been bouncing around in my head is the attribute of Meekness. I hope to be meek and lowly of heart. I've learned something these week, everyone talks about problem missionaries and tries to fix them but they don't love them so the whole process is useless. It has to start with love. I promise I am a spiritual guy you are just going to have to wait to meek that side of me later. I love you mom and I don't have any tips for your lesson! Just don't cry the whole time, just say what heavenly father wants you to say then you can start crying. I love you mom and I hope all is well!
                                                Elder Campbell