Tuesday, December 18, 2012

So I don't have any pictures this week, sorry about that. Don't worry about sending a lot of emails mom I love reading them, they always make me happy. I am a changed man for sure if I like hearing from you now! Elder buys is a great guy!!!! We had so many fun times together and I felt like we helped some people lives for the better. I felt like him and I changed the zone a lot and helped some great missionaries! He has a great leadership ability to make people want to be more like him and he also is really great at finding the strengths in others. Well Elder Williams is great! I knew we would get a long really well. Working on campus has been a blast with him. We talk to so many people, we have almost filled up a whole planner page  full of names and numbers of people in less than a week.. Elder Williams is a very hard worker. Something that I struggle with.... no I am not a huge slacker but I want to be a harder worker and Elder Williams is helping me do that! We had our stake coordination meeting with the new stake president and president Clark. It went really well. There was a great spirit in the room and it was just so great!

I can't believe I forgot to say happy birthday and send you a hand written letter mom! But, I can try and make up for it. Mom you have always been a light in my life. I know you care for me and I know you have impacted my life in a very real way that has made me most of who I am today. All the things that you say you are proud of me for are actually things you should be proud of yourself for. You are an amazing mom and you do more than any other mom does for her kids and for the people around you. I know you might not think you did everything right and no one does everything right but you are a perfect mom. I love you mom and I hope I live up to your expectations. That is great to hear that you had a great birthday!
( Just a little side note from mom.... I received this email while Bob and I were out finishing some last minute Christmas shopping. We were at Sportsman's warehouse so I was in the camouflage section reading this email with tears streaming down my face thinking at minute there is going to be an announcement coming over the loud speaker say do not sell any weapons to the lady dressed in black) =)
Well, lets start with transfers. We had 6 hours or more of driving on Wednesday. Then we went with an area here that had been white washed and needed a ride to Wallmart to get food for the week. Thursday we had a district meeting in Danville. Elder Orme is still doing a great job. I am sure Elder Williams was happy to be back in Danville. We came back and we were able to get some contacting on campus done. Then we had Stake coordination with President Stole. It was so great it was one of the most spiritual meetings that I have been to on my mission. Not like a crazy doctrine or life lessons learned just a really good feeling there. Then we had dinner and contacted some more until it was time to go home. Friday we had Service in the morning! We had lunch and then we went and contacted. We had a lesson with Ben and it went really well. Then we contacted some more. Then we had dinner and contacted some more!!! Saturday we had a lesson with Juno in the morning his teacher is Mike Bednar, Elder Bednar's son, he is so great I love Juno he is so smart and has an open mind and a quest to find God! We then helped the branch do some service at a less active/ part members home. Then we had weekly and zone planning it was great planning with Elder Williams! We then contacted some more that we got to go to the YSA branch Christmas Party! The YSA have been doing such a great job bringing non members to things like that. There was a guy named Dan there, his parents are Mormon and he wants to take the lesson! But that is going to have to wait for 2 weeks because he cannot meet until after the new year. Everyone is leaving.... All of our investigators and stuff but we are going to keep finding. Sunday Church was great, Brother Price , the stake Patriarch, spoke and so did President Stole! They talked about prayer and living according to our testimony.

Hey do you know where my retainer is,  for my teeth,. If you could send that out that would be great.
(kind of a funny request since he only used if for about 3 weeks and most of that time it was in his pants pocket) Well I think that is most of the week! I can't wait to talk to you all next week. How is Sarah doing! How is Dad Doing? Well don't worry mom you can buy all of the turtle stuff you want when you go Christmas shopping just keep some of it at home. Barns and noble has this cool turtle that projects stars. I think that is everything I wanted to talk about... Oh that is great that you got to meet all of the Elders at Elder Buys homecoming that is a great group! Mama and Papa Shep are great! I'll get to see Lynn on the 20th so that will be great! Oh and Me and Elder Williams are performing a song on the 20th... Elder Williams is also teaching me how to sing! He is such a great singer! Yes Ethan in going to BYU Provo! Oh and I think SLCC would be a good place to start and I can transfer somewhere. But I don't know.. about all of that stuff yet and I am going to wait a little longer until I do that. Alright mom this time no smelly person has sat down next to me yet!!! Did I ever tell you that the Freemans that I was teaching in Chesterfield for 5 months got baptized like 2 months ago? That made me so Happy! Alright mom I love you ! Email you next week! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! THANK YOU FOR ALL THE PACKAGES!  LOVE, ELDER CAMPBELL

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