Monday, December 31, 2012

MOM, You would not believe how bad the guy next to me smells!!! He smells like... Lizard Poop.... mold, and beer! With a little bit of smoke mixed in. Maybe he has pooped his pants... but I am not going to investigate it any more. It was great to talk  everyone on Christmas!!!


Well let me tell you about some of the people we are teaching... oh poop , I forgot my planner... Anyway so Hang is from China we taught him shortly outside in the cold one night and we set up a time to meet with him. Well, We had our first real lesson with him. He has never learned about Jesus Christ.He has only been in the United States for 3 months. Well we had a great lesson. He said the closing prayer. He thanked God that he was in the Americas and then asked  "God are you there?" Then he closed his prayer. This was the first prayer ever that he has given. He said he felt warmth when he asked "God, are you there?" He said it filled his whole body. We told him it was the spirit and he agreed. So that was a great lesson. Dan is someone else we started teaching this week. His parents are members. He said he has never felt the spirit. He is a little mad at God. But, he doesn't want to be and the gospel confuses him. But, even though it was a harder lesson the spirit came often and softened his heart. It is still a hard heart but it is going be soft by the time the Lord is done with him. Throughout the lesson his countenance became brighter. Which is a good sign. We had another lesson with Serina. Someone else we found this week. Serina is a longer story. It is a huge miracle that we are teaching her but maybe that is a story for when I have more time. Maybe even when I am home. If she is baptized it will be quite a story. But she was so happy to meet us! Emily met with her. Serina has such a good spirit about her if she investigates the church she will be baptized. I have talked to Serina's aunt almost everyday I tell her how she is doing and what we are going to do to help her. Her Aunt is always so grateful and happy to hear about how things are going. I can tell she is holding back tears of gratitude sometimes. Next week I hope to report good things about these 3 people we have six other students with great stories.  to tell but it is just to much to explain. Serina is also from China. I don't want to say any more though because these things are so spiritual they don't belong on my Blog.

Elder Williams is great!!!! He is such a hard worker and loves to do missionary work! Emily has been a SUPER STAR with team ups she is the only member in town!!!! WE called everyone and even the people that live here are gone! She has come to every lesson with us! She is the BEST MEMBER EVER!!!!! Well pretty cool huh? We work with a lot of really neat people here on campus! I thought you would like to know a few of the people we are teaching.

Well, we had Zone Leader Conference on Friday is St. Louis it was a good meeting we had a lot of things to go over for the new year. President Clark wanted to have me and Elder Williams role play our stake corrdination. He loved our stake coordination. He just kept on bringing up how well we did with the Stake President! We went on exchanges with the assistants ! We always have a great time with them. I wish the Guy next to me would leave he smell so bad!!! I think I might barf soon... It really smells like Lizard poop! (In case you are wondering how Alex knows what lizard poop smells like, we have a big bearded dragon named Godzilla who makes toxic waste poop).

Sorry I don't have any pictures! The harder I work the less pictures I take but I will make sure to get the important pictures. I sure love you mom! Thank you for all you do! I am down to 236 right now which is 18 pounds less than when I got here! I need to keep on losing weight!!

THE LIZARD POOP GUY LEFT!!! I was getting sick to my tummy... Well tell dad he can be proud this week. I worked really hard and got a lot of things done and that his advice he gave me really helped this week!!!! It was put to good use! Well, I keep on aiming to make you proud mom!
Another view of the thanksgiving football game

Elder Buys enjoying a burger.

Elder Campbell and Elder Buys Prepared dinner for Elder Gubler and Elder Gisht this was there menu.
I noticed Alex made sure to mention his fine collection of hot sauces.

Alex taking the orders.

Busy working in the kitchen.

                                                       These pictures are from Elder Gubler.

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