Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Fitz's in Saint Louis. They make their own sodas.

I think Alex might have had one too many sodas!

Elder Christensen, Elder Marshall, Elder Facer, Elder Lewis, Elder Buys, and Elder Campbell at Lambert's

Great picture of great missionaries!

Alex,  Elder Buys and Ethan having Lunch!

Alex and Ethan taking a rest after the big weekend!
HELLO MOM!  That is bad news about your accident! I'm glad everyone is o.k. Yes, I got your package. Thanks so much! You are the best! Alright so lets break down the week -  Monday we taught a lesson to a guy named Ben. It went well, Ben is really fun to talk to but I am not sure how interested he is. but he is super nice and hopefully we can spark a desire in him! Then we went to FHE it was great. Ethan taught the less.  Ethan is so great! Then we started our exchange with the Champaign Elders. I worked with Elder Milne, he has been out for a little over 2 months. The day went O.K. we did a lot of tracting. Wednesday we went to Champaign's district meeting. The Barbers were there, it was so fun to see them. Mamma Shep fed us dinner that night. Oh man it was great! Thursday we went to Danville's district meeting it was excellent like always. Then we got ready to go down to Saint Louis for Zone leader Conference. It is a three hour drive. We got in to St. Louis and we at at a place called Fitz. It is a way cool place that make their own soda. The BBQ was fantastic. Then we headed over to the mission office to help the office elders and assistants get some stuff read for the ZLC. The we all crazed at their apartment. ( I am not sure what crazed means but I think it means crashed??) We had 6 Elders stuffed into their little apartment. The next morning we got up and wet to ZLC (Zone Leader Conference) The Conference was great they just keep getting better and better.. This was my 10th ZLC. I think this was the best one I have ever been to. When the conference was over we the fun really started. It ended up being one of the funnest things I have done in my whole life. The assistants, the office elders, Elder Buys and myself went down to a little place called Lambert's! We had been planning this little trip for about a month! It was a once in a lifetime / mission experience! So Lambert's is about a 3 hour drive south of St. Louis! So the Crew was Elder Christensen, Elder Marshall, Elder Facer, Elder Lewis, Elder Buys, and Elder Campbell. LAMBERT'S IS THE BEST PLACE EVER!!! If you want to check it out go to www. throwedrolls.com. I can not explain how much fun we had and what a great restaurant it is. The best I have ever been to. It was so fun to go with those missionaries. They are such great friends. We had so much Fun! We drove through Fredericktown so it was really weird driving though my 1st zone! Memories came flooding back to me. We got back to St. Louis and stayed the night and then drove back up to Urbana Saturday morning. Ethan came to 2 lessons that day and took us out to lunch! He is so great. He is so fun to be around and a great member and example to help fellowship investigators. Sunday was fast Sunday and Emily bore he testimony! It was so strong! It was wonderful to her from her. It is always great to see Alex too! He has such a great spirit about him! Then we had Break the Fast with the branch. Elder Buys made brownies! They were so good! Then we watched the Christmas fireside devotional. WOW!!! WHAT A WEEK!!! I sure love ya mom. I am so happy that you got your kitchen back! Now enjoy some pictures....

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