Monday, November 26, 2012

                                                        Missionary Sleep Over
                       All of us in the van on Thanksgiving day. Headed out for a game of Football.
                                                                After the football game.
                Thanksgiving dinner at Mamma and Papa Shep's House.  Mmmm  Mmmmm Good!!!
       Alex still has the crazy in him. Elder Buys does not look to happy about dressing up like a turtle
                                                                 for Halloween.
        Elder Campbell and Elder Buys help serve at the soup kitchen every Friday morning.
                                       They love the ladies that they work with.
                                     Building on the Campus of University of Illinois at night!

Hanging out on campus at night!
Hey mom! Sure love ya! Alright so this Monday we had zone p-day. It was o.k. the elders enjoyed it. Then we went down to Paris for an exchange. The exchange went fine but it was nice to be back with Elder Buys at the end of it. Wednesday we taught a student from Egypt. He is a new investigator. Emily came to the appointment, she is doing great! Thursday was Thanksgiving!!!!! It was so great!!!! We played football in the morning Mama Shepp made so much food!!! Her stuffing was so good and her yams were great. (Some how I don't remember Alex eating either of those items at home.) She made this cranberry sauce that was way good too! We were there for 5 hours! I talked to papa for a long time he gave me advice on life. Friday we had service at the soup kitchen. Saturday the main thing we did was weekly planning. It was kind of a lame day. Sunday we had church at the family ward because the was only 5 people at the YSA branch because all of the students went home for Thanksgiving. All of the student housing on campus is closed all week so my area became a ghost town. Not a lot of missionary work got done. Yes, I got Dad's letter! Thanks so much. It was just what I needed at the right time!  Wow , I am so happy for Coleen!!! She is so great. I am down almost 20 pounds since I came to the campus. The thermals fit great. Thanks for sending them. Wow It is so WEIRD that Brayden is home. The Hartmans too!  I Love them so much!!!!
Well I will make up for the short letter with some pictures.

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