Thursday, November 8, 2012

Hello Mom! Alright here goes nothing. Monday was p day and we had dinner at Mama Sheps! It was really good like always. Tuesday we started with some contacting on campus and we also tracted. Brother Bode took us out to dinner to a place called "Golden Harbor" It is really good. Brother Bode takes us out to lunch almost every week and he makes sure we are taken car of He is a very, very nice man. Wednesday we started with some more contacting and then we had a lesson with Emily! She is so Great! She is such a great member of the church! We had lunch then we tracted or something came up I can not remeber. Then it was Halloween so our cars were parked at 5 p.m.. Thursday we had a district meeting in Rantoul. Thous Elders are doing great! We came back and our lesson canceled... the day was kinda lame so we went out and did some tracting and then we had dinner and got ready for our meeting on Saturday. Friday we had a lesson with Julie in the morning. It went really well. Julie is doing great! She understands the gospel so well. Then we had our meeting with all the district leaders. Sister Shepperd called us at 5 and invited us to dinner! It was great! Sunday we had church. It was a really good fast Sunday. We had weekly planning after church and then we had break the fast withe the YSA branch it is were everyone brings some food and we have a big dinner. We took some caramel dip and apples. Then there was a CES fireside that was really good It talked about some of the steps to happiness. 1. realize your potential 2. become who you are. I also read all of dad's letters to me on Sunday they were very up lifting and inspiring and made me recommit to working harder. Dad is very uplifting, loving, kind and thoughtful. Something that is sometimes hard to see when you are face to face with him. But I am a better son now and I see his love and kindness easier now. Also Thanks mom for all you do as well!!! hmmm.... I just really wanted to thank you and Dad for all you have done for me. I can't think of anything that I need other than some thermals and thick socks... It is getting cold. Mom my headaches have been really good this week!!! Isn't that great. I think I had 1 day when it was bad and it soon left! We have been working out harder every morning and that is helping me slim down. I am so sick of being fat. My body is a gift and I should take better care of it. I've been reading"True to the Faith" It has been great. I love reading simple true doctrine. Also I have been reading the Book of Mormon and studying humility as I read it. I am almost done with the D&C. How is Hawaii? I sure wish I could be there! but not really because that world mean I would have to leave here.

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