Monday, July 30, 2012

Yes, president Clark knows about my headaches. No, I have not asked him for a blessing and well I can not remember any of the other questions... Yes I saw Elder Mason! also Elder Kennedy, Elder Hinton and everyone else, I spent some time with Lynn and Erwin that was great! yup, I do hold all of my feelings in. I am learning how to deal with them. Dr. Olsen has been a great help with that. Maybe elder Hartman can help me when I get home. Alright lets run though the week! Monday I had a headache. Tuesday I had a headache. Wednesday I had a headache. Thursday I had a headache. Just kidding, well not really I had a headache but I'll say more about the day =) Monday was zone p-day! We had a water fight, it was o.k. not super fun but o.k. We had dinner at the Morgen's, the ones that stopped by and saw dad. Then we had FHE with the YSA branch. Tuesday we had a district meeting and I went to see Dr. Olsen. We talked a lot about how I can get headaches less often then we had dinner, sister Bonner ordered us pizza!) then we gave a priesthood blessing to an old non member man named Tom. It was a great experience and I hope that the family will start learning about the Gospel. Wednesday we had another district meeting and then another appointment with Dr. Olsen. It was great and my Headache was much better after. then we had dinner and tracted a little. Then we had a meeting with Brother Voyels. Thursday was the Cardinals game. It was really great that they won. A missionary got the home run ball and I spent most of my time with Elder Bullock, Buys and Hinton. Then we had dinner at forest park. Lynn provided the meal, it was great! The line was way long so I sat down and talked to Lynn. He asked if I was going to eat and I explained that I was just waiting for the line to die down. He proceeded to get a plate and cut in line and make a plate for me I felt loved Hahaha. The next day we had a meeting in a church with the whole mission and had some speakers. Dr. Anderson, he is a missionary doctor, Menlo Smith, the owner of Willy Wonka and Dr. Olsen, the man that sticks needles in my face. It was great. I learned a lot. Then everyone left but the ZL's , we all met up in downtown St. Louis and contacted the city! Downtown still doesn't know what hit them, I think we gave out like 30 referrals there. Then we had dinner at the mission home. President Clark cooked some hamburgers and hot dogs That was a lot of fun to be around elder Buys and Hinton all day. Then all of the ZL's had sleep over at the mission home! That was a lot of fun too! Then Saturday we had ZLC and because Elder Buys had lost 40 punds in 4 months we got to an all you can eat mongolian BBQ. It was so good! Then we finished our meeting. So it sounds like we joked around for a while but we did important things too. I am just talking about the fun parts. Sunday we had church and dinner at the Voyles and weekly planning. Alright so back to headaches . I'm working on cracking the puzzle- it is just frustrating but if I take them the right way they will shape me into a much better person. Elder Christensen just got sent back to Farmington and it sounds like they are going to white wash Fredericktown.... If they send me back there I'm gonna rear up and baptize the whole town and the other town and the other town. Well I am just going to tear it up... Love ya mom, stay safe,
                                                                                                         Elder Campbell

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Hello, Alright so lets run though the week. Monday was super busy we helped the Freeman's move and went to see Dr. Olsen and had FHE for the YSA ward.Tuesday we went down to Washington for their district meeting. Then we went and talked with the a.p.'s about the zone and any changes that might need to be made. We had dinner with the Weeks family, it was great! I have not really known them very well but they are such a great family. Then we finally got to email you. We traveled for an exchange but the missionaries didn't show up so... that was really frustrating to me... so I need to learn to be more patient... Wednesday we had a district meeting with the
Parkways elders. Which was great.I got to go on exchanges with Elder Bullock it was so fun to see him again. I also met with Dr. Olsen. Thursday we taught another MTC (missionary training center) for missionaries that dinn't go to the MTC. They get trained here, it doesn't happen very often. Then we met with the Patten and with Brother Voyles. Actually I stayed and worked in the office while Elder Jager and one of the office elders went and taught the MTC. Saturday morning we met up with the AP's  and went to teach another MTC. Elder Christensen listened to somewhat of the same music as I did! It was a great day! Then we had correlation meeting with brother Voyles. Sunday we had church and then had dinner with a member and then did our weekly planning.

I would send pictures if all I had to do was bring a cord but the computers we use can't download the pictures so you are just going to have to deal with out them for a least 2 more weeks. Ya... I don't know what I am going to do about my headaches.... I' am pretty sure what causes them now or has a big part in causing them. I just need to find out what my part of what I need to to to help them go away. I know if I was more Christ like that they would go away. I just don't know how not to get frustrated or mad at certain types of people so I am working on more meekness and humility. I just can't get mad or angry as soon as I get  either of those I start getting a headache... I am having a hard time because I can't run away from my headaches but at the same time they are teaching me a lot so I am grateful for them but I'm still not too happy about illl but if it ends up being some easy medical fix I will have still learned a lot. On Thursday we get to go to a Cardinal's base ball game! It is going to be great! Well I am doing good! I will get to see Lynn soon and that will help my headache I have learned to pay really close attention to my headache and how it comes on an what leads up to it! Anyway that you for the prayers!       Love you all, Elder Campbell

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Sorry I could not email until today, things have been rough and busy..... Bishop Blair is going to get brother Thomas to look at my eyes. I had dinner with two neurologists again on Saturday and I met someone at YSA that has had the same kind of headaches his whole life. They got really bad on his mission too. Yes, I did get the package. They just forgot to put the slip in the mailbox for me. Thank you so much! Did everyone get their letters in the mail? I am seeing a doctor named doctor Olson. He reminds me of Taylor Hartman. He is a chiropractor and he also does acupuncture!!!! he put needles in my feet, hands, arms and face! And guess what it took my headache away and he does it all for free! However soon after the needles came out the headache returned.  =( Sad day. But he is going to keep working on it. He is such a nice guy.

Amy has a baptism date for August 11!!!!!!!  I am going on exchanges with Elder Bullock tonight! I am so happy. I'll be biking tomorrow so pray that I have not lost all of my biking skills. Biking and being in the sun helped my headaches a lot in Fredericktown. I think my headaches are from stress.... I am very stressed right now but there might be some other things playing into them. I don't really want to run trough the week. Well why not.

Monday was dinner at the Hauns, it was great! It was also P-day. Tuesday we had a district meeting in Pagedale and I went on exchanges with elder Cannon. He is a good friend of Elder Mason and we got along great!We visited some of the really, really big houses in Chesterfield! Wednesday we had leadership training which was great. It was so good to see friends and to see Elder Hinton again. Man, I love that guy! He loved his package and he wanted me to tell you thank you!! We had dinner and then went over to what we thought was going to be a new investigator family but it was a pastor of another church. and Man I don't know how much anti mormon stuff can get thrown at me. Just when I think I have heard it all more comes flying at me. NEVER LOOK UP ANY ANTI EVER!!!! I'VE MET PEOPLE OUT HERE THAT HAVE GONE INACTIVE BECAUSE THEY WENT AND LOOKED FOR ANTI MORMON StUFF. NEVER DO IT!!! Even missionaries can loss there testimonies from it. I am working on being more open about things and not keeping all of my stress bottled up inside. Anyway back to the week. Thursday we taught a 5 hour MTC and they we went to the Jensen's for dinner, they are a great family. Friday we taught Amy with th e O"fallen elder so we can have her baptised by the elders where she lives. Elder Kennedy is one of the O'fallen elders. Man I love that guy!!! We had dinner with Javier he is the best guy in the world. I love him so mush we ate at a Mexican place called Nacho Mamma's. Saturday we taught another 5 hour MTC. We had dinner with the Bonner's another great family. Sunday we did some tracting and had dinner with Terresa and then tracted some more. The Weeks had us over for dinner tonight. It was a great week really! But I had some all time lows when it came to headaches and just not being happy but that was like my first time having a hard time on my mission If you could even call it a hard time! I'll work though anything I'll push though any headache... I'll be fine.. Oh I did get dad's letter and I read his teaching by the spirit thing. It was great! Dad should really read Preach My Gospel, the new missionary program. Mom, I'm so glad that you had a great week at girls camp. I wish I could hear from Max. I can't wair to come back and spend time with Max. I want to help him any way that I can' One thing that has been bouncing around in my head is the attribute of Meekness. I hope to be meek and lowly of heart. I've learned something these week, everyone talks about problem missionaries and tries to fix them but they don't love them so the whole process is useless. It has to start with love. I promise I am a spiritual guy you are just going to have to wait to meek that side of me later. I love you mom and I don't have any tips for your lesson! Just don't cry the whole time, just say what heavenly father wants you to say then you can start crying. I love you mom and I hope all is well!
                                                Elder Campbell

Friday, July 13, 2012

Hey Mom, Thank you so much for the email. Well I'll start with going though the days. Monday was p-day and we had dinner with brother Clawson and had FHE with the young single adults. Tuesday we went down to Washington to Elder Woodbury's district meeting Then I stayed in Washington with Elder Woodbury and spent the day working with him. Wednesday was the 4th of July so we had the day off! I wrote 11 letters so I got all caught. I wrote Jessie but I'm not sure I have the right address. I sent Coleen a letter. I love Coleen so much! She is Great! I'm happy for Max he is a great brother and kid! We had dinner at the Bonner's! They are a great family. They are both doctors and Sister bonner works in the head ache clinic so they took care of me =) Thursday we had elder Bullocks District meeting , which was great!!!!!!! Elder Morain is now in that district. He is a super misssionary. We were actually at the same concert about 4 years ago! We also had District Leader Zone Leader Conference, which was good and long..... then we had dinner at the Boyels then we had another dinner ( not on purpose) with Jackie and Michael, they are vegetarians, they had a friend over too! It waa great I had dinner with 4 neurologist. So don't worry I am around people all the time that can help me with my headaches! Friday we had....I don't even know how we worked..... it was just a had week we work a lot just nothing happens..... Sunday we had church it was great!!! Brother Mahaffy spoke it was so good!!!!!! That is a run down on the week. So the doctors I've seen  are Colby Johnson, The Bonners, and hopefully I'll see Doctor Olsen. The bishop is still out of town but he will set something up withe the eye doctor...... alright are you ready for the best part! My headaches are going away!!! One more week and I should be back to normal! It is crazy how stuff works. Thanks for praying! So the mission is going to a base ball Game on the 26th of July. The Cardinal's vs the Dogers so there will be 200 people in white shirts at the game. You should totally watch and see if you can find the huge group of missionaries. Amy is going to be baptized soon! It is going to be great! not I have not gotten the package yet hopefully I will get today. I know the mail didn't run on Wednesday. I love you mom! I hope every thing is going well! stay safe! Love Ya,
                                                                             Elder Campbell

Monday, July 2, 2012

Alright I have my planner and going though the days. Monday was p-day we has dinner with the Jarvis family! They are a great family! I Love Them! Tuesday we had a district meeting in Pagedale. Then we did some tracting. Wednesday we had dinner with Jackie and Micheal. They are vegetarians to the max! It tasted great. The most interesting thing we ate was onion and coconut soup. Thursday we planned for zone leader council. Then we had dinner at the Blacks which was great! Then we had a lesson with the Freemans. That went well. Then a correlation meeting with Brother Voyals. Friday we had zone leader council from 10 to 4 and dinner with the Braziers. Then we had some transfer planning. Saturday we taught Amy, she is doing great! We also had a chance to teach Tiffany which was great! Then we drove around St. Louis giving missionaries their bus passes for the next month. Sunday we had church and Amy was there!!!!! Tiffany's family was there!!!!!!!!! It was great! Then after church we had weekly planning. So it looks like not a lot happened this week but it was just one of those run around everywhere and being really busy the whole time but not feeling like you accomplishing a whole lot. Yes it has been hot here ( 106 - 108 everyday ) but it has actually ben just 20% humidity! So it has not been too bad.... But I've been in meetings all week.... so I know some of the other missionaries, mainly the missionaries that are on bikes have had a really hard week because of the heat.

What prompted you to ask me about my headaches???? Well I can't lie so this week I have had really, really,  really bad headaches but I am getting it taken care of we have so many brain doctors, chiropractors and everyone is taking care of me. So don't worry about it the bishop is talking to the that really famous eye doctor. Jackie is one of the nations best neurologist. and Dr. Olsen is a really well known chiropractor. so they will take care of me. I'll be fine nothing is going to stop me even if the headaches don't go away I'll just man up and get over it.

I miss Griffin a lot! I have a card in the mail for Max's birthday. It will be late sooo. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAX! The grass is all brown here and we could really use some rain! Hey so I made it through both storm seasons! Stuff I need.... Well I have about $3.00 cash to my name but that is ok but I might need some just to buy a bike part or two. I promise I just didn't go spend it all on random things.
Just taking missionaries to lunch here and there. I will be sending some stuff home soon. It really is not that much just little stuff that I have collect here and there. I'll send pictures someday don't worry! Just not today. I'm really trying to loose some more weight because I'm still like 3 inches bigger around the belly than I was in Frederictown. Anyway I am working on having less stress.... I don't show my stress at all I never get angry or mad here I just store it all up inside then my neck get super tight so anyway don't worry about my headaches they are taking car of me here. The ward is great and I hope that the ward likes me. Love ya mom. I'll see you in 10 months or so and hopefully I grow up a lot more in those 10 months! Have a great day and stay safe!!! Love, Elder Campbell