Monday, July 2, 2012

Alright I have my planner and going though the days. Monday was p-day we has dinner with the Jarvis family! They are a great family! I Love Them! Tuesday we had a district meeting in Pagedale. Then we did some tracting. Wednesday we had dinner with Jackie and Micheal. They are vegetarians to the max! It tasted great. The most interesting thing we ate was onion and coconut soup. Thursday we planned for zone leader council. Then we had dinner at the Blacks which was great! Then we had a lesson with the Freemans. That went well. Then a correlation meeting with Brother Voyals. Friday we had zone leader council from 10 to 4 and dinner with the Braziers. Then we had some transfer planning. Saturday we taught Amy, she is doing great! We also had a chance to teach Tiffany which was great! Then we drove around St. Louis giving missionaries their bus passes for the next month. Sunday we had church and Amy was there!!!!! Tiffany's family was there!!!!!!!!! It was great! Then after church we had weekly planning. So it looks like not a lot happened this week but it was just one of those run around everywhere and being really busy the whole time but not feeling like you accomplishing a whole lot. Yes it has been hot here ( 106 - 108 everyday ) but it has actually ben just 20% humidity! So it has not been too bad.... But I've been in meetings all week.... so I know some of the other missionaries, mainly the missionaries that are on bikes have had a really hard week because of the heat.

What prompted you to ask me about my headaches???? Well I can't lie so this week I have had really, really,  really bad headaches but I am getting it taken care of we have so many brain doctors, chiropractors and everyone is taking care of me. So don't worry about it the bishop is talking to the that really famous eye doctor. Jackie is one of the nations best neurologist. and Dr. Olsen is a really well known chiropractor. so they will take care of me. I'll be fine nothing is going to stop me even if the headaches don't go away I'll just man up and get over it.

I miss Griffin a lot! I have a card in the mail for Max's birthday. It will be late sooo. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAX! The grass is all brown here and we could really use some rain! Hey so I made it through both storm seasons! Stuff I need.... Well I have about $3.00 cash to my name but that is ok but I might need some just to buy a bike part or two. I promise I just didn't go spend it all on random things.
Just taking missionaries to lunch here and there. I will be sending some stuff home soon. It really is not that much just little stuff that I have collect here and there. I'll send pictures someday don't worry! Just not today. I'm really trying to loose some more weight because I'm still like 3 inches bigger around the belly than I was in Frederictown. Anyway I am working on having less stress.... I don't show my stress at all I never get angry or mad here I just store it all up inside then my neck get super tight so anyway don't worry about my headaches they are taking car of me here. The ward is great and I hope that the ward likes me. Love ya mom. I'll see you in 10 months or so and hopefully I grow up a lot more in those 10 months! Have a great day and stay safe!!! Love, Elder Campbell

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