Monday, July 30, 2012

Yes, president Clark knows about my headaches. No, I have not asked him for a blessing and well I can not remember any of the other questions... Yes I saw Elder Mason! also Elder Kennedy, Elder Hinton and everyone else, I spent some time with Lynn and Erwin that was great! yup, I do hold all of my feelings in. I am learning how to deal with them. Dr. Olsen has been a great help with that. Maybe elder Hartman can help me when I get home. Alright lets run though the week! Monday I had a headache. Tuesday I had a headache. Wednesday I had a headache. Thursday I had a headache. Just kidding, well not really I had a headache but I'll say more about the day =) Monday was zone p-day! We had a water fight, it was o.k. not super fun but o.k. We had dinner at the Morgen's, the ones that stopped by and saw dad. Then we had FHE with the YSA branch. Tuesday we had a district meeting and I went to see Dr. Olsen. We talked a lot about how I can get headaches less often then we had dinner, sister Bonner ordered us pizza!) then we gave a priesthood blessing to an old non member man named Tom. It was a great experience and I hope that the family will start learning about the Gospel. Wednesday we had another district meeting and then another appointment with Dr. Olsen. It was great and my Headache was much better after. then we had dinner and tracted a little. Then we had a meeting with Brother Voyels. Thursday was the Cardinals game. It was really great that they won. A missionary got the home run ball and I spent most of my time with Elder Bullock, Buys and Hinton. Then we had dinner at forest park. Lynn provided the meal, it was great! The line was way long so I sat down and talked to Lynn. He asked if I was going to eat and I explained that I was just waiting for the line to die down. He proceeded to get a plate and cut in line and make a plate for me I felt loved Hahaha. The next day we had a meeting in a church with the whole mission and had some speakers. Dr. Anderson, he is a missionary doctor, Menlo Smith, the owner of Willy Wonka and Dr. Olsen, the man that sticks needles in my face. It was great. I learned a lot. Then everyone left but the ZL's , we all met up in downtown St. Louis and contacted the city! Downtown still doesn't know what hit them, I think we gave out like 30 referrals there. Then we had dinner at the mission home. President Clark cooked some hamburgers and hot dogs That was a lot of fun to be around elder Buys and Hinton all day. Then all of the ZL's had sleep over at the mission home! That was a lot of fun too! Then Saturday we had ZLC and because Elder Buys had lost 40 punds in 4 months we got to an all you can eat mongolian BBQ. It was so good! Then we finished our meeting. So it sounds like we joked around for a while but we did important things too. I am just talking about the fun parts. Sunday we had church and dinner at the Voyles and weekly planning. Alright so back to headaches . I'm working on cracking the puzzle- it is just frustrating but if I take them the right way they will shape me into a much better person. Elder Christensen just got sent back to Farmington and it sounds like they are going to white wash Fredericktown.... If they send me back there I'm gonna rear up and baptize the whole town and the other town and the other town. Well I am just going to tear it up... Love ya mom, stay safe,
                                                                                                         Elder Campbell

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