Thursday, July 19, 2012

Sorry I could not email until today, things have been rough and busy..... Bishop Blair is going to get brother Thomas to look at my eyes. I had dinner with two neurologists again on Saturday and I met someone at YSA that has had the same kind of headaches his whole life. They got really bad on his mission too. Yes, I did get the package. They just forgot to put the slip in the mailbox for me. Thank you so much! Did everyone get their letters in the mail? I am seeing a doctor named doctor Olson. He reminds me of Taylor Hartman. He is a chiropractor and he also does acupuncture!!!! he put needles in my feet, hands, arms and face! And guess what it took my headache away and he does it all for free! However soon after the needles came out the headache returned.  =( Sad day. But he is going to keep working on it. He is such a nice guy.

Amy has a baptism date for August 11!!!!!!!  I am going on exchanges with Elder Bullock tonight! I am so happy. I'll be biking tomorrow so pray that I have not lost all of my biking skills. Biking and being in the sun helped my headaches a lot in Fredericktown. I think my headaches are from stress.... I am very stressed right now but there might be some other things playing into them. I don't really want to run trough the week. Well why not.

Monday was dinner at the Hauns, it was great! It was also P-day. Tuesday we had a district meeting in Pagedale and I went on exchanges with elder Cannon. He is a good friend of Elder Mason and we got along great!We visited some of the really, really big houses in Chesterfield! Wednesday we had leadership training which was great. It was so good to see friends and to see Elder Hinton again. Man, I love that guy! He loved his package and he wanted me to tell you thank you!! We had dinner and then went over to what we thought was going to be a new investigator family but it was a pastor of another church. and Man I don't know how much anti mormon stuff can get thrown at me. Just when I think I have heard it all more comes flying at me. NEVER LOOK UP ANY ANTI EVER!!!! I'VE MET PEOPLE OUT HERE THAT HAVE GONE INACTIVE BECAUSE THEY WENT AND LOOKED FOR ANTI MORMON StUFF. NEVER DO IT!!! Even missionaries can loss there testimonies from it. I am working on being more open about things and not keeping all of my stress bottled up inside. Anyway back to the week. Thursday we taught a 5 hour MTC and they we went to the Jensen's for dinner, they are a great family. Friday we taught Amy with th e O"fallen elder so we can have her baptised by the elders where she lives. Elder Kennedy is one of the O'fallen elders. Man I love that guy!!! We had dinner with Javier he is the best guy in the world. I love him so mush we ate at a Mexican place called Nacho Mamma's. Saturday we taught another 5 hour MTC. We had dinner with the Bonner's another great family. Sunday we did some tracting and had dinner with Terresa and then tracted some more. The Weeks had us over for dinner tonight. It was a great week really! But I had some all time lows when it came to headaches and just not being happy but that was like my first time having a hard time on my mission If you could even call it a hard time! I'll work though anything I'll push though any headache... I'll be fine.. Oh I did get dad's letter and I read his teaching by the spirit thing. It was great! Dad should really read Preach My Gospel, the new missionary program. Mom, I'm so glad that you had a great week at girls camp. I wish I could hear from Max. I can't wair to come back and spend time with Max. I want to help him any way that I can' One thing that has been bouncing around in my head is the attribute of Meekness. I hope to be meek and lowly of heart. I've learned something these week, everyone talks about problem missionaries and tries to fix them but they don't love them so the whole process is useless. It has to start with love. I promise I am a spiritual guy you are just going to have to wait to meek that side of me later. I love you mom and I don't have any tips for your lesson! Just don't cry the whole time, just say what heavenly father wants you to say then you can start crying. I love you mom and I hope all is well!
                                                Elder Campbell

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