Friday, July 13, 2012

Hey Mom, Thank you so much for the email. Well I'll start with going though the days. Monday was p-day and we had dinner with brother Clawson and had FHE with the young single adults. Tuesday we went down to Washington to Elder Woodbury's district meeting Then I stayed in Washington with Elder Woodbury and spent the day working with him. Wednesday was the 4th of July so we had the day off! I wrote 11 letters so I got all caught. I wrote Jessie but I'm not sure I have the right address. I sent Coleen a letter. I love Coleen so much! She is Great! I'm happy for Max he is a great brother and kid! We had dinner at the Bonner's! They are a great family. They are both doctors and Sister bonner works in the head ache clinic so they took care of me =) Thursday we had elder Bullocks District meeting , which was great!!!!!!! Elder Morain is now in that district. He is a super misssionary. We were actually at the same concert about 4 years ago! We also had District Leader Zone Leader Conference, which was good and long..... then we had dinner at the Boyels then we had another dinner ( not on purpose) with Jackie and Michael, they are vegetarians, they had a friend over too! It waa great I had dinner with 4 neurologist. So don't worry I am around people all the time that can help me with my headaches! Friday we had....I don't even know how we worked..... it was just a had week we work a lot just nothing happens..... Sunday we had church it was great!!! Brother Mahaffy spoke it was so good!!!!!! That is a run down on the week. So the doctors I've seen  are Colby Johnson, The Bonners, and hopefully I'll see Doctor Olsen. The bishop is still out of town but he will set something up withe the eye doctor...... alright are you ready for the best part! My headaches are going away!!! One more week and I should be back to normal! It is crazy how stuff works. Thanks for praying! So the mission is going to a base ball Game on the 26th of July. The Cardinal's vs the Dogers so there will be 200 people in white shirts at the game. You should totally watch and see if you can find the huge group of missionaries. Amy is going to be baptized soon! It is going to be great! not I have not gotten the package yet hopefully I will get today. I know the mail didn't run on Wednesday. I love you mom! I hope every thing is going well! stay safe! Love Ya,
                                                                             Elder Campbell

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