Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Hello, Alright so lets run though the week. Monday was super busy we helped the Freeman's move and went to see Dr. Olsen and had FHE for the YSA ward.Tuesday we went down to Washington for their district meeting. Then we went and talked with the a.p.'s about the zone and any changes that might need to be made. We had dinner with the Weeks family, it was great! I have not really known them very well but they are such a great family. Then we finally got to email you. We traveled for an exchange but the missionaries didn't show up so... that was really frustrating to me... so I need to learn to be more patient... Wednesday we had a district meeting with the
Parkways elders. Which was great.I got to go on exchanges with Elder Bullock it was so fun to see him again. I also met with Dr. Olsen. Thursday we taught another MTC (missionary training center) for missionaries that dinn't go to the MTC. They get trained here, it doesn't happen very often. Then we met with the Patten and with Brother Voyles. Actually I stayed and worked in the office while Elder Jager and one of the office elders went and taught the MTC. Saturday morning we met up with the AP's  and went to teach another MTC. Elder Christensen listened to somewhat of the same music as I did! It was a great day! Then we had correlation meeting with brother Voyles. Sunday we had church and then had dinner with a member and then did our weekly planning.

I would send pictures if all I had to do was bring a cord but the computers we use can't download the pictures so you are just going to have to deal with out them for a least 2 more weeks. Ya... I don't know what I am going to do about my headaches.... I' am pretty sure what causes them now or has a big part in causing them. I just need to find out what my part of what I need to to to help them go away. I know if I was more Christ like that they would go away. I just don't know how not to get frustrated or mad at certain types of people so I am working on more meekness and humility. I just can't get mad or angry as soon as I get  either of those I start getting a headache... I am having a hard time because I can't run away from my headaches but at the same time they are teaching me a lot so I am grateful for them but I'm still not too happy about illl but if it ends up being some easy medical fix I will have still learned a lot. On Thursday we get to go to a Cardinal's base ball game! It is going to be great! Well I am doing good! I will get to see Lynn soon and that will help my headache I have learned to pay really close attention to my headache and how it comes on an what leads up to it! Anyway that you for the prayers!       Love you all, Elder Campbell

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