Wednesday, June 27, 2012

     So I am staying in Chesterfield for 6 more weeks. It should be great but it has been 4 1/2 months without a baptism.....  =( that has been rough, really rough. But that is O.K. I'll still work hard and hope for something to happen. Alright lets go though the week.... oops I don't have my planner, well, I'll try and do my best. Ahhhh man this is harder than I thought. I am so bad at remembering the days.... Amy M.  wants to be baptized so that is cool. so we we will make sure the O'fallen Elders baptize her. It would  have been nice if we could have baptized her but that is O.K...The other Amy and Adam are moving out of the area.. but Tiffany is still here. Hopefully we can find some more investigators. I really don't want to go 6 months without a baptism. Man I feel so stupid without my planner. Oh well I've been losing some weight which is nice. Lynn's wonderful cooking is still a part of me. Oh we had lunch with Lynn on Satureday. That was great and last night we had dinner at the Giddens. They are one of my favorite families. Elder Mahuffy's farewell was Sunday, he did a great job! He is going to be the best missionary ever he is such a great guy. This ward has 12 missionaries out in the field right now! This is a great ward and I am really happy to be here it is just hard to be a missionary here. It would be a great place to live. Ahh man I am sounding negative. I Love Chesterfield I just want to Baptize some people!!!!! This transfer is going to be great I just want to help somebody!!!! Time is winding down and I want to do more good but I can't do lif people won't let me! The ward is great they take great care of me! Elder Jager wants me to tell you Thank you, Thank you for the palmade stuff. Elder Hinton is doing great he is now a ZL down in Jackson Mo. I can't wait to see him Friday at ZLC.

     How have family Mondays been? What did you do for last Monday? How is the shop? How is the house coming along? How is the loosing weight going? Have you been able to go to the temple? What is your favorite thing about working with the young women.? How do you think I can help the people here more? What can I do to make you proud? What type of person do you want me to become?
     I am going to be a great brother when I home. Max, first of all I miss you I think about how I can be a better brother to you all the time. Love ya mom. Have a great week.  Tell Taylor Hartman I love him!!!     Love, Elder Campbell

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