Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Well I'm glad dad got his card O.K. and his MO St. Louis Mission pin. I wish there was a  better way to tell dad happy fathers day but that is the best I could do. I haven't really taken any pictures for 5 weeks. who knows transfers are next week it might be time for me to move on somewhere else. Monday was OK I really don't like writing letters because they make me home sick but it looks like that is what we are going to do today and what we did last week. Tuesday we started a mini mission. We had a young man from the stake come with us for a week. We had an Elder who was 20 years old and less active.. so it was a weird week but it was good for him and it is a miracle that we got him out here for that. So we had to plan all the meeting for that and make sure everything is OK... sometimes leadership is a hard thing but it was a good experince. Tuesday we made the zone conference agenda... Wow so more planning and bigger meetings. We tried to find and teach people but we didn't get anything. Which is ok it was just a hard week missionary work wise. Wednesday was zone conference so a meeting from 10 am until 4 pm after that we had dinner at  the Morgen's, the ones that came to the coin shop. Thursday we had a district meeting and did some service.. we cleaned out a rotted refrigerator... that was really nasty and it is a good thing I am protected as a missionary because I think I could of died of mold! It was gross. Then we had dinner with Javier, it was great. Friday we taught Amy at the Mahhaffy's home and it was great. I love the Mahaffys. Then we made another agenda and tried to get some more missionary work done.. still nothing. We had dinner and then ended the mini mission with a fireside. Which was really good and that ended the meetings we had to plan. Sunday we talked to  the assistants about the missionaries in the zone and then had dinner with the Fairchilds, which was great! Then we tracted the rest of the night. So that was the week we had some miracles in there as well hopefully we find some more people to teach because of that.

I wish I had some pictures for you but I don't I'm just going to do my best to have a good week this week. Lynn said to say hello!He just had his 65th birthday. Man, I hope Taylor Hartman is O.K. that is too bad about Jessie's car I think I m going to write her a letter it has been anout 7 months since I've sent one. Maybe I can brighten her day. I haven't heard about Brad, T.J. or Aaron in a while! do they no longer have a blog! ( I have not been sending him copies of their blogs the last few months. I guess I had better start doing that again.) Tell max his email was amazing and it made me happier. I really don't know what else to write about. I hope next week I 'll have more to say. Anyway I'm doing great just hit some bumpy parts of life but I am doing great and I am working hard. I hope the family feels my prayers for them and I hope everything goes well this week.
                                             Love, Elder Campbell

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