Monday, June 11, 2012

Hello mother! How is everything going? Alright time to run though the week! Monday was a normal p-day but then we went down to Washington, Missouri for exchanges withe the Washington elders... Tuesday I was with an elder who is like the best singer ever! He taught me somethings that will help me sing. We went to the Washington district meeting and by the time we got back I hardly had time to work with this elder. We went back to Washington that night to unexchange it was good to have Elder Jager back. Wednesday we had a district meeting with Elder Bullock, it was great. We did some planning for some meetings and taught Cody. He has a baptism date for the 30th. His parents are not very happy about that but the bishop is going to help us with that. then we started teaching someone that Elder Hinton and I taught. His name is Nick and he is doing OlK. That night we had an exchange with the Rockwood Elders. Thursday we did some tracting and contacted a minister that talked for about 30 min about when the 2nd coming was going to be and that Alexander the Great was going to be resurrected by the devil and be the Anti Christ.... Well that was a new one... anyway he went on about that for a good amount of time. Then we taught Amy she is doing great. She can't let the Book of Mormon leave her side. She is doing so well. We were able to teach her in the Mahaffey's home. Then I had a good talk with the Rockwood Elders. Then I got Elder Jager back which was so nice. Friday we had a meeting with all the district leaders and the assistants with the president. That day went by super fast and I don't even remember what we did that evening. Saturday we went to the temple in the morning. Elder Jager had some converts getting their endowments. Then they took us to this way good Italian restaurant after. We taught a super mom named Tiffany. Then we met with Brother Voyles that night. Sunday we had a lot of Church and weekly planning.

So I saw the Morgans at church!They said they had stopped by the coin shop. They are really, really, really, really, nice people! I think I am finally becoming a better singer. ASHELY IS GOING TO HAWAII!!!!! THAT LUCK Y GIRL!!!! Man, that is so cool she is going to do great! WOW! Tell her congratulations! I'm sure you already did! How is Zack Brimhall doing? How is Broc??? I have so much more to do on my mission!!! I haven't found all the people I need to find!!!!! Gah!!!!!!!! So Elder Jager has no face book so there is no way you are going to find him.

Love ya mom! Thank you so much for all you do! You are the Best!
                                    Love, Elder Campbell

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