Monday, December 10, 2012

It is called the big fat ugly - It weighs 6 pounds and has 20,000 calories!
Don't worry Elder Buys and I split it!!!!!
Hey Mom,
Yeah Elder Buys goes home the 13th. So let me run through the week. Monday we had dinner at the Paynes. It was great! They are so nice to us... They are going to be out of town for Christmas... So are the Sheps...I don't know what I am going to do... Any way Tuesday was, I don't remember.... but Brother Bode took us to Papa Del's for dinner. It was great! Papa Del's is a really good deep dish pizza place. Wednesday we had district meeting in Champaing. Elder Furlong has been doing a great job. This week a few of our investigators dropped us which was really lame but that is how the work goes. Thursday we had DLZLC. It was a good meeting. We went to Danvilles'a district meeting as well. Then Alexis took us out to dinner! Alexis is full of the spirit, she glows because her spirit is so strong. She is a super star member! Friday we went to a funeral It was very different  from  a mormon funeral. We listened to a preacher and clapped along.  Oh, Emily had us over for dinner. She made breakfast for dinner and it was really great. Ethan came with us to that and to a lesson after. Ethan is going to move to Provo this month. And yes we already have plans to chill when I get back. =) Saturday we had the ward Christmas party. It was fun. I learned how to say turtle in Hebrew!  ( Only Alex) We also had to run around and get people's stake reports. That took four hours! Then we had dinner. Sunday we had church. Planned miles for the mission Christmas party, that was a headache. Anyway then we had the Sheps for dinner maybe one of the last dinners that I have with them, actually it probably was because they are leaving to go out of town.

Elder Buys and Elder Campbell

Santa in Urbana

Danville's District
Well I am glad you are feeling better. I did not hear from Max this week. What up with that? I am glad Sarah got my leter. I need to write dad. I am just so short on time right now. Alright so for transfers. I am getting Elder Williams! He is a yellow- white, I would say! I love him he was a district leader that I worked with as a zone leader. Elder Bullock is also a Zone leader now and so is Elder Belnap. 3of the 4 district leaders I worked with in Chesterfield are now zone leaders! I am pumped to work with Elder Williams! He is a really hard, hard worker! Which is going to be so great! Yeah it is going to be hard to see Elder Buys go! He has so many strengths that I don't have it made to work go smoother. Yes, Lambert's is way cool Alright so all the members are going to be gone for Christmas!!! The dorms close!!!!! The Payne's are going away and the Sheps are Leaving! I AM GOING TO STARVE TO DEATH!!!!!  Alright it might just be a way to loose more weight. We just have to find someone to have Christmas dinner with. The branch is going to be down to like 6 people.... Maybe the Allan's will help feed us... Anyway, you are the best mom! Sure love you mom!   Love, Elder Campbell


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