Monday, January 14, 2013

All the students get back on the 14th and I am so excited. On New years Eve we had dinner at teh Payne's which was great! The kids were playing super smash bros and i wanted to play and kick their trash but I couldn't... but that is O.K. Then we stopped over and saw the Jayne's The Janyes are great people and they bring a lot of people to the gospel.  A lot of our lessons canceled this week. But we did have a few good lessons. Thursday we had Danville's district meeting. We had dinner with Brother Kremer He is a really cool guy that is teaching me German... kinda... Schildkrote is turtle in German. I also know turtle in Hebrew and and few others but I don't have a Hebrew key board so I can't type that one. Turns out turtle in Chinese is Ugway like the turtle in kung Fu Panda. But I don't know how to draw the Character in Chinese yet. Friday we did some contacting on campus, there was only like 6 people on campus but we got 2 appointments set up. Saturday we were in Danville withe the office elders having a meeting with the bishop about opening a new area in his ward. Bishop Fulton is the best ever! He took us out to lunch after and it was way good. Amy and Emily came to Dan's appointment and they did a great job! Emily is still the best member ever she came to every on of our lessons this week! Sunday we had church then weekly plan and then dinner at the Allan's then DLZLD. Oh man this week was so stressful we had to plan for Zone p-day and DLZLC and CDM.

Oh man I thought I was going to have a stinky man sit next to me again but it turns out he is not bad smelling but this week I have a man next to me that can't read unless he is reading out lout but at least I know he isn't reading this. So I think I am safe from bad smells this week. So tonight is CDM. It is a meeting with the whole zone. Things should get back to normal after that.

Well, I have a question for you, and well I am pretty sure you will not like this question. What do I do if I have a cavity in a tooth and I think I might have cavities in two teeth. I have been using mouthwash 2 times a day and flossing every night and brushing every morning and night. And I get a cavity!!!!!! What the Heck! Anyway also my jaw has been killing me!!!!! I don't know what to do about that or who to see... but yas. alright so the guy next to me just got up and picked up a book and is just reading it out loud.... Anyway now a spot for a nice smelly person has opeNed up. Well SARAH HAPPY BIRTHDAY! ALRIGHT THAT IS ALL I HAVE THIS WEEK! THANKS FOR THE PACKAGES MOM THEY ARE THE BEST! THIS WEEK MY HEADACHES HAVE BEEN THE WORST THEY HAVE EVER BEEN IN MY LIFE!!!! I LOVE ELDER WILLIAMS HE WORKS HARD AND HE IS EASY GOING AND FUN. WELL MOM I SURE LOVE YA!!!!! I am down to three months Left!!! I wish I could stay a little longers so that I could spend more time in my last area so I can really get to work anyway.. Love You Mom.
                    Love, Elder Campbell

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