Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Alex wearing some of his Christmas Presents.
For those of you who have worried that Alex was getting too serious this should be a great relief.

Hey, Mom! Yup, I am going to Sikeston. Back to the South Baby!!!! Better storms! Crazy people!!! Home sweet Home! It has been a long time. I hope I love it as much as I did the fist time! I don't know what I am going to do being a normal missionary! It is gonna be great! I can see it now! 300 people join the church in Sikeston, Missouri!!!! Then go apostate and start worshipping a giant gold turtle! Well I lost my planner for a little last week so it is not filled out and I can't remember anything!!! Oh, before I forget I sent a box home today! It is full of ... well I don't remember. You can open it if you want. I should of put a note in there saying I love you or something but I spaced.... Maybe next time!! Well I know Elder Williams and I had a great week! A lot of work got done! Yeah it is hard to leave it makes me sad every time I think about leaving all of my cool friends up here! It is hard to leave the people you love and care about a lot. But I'll just have to wait 3 months until I can talk to them again! I will miss Alex a lot He is such a great person! He gave a talk on Sunday! Wow it was so good! Emily is a great girl and has a lot of faith and drive to live the gospel and share it with others. I am going to miss her a ton! Amy is so funny I am going to miss her as well. I know me leaving is all"part of the Plan". Well yeah... I'm becoming a soft little baby, mom!!!!I might cry sooon!  I'm just playing but it is hard on the heart! I just don't cry on the outside but on the inside I am getting torn up to leave. But I am off to go help another soul find Christ! Well I sure love you mom! YOu are the best mom ever! Well at least the best mom for me =) At least that is what Heavenly Father thought when he sent me here to be you son =) I do love you a lot mom! Now stop crying!  Haha,  I'll make you proud,prouder and maybe even proudest! ( I just made up some words, Huh)
Love, Elder Campbell

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