Monday, January 28, 2013

Hey Mom! so oh man, I have so much to tell you! Monday was great! and Tuesday we taught a lot of lessons and also had to get a lot of things done because other missionaries just can't always take care of them selves or are to  lazy too. Well, it was hard to say goodbye. to Alex, Amy, and Emily. I loved Champiagn and the people there. I had a GREAT COMPANION. I was leaving somewhere I loved and going some place I din't know. I didn't know my companion or the branch, Well let me just tell you the ride down here was hard on my heart. I didn't want to be down here. I knew that when I got down here and started working hard and teaching people about Jesus Christ it would be better but it was still hard on the ride down. Well let me give you an over view really quick overview. We have found 5 new people to teach in half a week. The branch loves me so far! I have proved to them that I am here to work my hardest. That I can change the area and the missionary work with the branch's help. If we lean on Heavenly father he will work through us to bless his children. When I got here we had 0 people that we were teaching. Now we have at least 5 and we have have already made appointments set up for next week to find about 5 more. There is a strong spirit here. I Love it I am so happy to be here because I feel like I can help. The branch did not trust the missionaries here before. The leaders of the branch were getting complaints and the branch president was getting upset with the missionaries here. But they just think I am the best missionary ever. I won't let them down.  The ward mission leader almost fell off of his chair when I told him of all the new investigators we are finding. He has alway been very, very nice to me. He always showers me with praise and I always give it back! Don't worry I will not get prideful!!! So that was a quick overview. Now lets break it down. Wednesday were transfers. we got here and I walked into the apartment and it was HORRIBLE!!! IT WAS SO TRASHED!!! I have taken out 10 huge garbage bags of trash! I spend every lunch hour, morning, dinner time, and even night time to clean. I bet I have spent over 15 hours cleaning. Well Thursday we had service in the morning we serve old people there food. It made me miss the old service in Champaingn, It was way better and more teaching came from it. Then we had to spend a lot of time cleaning... I spent $50.00 on cleaning supplies! I have 0 dollars to my name. Ha Ha but the mission would give me extra money if I asked. They already gave me extra miles on the car. Friday we had weekly planning,... That was frustrating. We visited a family that was taught a few years ago and they said dthey would like to take the lessons again and that was sweet. The Watkins had us over for dinner. It was great. They have a sweet house. Turns out that they were also getting frustrated with the old missionaries too.

Alex showing off his turtle snuggie

Another shot of the snuggie

A package of salad mix Alex found while cleaning out the refrigerator in his new apartment.
Oh, good news.... There is an ankle doctor here wand he said he will check my ankle and make sure it is healing right. There is also a dentist here. Saturday we did some tracting in the morning and found a new family. Then we had lunch. Oh, send lots of tuna because my companions loves tuna he also loves green olives stuffed with anchovies... but don't sen any of those... Sunday I gave a talk! I din't find out until Friday and my companion could not remember what we were asked to speak about!!! Well his talk lasted about 5 minutes and I had to fill the rest of the time. We were the only speakers. Well not a  problem for me.  I took up the time and the spirit helped me every step of the way! Well that helped the branch know the I love missionary work and that I am here to work hard and make them happy. Well we had a few referrals that the ward gave us.  We treat what ever they give us like it is golden! That way they love us and they are happy and start helping us out more. So when I got  here we had no dinners. Now we have people calling us and setting up dinners all the time. It is just such a great thing happening here. Then we went out to this place called Oran and visited a less active sister that the relief society had asked us to stop by and see and well we visited and boom! Two new investigators! She gave us a referral!!!!

I called the Ortons in Fredericktown to tell them I was down here. They were so happy to hear from me! I was pumped to hear from them. They are the people in Fredericktown that have a special place in my heart. William Petty also has a special place. Amy, Alex and Emily in Champaign will always be in my heart too! I can't wait to find more here in Sikeston that will have a place in my heart! I just really wish I had longer on my mission to help here. I sure love you mom. I am going to need a few extra prayers. I don't have time to email Max. Tell him I Love Him!!!!

                     Elder Campbell

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