Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Hey Mom, alright so about the dentist... well, I called Dr. Hick and they could not get me in until the 29th of Jan, which I'll be gone by then. So yeah the Lord will take care of me or something will work out! and the jaw thing is very different from my cavities. Well my planner is in Danville so I hope I can remember most of the week.  I think this was the fastest week of my mission. Hey by the way I never got that package that you said you sent in the last email. I blame our new mail man...(turns out it was the mail man, he sent it back saying Hillary Campbell no longer lived there.) Anyway... Monday was zone p-day it went really well everyone had a good time we all had a lot of fun. Then we had a meeting with everyone to share the goal we made in ZLC for the years baptisms. Well the meeting was great. We had some great trainings by some of the elders. Tuesday came and we went down to Paris to do our exchanges.. They went really well and we interviewed some people for baptism. Wednesday our appointment fell though so we went to Mahomet's district meeting. It went really well Elder Gubler is doing a great job. Well Thursday we went to Danville for their district meeting. Oh yeah we had president interviews on Thursday. they went really well. I love President and Sister Clark. Then we had stake correlation and that went really well. Friday we finally had some time to work on campus and guess what!! There was a high school drama camp going on and so campus was flooded with high schoolers. They are so lame!!!! I am glad I've grown up since then. So we can't really work with high schoolers. So we thought we would spent he next day in Danville. We have a lot of young Elders in that district and wanted to teach them that it is all about Love up here in our zone. Sunday was good. Church was great and we had a really solid former investigator show up at church so we are going to work with him as much as we can and find out what held him back. Well my headaches are doing better. I have a lot more peace right now. I am doing really well mom =) . The 23rd is transfers and it is like a 90% chance that I am otta here. Which is bitter sweet. There is a guy named Dan here he is great. I love meeting with him because he always makes me laugh by saying something funny and it has been really neat to see how much he has changed in the past 3 weeks. I would love to see him baptized but I might not be here for it. But if there is one thing I have learned it is that if I am doing the right thing then "It is all part of the Plan"  Sure love ya mom!!!! I had pictures to send but this computer and my camera are not working things out... haha hopefully next week! sure love ya,
                  Elder Campbell

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  1. "It's All Part of The Plan!" Haha even though you won't see this for a while never forget this phrase Elder Campbell. Things really do always work out how they are supposed to :)