Monday, August 27, 2012


                                                        St Louis Temple
Alex and Elder Jager

Fredericktown zone together agian!
They all look like they need to shine their shoes.

Elder Buys and his Birthday Cake!


Alex loves the sky!

I love the christmas lights.

Apartment in Urbana.
Someday I am going to learn to flip the pictures,
just turn your computer on its side

I think he has enough ties.

Monday we taught a lesson and played pool and then we traveled to Paris, just a bunch of corn everywhere. Then we had district meeting in Paris, I worked the day with Elder Vincent, it was great. Then we traveled back to Urbana and there was some more corn. =) Wednesday we taught Marco, contacted and contacted some more, and then left for exchanges in Danville. Thursday we had Danville's District meeting I worked the day with Elder Frances. Then we had dinner in Indiana, then drove back. On Friday we had service at the soup kitchen. We had dinner with the Jaynes. Sat we had weekly planning and had lunch with the Urbana missionaries. Then we contacted the rest of the day. Sunday we had a golden investigator bring himself to church his name is Alex we hope to teach him this week. He found the church and came alone, he wanted to go before but his parents would not let him but now he is on his own and wants to come. Then we taught Trisha and had dinner with the Aleens. This week was  just running around and doing stuff. but I finally got the apartment clean.... It looks nice now! I miss the Mahuffys! I learned so much from them. They really live the gospel in that home. I love you and miss you. Enjoy the pictures.
Love,  Elder Campbell

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