Tuesday, August 14, 2012

 I AM GETTING TRANSFERRED!!! TO URBANA, ILLINOIS!!!! WITH ELDER BUYS AS MY COMPANION!!!!!  IT IS GOING TO BE THE BEST TIME EVER! I LOVE ELDER BBUYS AND HE LOVES ME!!! IT IS GOING TO BE SO GREAT!!!! O.K> lets go though the week. Monday was p- day it was great just a normal p day though. Tuesday we had a priest with us the whole day Eli was his name. It was a great experience. At the end of the day Eli talked about how much fun and a spiritual day he had with us. The bishop said we might of changed Eli's life! I am going to miss Bishop Blair. We tracted and taught a lesson to a less active that the branch asked us to work with then we taught Francisco, some one that I taught when I first got here and we just got back in touch with him, then we had dinner at the Varones. It was great! Wednesday we had Elder Bullocks district meeting, he seems a little down because his area is being closed. I hope he has somewhere great for his new area. Then I meet with Dr. Olsen. Then we went to the temple. Then we had dinner with some members of the YSA branch. Thursday we had DLZLC it was O.K. then we had lunch and teamed up with the assistants to the president, that was fun. I love Elder Christensen and the new AP Elder Marshall both are great guys. Then we did some tracting with them and had dinner with a ysa girl and taught 4 of her friends. It was Great. Then we did some tracting. Friday we helped the assistants and tried to visit some part member families. We taught Fransico again with brother Bonner and then did some more tracting. Saturday we had another priest with us, noah was his name. We tracted for about 2 hours Noah was scared to do it but he did a great job. Then we had dinner with the Jarvis's then we took transfer calls. Sunday we had church for 6 hours and then we taught someone at church and that was great. I said goodbye to everyone. Then we had dinner with Noah's family It was great. The Mahuffys are feeding us today so I am happy about that! AHHH MAN I WOULD LOVE TO SEE TY! HE IS SO GREAT!!! THATS FOR ALL THE LOVE AND MAIL! YOU ARE THE BEST MOM EVER! Oh I got a letter from Jessie, It was great to hear from her. I think I'll be in the same zone as Elder Mason =) or if he was transferred I will get there when he left =(  Man I need to loose some weight. So I think I  will be able to send some pictures soon. the Voyles took a picture and I think they put it on facebook for you. The Voyles family are great! I loved them so much. I heard from William Petty! He makes me so happy!!! I love him so much!!!! If he is the only person I baptized on my mission It would be so worth it. I need to write some other people too... Like the Ortons. I really miss them.

 How is the traveling going? Did I tell you happy I am to serve withe Elder Buys!!!!! It is going to be so great. He loves to cook and so I would love some spices and some sauces. If you could mail those to us! We are both trying to loose some weight so don't send us anything fattening! Please just like some garlic or chili oil.

How is Max doing? I LOVE Max so much! I am going to hug the crap out of him when I get home. Still no washer or drier in Urbana... Lame. I thing that is everything. Alright mom I sure love ya hope everything is going well!     Love,
                                      Elder Campbell

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