Monday, August 20, 2012

Thank you so much for the package, I did get it and thank you for the email to put your mind at ease I am doing really well but let's run though the week first. Monday we had a kind of zone p-day and then had a meeting with all the district leaders. Tuesday we had Paris's district meeting it went really well. Elder Hunter is the district leader he was my MTC companion. Then we taught a lesson to an Asian named Marco. So just a heads up I am not serving in the city of Urbana I am serving on the University campus. Covering the YSA ward so I work only work on the campus. We have our own car. It is kind of weird only working with peers but I'll talk more about the pros and cons of that later. So we had a lesson with Marco, he is a good guy he is just not sure if the is really a god but I think he is pretty close to finding that out. Wednesday we had Champaign's district meeting so Elder Oberlee was there and so was Elder Woodbury. We contacted the whole day, so contacting is when we go out on the campus of the University of Illinois and talk to random college students so it seems most of the time I am surrounded by Asians or immodest college girls. Anyway then we visited this family named the Jayne's they are great! They run in demo derbies. they are so much fun to be around! Thursday we did a lot of contracting and had dinner with Brother bode. Friday we had service at the soup kitchen in the morning until lunch. We contacted until four then we had a lesson with Trisa. She is a deaf investigator, Elder Buys knows sign language, so that is a great help. Then a member took us to Texas Road House for dinner. Then we contacted until 9. Saturday we had weekly planing in the morning and then we contact until dinner and then we contacted some more, We do a lot of contacting, right. Sunday we had three nonmembers at church, it was great! Charley is a great guy it was his 20th day out of China and his first time to a church ever. The Asians are so happy to have the chance to go to church. Marco came a a girl named Emily that we should start teaching soon. It is so weird teaching only people that are my age.. and even weirder when they are pretty girls..... but the work must go on. Ha Ha. Then we contacted some more and had dinner aat the Zimblemans. So that was the week.

Taylor Hartman wrote me a great email!!!!!! Please thank him for me. It meant so much to me. It was very consistent with what I am going though. So I don't know if I really forget or if it is more that I don't put stuff to memory when I have a headache Being here with Elder Buys has been great and I think my headaches are improving.

Tell Mitch Thank you for the Email.... He is the Best!

Yea, that was a lame joke!!!!!!! The only thing that I don't like about serving on the campus is that I won't get to know and learn from families like the Mahuffey's. I would probably not like it much here if it wasn't for Elder Buys. So places I have eaten at. Well President Clark took us to Meat Heads that was O.K. There is a sushi place named Muyo. Windy City makes a mean Philly cheese steake. Elder buys and I make a mean pan fried tuna wrap with avocado, cilantro, and grated pineapple. So there is always a sweet person that is always looking out for us in in every area, the nice people here are the Shepperds Brother Shepperd (papa) is way funny and a master piano player and Sister Shepperd (mamma ) is a really good cook (Don't worry you are still better) but when I arrived at their home for dinner there was a turtle bib on my seat.!!!!!! I'll have to send you pictures next week! I will be able to download pictures here. I got a letter from Ashely It was so great to hear from her! I need to write Teej. Oh and we also went to a place called "papa Del's it was great and we really want to go to a place call Black Dog It is famous for its BBQ. We also went o a place called Gross Burgers it was pretty good. The apartment needs a washer and a dryer so if you could just flat rate those out to us. Just Kidding don't mail us a Washer and dryer. It has been over a year with out them. We could use wash rags and Elder Buys world love some more Beef Jerky and so would I. Elder buys would also like some dried fruit. Elder Mason left the zone as soon as I came =( but I saw him and and Elder Hinton at transfers. I will see Elder Hinton again on the 31st. I have lost 4 pounds since I've been here. Hey mom I love you a lot and I hope you are happy! Love, Elder Campbell

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