Monday, October 8, 2012


Hey Mama! So Monday was a normal p-day. Tuesday we finally got to do our weekly planning a we had a lesson with a girl named Emily.I'll tell you more about Emily later. We had to do a lot of planning because we had a ZONE CONFERENCE THE NEXT DAY! WEDNESDAY WE HAD ZONE CONFERENCE EVERYONE WAS ON TIME 15 MINUTES EARLY READING THEIR SCRIPTURES AND BEINNG QUIET. When president came in he was tickled to see all te missionaries being quiet. He was really impressed he showered the zone and us with praise. Zone conference went really well. We gave a training on our purpose as missionaries. It was a Hit. Thursday we had the Champaign district meeting. That night was Jess's baptism! I never really taught Jess but I did her baptism interview. Friday we had service at the soup kitchen, that is always fun. The people are always interesting. We had a lesson with Alex Wong he is doing well but his home teachers have not been to see him yet! =( Saturday!!! Saturday was CONFERENCE!!!  so here are some cool things...Emily, our investigator cam to all of the conference except on session. It was great... But it gets even better Sunday morning session answered some of the questions that she had been struggling with and now she is ready to be Baptized!!!!!!

Some of the themes I picked up from conference, just a few of the things I thought were spiritually important. The prophet Joseph Fielding Smith was mentioned three times. Right now I am listening to the last time Joseph Fielding Smith spoke because I feel there is something there that I need to learn from him.

Yes, I still have my winter clothes. I have some good news for you since I came to the university I have lost 12 pounds! cool right! Stop eating cookies for dinner. You know what helped me to lose weight? Prayer... I kept asking for strength to help me loose wieght. Sure love you mom ! Than You so much for watching conference It made me so happy to hear all that you got from it. Saturday night I wrote in my journal that I don't feel like I can talk to God but I know he is there and that he watches over me.. Sunday morning the is what the first talk was all about. Anyway that is probably going to be the most spiritual email you get from me for the rest of my mission. Thank you for all yo do Mom! Stop eating cookies >.< . Teach those young women well so they can be great missionaries.   Love,
                                                                                                                   Elder Campbell

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