Thursday, July 7, 2011


     So Elephant Rocks was not so fun because my companion fell and got eleven stitches in his lip! He bit all the way through it. So it was really a bloody mess all the way to the hospital. >.< But don't worry he is o.k. now. We went down to the Houghton's house to watch fireworks and to teach two people that are getting baptized in July and some old lady kept telling us we were no Elders and that we don't use the Bible... I don't know what tot do with those people because they won't listen to us but that is o.k. Oh and scraping off chigger bites is the best way! Trust me! (hopefully I will never find out for myself). Any way brother Houghton is a line man, he climbs telephone poles out here because the cherry picker can not reach the really overgrown areas. The reason I am telling you this is because they might be doing a show about his company like they do with ax men and deadliest catch. Because these guys free climb 40 to 70 foot poles and they have nothing to secure them except when they get to the top they put a leather belt around the pole but that is it. Most line men only stay with that job for about 9 years because it is really dangerous. So if it makes it air then you will be able to see Andy Houghton. He would be the only mormon on the show! 
                 So on the forth of July at about 9 o'clock it started to rain like crazy and when we got back to the apartment the power was out, but that happens all the time in Fredericktown. So there is a lot of Campbell's out here apparently, I haven't met one yet but they say they are out here.

      The latest and greatest is that two new families moved into the branch which is a big deal because it is a really small branch. We found a family that lived in Utah and we started teaching them on Sunday. They were really cool and will probably get baptized >.< Hopefully I get to baptize them because I love them! That would put me at 7 baptisms and that is what the mission asks each missionary to get his whole mission. So we have been having a lot of success and this is not all because of me but I have found if I work hard and I have a good companion that does the same we  really do well=) I'm not slacking off and all the members love me and I LOVE FREDERICKTOWN! =) I have so many stories to tell you about the Boatright family and the people we teach and and how much I love my mission. Time is going by really fast. I was hoping I could hear more from Max. If he could e-mail me and write me now and then I would love it. I sent him a letter this morning.

     Oh and I love President Clark, I don't really get to see him very often because the mission home is two hours away but he is super nice and funny and so is Sister Clark!

     I miss Griffin! Keep him healthy! I want to play with him when I get back, make sure you take him on walks everyday ! Oh and the whole family needs to get in better shape so we can go do cool stuff when I get back! Because I am getting skinny and yolked, one might say.
                                                              Elder Campbell

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