Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Chiggers and Ticks

   Tell Max I want to play minecraft but that is going to have to wait a while.  I can't believe it has already been two months, I should be home in no time and tell Max to get in super good shape! Like he should be stronger than I am when I get home.  I don't have a lot of time this week because we are going to elephant rocks with the zone leaders. I'm sure you have been watching the weather here it has been crazy. the storms are super cool even though I sleep through most of them but don't worry because we have plenty of places to go when the sirens go off.
    -SNAPPING TURTLES - I saw a huge one yesterday under a bridge. Then a guy who was hunting snakes with a blow dart gun told us where the biggest turtles in Missouri are. I can't wait to go see them.
     We now have 14 investigators, we teach a whole group of people on Friday nights.  A really old guy plays baptist hymns and we all sing along.  It all started with us doing service. Oh and just to let you now chiggers itch worse than anything in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
LIKE OH MY GOSH my left leg was on fire for 4 days. Bug spray does not keep them away!  Don't worry though I think I got rid of them. Oh and the only way to get rid of chiggers is to burn them which i did and all that did was start my leg hairs on fire and look really funny so then we were told to scrap them out while you are in the shower with a brush or something. Which I did and it worked but really hurt. So no more chiggers just legs with scabs all over them. Chiggers are devil bugs. ( I don't know if I should tell him chiggers don't burrow into the skin they are like mosquitos they put an apparatus into your skin. They just stopped itching because the bites had healed.) No ticks yet even though I flick them off of me all the time and watch other missionaries get them.
     The branch just had two new families move in so that is great I taught the whole zone how to beat box yesterday and me and Elder Beatty are pro at singing. We sing almost every week in church. This week we are singing " A poor way faring man of grief".  Every Sunday Elder Beatty and I draw pictures of dragons with the kids at church. It always ends with one kid scratching the others trying to breath fire on them.  I have lost 8 pounds and have put on a lot of muscle.  In other words I'm getting "yoked".  Max had better be in super shape when I get back and have read the  book of mormon. But I do miss him a lot!!!!! Tell dad I think about him often and tell Sarah THANK YOU FOR ALL THE STUFF! Oh and tell Daniel to join the church already. I want to close this letter by saying 3 more tornados have touched down in my zone this week. Love you mom and please don't worry because the members are always watching over us.
                                                         Love, Eleder Campbell

I don't know why he thinks I would worry just because he is burning his leg hairs off while the tornado sirens are going off!

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