Wednesday, June 1, 2011


    Well I'm fine so don't worry about me, the tornado sirens went off all last week but we were always in a safe place because we always go to a members house that has a basement.=) We have not really been helping on tornado clean-up because Fredericktown got really lucky. Even though two tornados touched down in Fredericktown they didn't cause much damage. We were driving on "00" ( the name of the highway) and trees were ripped out of the ground and laying around. So tornados are pretty scary but you don't need to worry because we always have somewhere safe to be. I'll send some pictures soon.
     It is very hot here and my allergies are diffidently bad! One day I thought my eyes were going to start on fire but Elder Beatty gave me some stuff that took it right away. His allergies are really bad, like super bad, like he almost dies! Uuuggg. I have so many stories to tell but not enough time to write them all! Yesterday I fell in a river! The Houghtens took us up to a canyon which was way cool! On Saturday we had dinner at the Bass's house. They are also one of my favorite members. They have a farm so we had huge steaks, that they had just cut! Fresh whole milk (I don't know if I want to drink fresh whole milk again) and then they gave us fresh eggs from their chickens to take home with us.
     We  had five tornados touch down in our zone last week. But don't worry because the sirens go off like 10 minutes before the storms get to us. ( He really knows how to put my worries at ease.) Oh, and I got attacked by a pit bull. But it was O.K. because the family got me a Sponge Bob Bandaid.
    An apostle is coming to speak to us this week, which will be the 3rd time I've heard one on my mission so far. I'll try to email you some pictures in like 2 weeks. Next p day is a zone p day so I don't know if I will have time to email but hopefully I will! Tell Sarah sorry I haven't written her back yet, I just don't have enough time right now. Tell Max congrats on his flying mount and that I miss him probably more than he misses me and tell dad Thank you for all of the letters and let him know that I am working my butt off. We have talked to pretty much everyone in this town....there is on 4300 people in Frederick town

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