Monday, June 20, 2011

Lightning and Turtles

     We have had really cool lightning storms lately. They are really bright and LOUD! IT SOUNDS LIKE   THUNDER FOR MINUTES AT A TIME. I saved a snapping turtle this week. He wasn't that big but he was definitely strong and wanted to bite my fingers off when I moved him off the road. I am down another belt loop! I didn't really think I was fat when I left on my mission but I guess I was. Well I knew I was fluffy but down two belt loops is nice.  =)
      Thank you for the Walmart gift card and for the bike tools and the tire repair stuff. We did the most "bestest" service ever! A lady came up to us while we we're doing service at the senior center and asked us if we could help her fill sandbags. We didn't hear from her and then we ran into her again and she ask if we could come and help her drive some fence posts in for her. So we get to this place that is in the middle of the country, Elder Beatty drives one post into the ground and she sends me to clear out this section of the forest so she can rebuild a fence to keep her goats in. Now this part of the forest has never been cleared, and then 2 years ago an inland hurricane flattened about 40% of the trees. So it is super hard work and super over grown with vegetation!!!  Like so much green! Oh and it was a swamp... so I just kind of looked at it not knowing what to do. Soon Elder Beatty came down and we both looked at it and had no idea how to handle it.... So we both just started clearing it with clippers and building a bridge of vegetation so we didn't have to stand in the swamp. Until we came to a tree that needed to be moved. We asked for some axes to cut it and she was like, axes? "Those are way too much work use the chain saw" but we insisted on the axes. She went and got us some axes. I was thinking she was just going to get a normal ax. She brought us 1 normal ax and one super huge double ax of death thing. I took the double ax and Elder Beatty took the normal ax (which was still Huge)  and after that and after that things went much faster. We cleared that forest so fast and pro! Then she took a book of Mormon Three days later we came back for service and this time we were tearing out 40 feet of honey suckle vines! Remember this is Missouri and those vines have been growing a very long, long, time They bought us a machete, a sickle ( I didn't know Alex knew what a sickle was) and this tool we call the Egyptian ( I don't know what that is) It is like a sickle and an ax combined that cuts though vines like nobody's business. At the end we had a pile of vines 6 by 10 feet cut up and moved. I have never sweated so much in my life. She also set up a lesson next week with her and her husband and a group of their friends. So that is good. There is way more to that story but I just can't explain all of it, but those people are super nice! and oh they gave us some super old religious documents for an old church out here, dating back to about 1840 really cool stuff. We also started teaching this new family because the kids love us and the kids begged us to teach them a lesson. Turns out that the mom is now interested and we are teaching them again tonight. Other than that just the normal teaching. Some people yelling at us and what not. Edger checked himself into rehab=) I don't know if I told you about Edger but I hope I have time next Monday to tell you about him. Love ya mom and MAX go to swim team and exercise a lot because you have to be in super good shape if you come on a mission like this where it is so hot and you have to bike 40 miles a week and sweat like CRAZY!         Love, Elder Campbell

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