Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Hey Momma! Well thank you for the guitar compliment. Elder Meyers and I are doing a musical number for the mission tomorrow.... I found out about last night ... It should be great! Things have gotten worse but they are ok. My headaches are super bad but thats o.k. The Lord takes them away when it is time to work. We got out 2 times this week. One was just a walk and the other we had some part members to go see... I am sure sick of living in an apartment every second of the day! I have been applying the promise in D&C 123:17 doing things cheerfully and having faith. It has worked like a charm =) The Lord is very good to me =) I feel spoiled sometimes!

The buffalo Jerky was my favorite ;) I can do 10 pull ups now >.< I was so out of shape! Well lets go over the week! Oh by the way thank you for sending Amy's blog. It has helped me a ton with all of the stuff I have been going though right now! Monday we  taught the Lewis kids :)  Then Sister Lowe, one of the best members ever, ( A few of the other best members live up in Champaign) took us out to dinner! Tuesday I don't remember probably because I had to look at the apartment wall all day. Wednesday we had district meeting which was good. Then we taught Phyllis and William. Sadly, William will not give in and join the Mormon church which means Phyllis will not be baptized (Sad... she will be baptized one day the spirit has told me that). Well, I don't remember the rest of the day I was pretty mad. Not about William and Phyllis but something else. Thursday... I don't remember because I spent the day in the apartment. It was such nice weather it was so hard to be inside. Friday we helped the Sanders plant trees in the morning! It was so nice outside and putting my hands into the cold dirt felt so goo! One of those special moments I will never forget planting the first tree after being inside an apartment for the past 2 week. Well after that we stayed in the apartment the rest of the day other than teaching the Lewis kids! Saturday Elder Meyers would go for a walk with me. It was so nice I had promised not to tract but I did talk to a few random people. I just have to be a missionary sometimes.
>.< We had so many miracles that day people calling us asking us for help so I got to be outside a lot! We helped move a couch out of a house there was probably over 200 cockroaches in it.... And oh man they get all over you!!! but love is stronger than any amount of cockroaches! Well the zone leaders came down which was great. I need that. I got to work with Elder Marshall.  He was in my district when I was in Fredericktown. It was so good to be with an old friend. Well sunday was great. We had dinner at the Williams and then visited a part member. The member is a very old lady! She was sooo sweet. She said I won't have any problem finding a mate when I get home! I didn't know people wtill used the word mate. Hahaha. I also had a grandma at church say if she had a daughter or a grand daughter my age she would have her waiting at the airport when I got home. Ha Ha. I think that means the ward like me. Any way you just got to smile and laugh. =) Oh, and Danny is getting baptized on the 30th! It is going to be great! I am also going to make sure little Ray Ray get baptized! Well I finished the Book of Mormon for my 6th time on my mission today! I want to finish it again befor I come home but that might be hard. But then again I might have a lot of time to read if thing keep going like they are going! But anyway I am hPpy. My headaches are bad again but they will go away. They always do with time. Well yes I could use some cash to start sending stuff home! Well a few more weeks and it is all over... I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE ALL OF MY FRIENDS!!!! Tell them they are going to be proud of me when I come home! I sure love you mom! Have a good week!

                                Love, Elder Campbell

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