Wednesday, March 13, 2013

I feel a little bit better as far as my sinus infection but I have a really bad headache but that is not only from being sick.I am frustrated over a couple of thing Phylis wants to join the church so bad but her husband won't change even though he loves the Mormon church... I don't get it.... I am starting to run a mile every morning now. I know that is not a lot but I only have like 15 min. to run and evrything. I can usually do a mile and a half in that time. I've lost 3 more pounds! I'm kinda like in the middle of fat and in shape. You will be able to tell in my pictures. Alright so as far as the black mold family. I know there is nothing I can do for them. I feel the spirit has told me to leave them alone. I wish them the best of luck but when the spirit lets me know to go back I will. We went bowling for zone p-day it was fun but I am kinda glad it was my last zone p-day. We came back and taught the little Lewis kids =) They are so great! The branch president wants them baptized so that should happen before I go home. Danny is going to get baptized.

So Tuesday it started snowing! I WENT BACK TO FREDERICkTOWN! Everyone remembered me! I had investigators running out of their houses and giving me hugs =) It was great to be back! So many people that I love are not going to church =( I kind of want to fly out for a week and gto with brother Adams and do missionary work! It was so great to see Brother Adams!!!!! He started his mission in Rantoul right next to Champaign so it was fun to talk to him about that. Then we saw the Ortons !!! It was so good to see them. I LOVE THEM SO MUCH!!!! Bill, the father, has had some strokes and has had to have brain surgery and is missing a big part of his skull. It was so hard to see him like that. I know that he is a fighter and will fight until his last breath. Mindy, his wife, noticed that my shoe  was falling apart and said you need new shoes.. Bill stood up and left the room. Bill is the type of person that would give me the shirt right off of his back. When Bill walked back in the room he was holding his shoes from the navy. I knew there was no way I was leaving that house without accepting Bill's gift to me. Now this sweet family doesn't have much when it comes to worldly things. Bill is one of the finest men I will ever get the chance to know. I know I could have gotten shoes on my own. But Bill wouldn't have that. I will cherish these shoes of Bill's. I only hope I can fill them as well as he did.
I hope I have to chance to see Bill in the Celestial kingdom that would make me happier than anything else. Brother Adams is working with them and I know he is the man for the job.

Wednesday came and we helped some missionaries move. And then we taught Phylis and William. ThFriday we taught Danny in the moring and then we got to teach the Lewis kids again. Then we got to go have dinner with sister Pullin!!!! She is so great! Shen made us fried fish and it was way good! She says she is still gonna make me some pig ear sandwiches. She always says "grace the place with mah face. She can always make me laugh no matter how down I am feeling. Saturday we taught James I will tell you more about him latter. It was a week full of ups and downs....Hopefully I can learn from this week and next week will be better. I am so sorry to hear about Sarah's dog. It was great to hear from Max.

I have 4 weeks left. . 4 more emails... One fast Sunday. When do I start thinking about marriage? President Clark would like it if I got married right away hahahaha. All I know is I have got to be really careful who I pick, well she also has to pick me) but bad companion would be "hell" to live with. I have learned a little about companionships. I still have a lot to learn. But I know what I have learned will help me. Anyway whey the heck am I talking about marriage!!!!! Elder Campbell get your head in the game!!!! You are a missionary right now!!!!! Alright so mom I love you. Thank you for all you do I have a favor to ask you. Since you don't have to buy me new shoes (thank to my friend Bill) could you send some for my companion he wears a size 13 wide. Hey it turn out today is the birthday of the best member ever!!!!!!! (Monday March 11th was the day this email was sent) I am going to start sending more stuff home or rent a U-haul truck. I love you!!!!!
                             Elder Campbell

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