Monday, March 4, 2013

Alright so the surprise is I'm engaged!!!! Ha, just teasing you know I won't get engaged until I've been home at least a week...Just teasing again so your big surprise is there is a photographer here in the branch and he took some pictures of us and I thought you would like to get a couple! They will be online next week for you to look at and pick the ones you want and how many and what ever.  he will give us a great price. This man is very nice, his name is Brother Calbert. He lets us do our laundry at his house and they alway have a lot of snacks for us but I don't eat them because I am losing weight =) I am down under 230 now >.< Anyway and almost every Sunday he goes on team ups with us for like 3 hours. He really goes out of his way for us. He also took pictures that are going in the newspaper. Any way so I thought you would like some really nice picture of me so I hope that is a good surprise. Just wait until you see what I do for mothers day I have it all planned out. =) yes I did get my SSN in the mail and the other package! Thank you so much mom! you are the best! alright so the week started with Monday and I don't remember Monday... Tuesday! We were in Poplar Bluff blitzing their area to help them find some new investigators! Elder Meyers found some so he did great! It was a fun day. Elder Meyers ate these really spicy wings at this place, it was way funny to watch. I tried to talk him out of it but he did it anyway. Well guess what happened I thought this was not going to happen to me if it didn't happen in Fredericktown! WE were in a nice part of  town too! Someone answered the door with a gun!!!!! Ha ha Ha Well he said he didn't want to learn about Jesus that he already knew about him. I was with Elder Duke at the time and we left the house and we looked at each other and started laughing. Anyway we got home at like 5 o'clock and I don't remember much of the day..... Sometimes it is really hard to get Elder Meyers to do missionary work.... but anyway Wednesday we did some tracting in the morning and then we went to Morehouse and taught a lesson to Phylis and William which went great! And that is about  it for the day. Thursday we had service! It is always fun there and we get free food at the end. But nothing really happened that day either. We did visit someone named Sister Pullen she said she is going to cook me some good old soul food!!! She is trying to get some ox tail to make me oxtail soup and maybe some pig ears for pig ear sandwiches. Friday we had weekly planning. Elder Meyers is really struggling I wish I knew how to help him. I tried to help him set some goals and then we went out and found 2 new investigators and taught 2 great lessons.... I was hoping this would help him feel better  but Saturday morning he was back to his old self. I knew I couldn't get him to go tracting so we went to the public college and used their computers for for an hour, we can do that once a transfer and guess what they closed the building and set the alarms with us still in there!!!!! They didn't check all of the rooms to see if everyone was gone! So when we went to leave as soon as I opened the door all of these alarm go off!!! It was way loud!!! But we just left maybe we should of stayed but we left and right now I am emailing at the college so if anyone was mad at us they would of let us know. But anyway I totally set off some way annoying loud alarms. Probably a lot like when I was little and I would go into the basement at night.... Anyway that was way funny. But yea I don't remember much of the day. It is not because of headaches it is because sometimes Elder Meyers won't work and when that happens I don't remember anything. Well Sunday came and it was Stake Conference. Elder Oaks spoke and rebuked everyone about missionary work... I wonder if that will do anything for the branch... but anyway we had 6 people at church and 3 families. I sat by Phylis and william and so when it ended I talk to them. They loved it. Phylis is ready to be baptized but William is still struggling. Phylis says she sees my face in dreams and it reminds her to pray. that was a special moment for me. William says he has bad days but when we come he always feels better. Brother Boley and I have a pretty good relationship. I hope he is baptized before I go. We are teaching the cutest kids and it is so much fun. They want to be baptized but we have a member that is really prejudice she always gives us guff for working with that part member family. It is really hard for me because I want to say something so bad. I am going to baptize those kids and give her the biggest smile. =) but that was the week. guns, alarms wonderful spiritual moments, and little black kids that make my day =) I'll get a picture with them before I leave. Oh, I am going to Fredericktown tomorrow so pray that I  will be able to help the people there =) The need some help so they are sending me up there for a day. I am doing great mom! I get frustrated sometimes because I can' work as hard as I want to. I am changing a lot. Oh,I love the black mold family but I don't know what to do to help them the husban slipped up on drugs again and beat his wife and broke her jaw and he broke his fist from punching her in the back of the head... I just don't know how to help them. I want to steal the kids and take care of them. They love it when we come over because someone will listen to them and make them smile but Elder Meyers hates going over there so it is hard for me to say well if you don't do this we are tracting. anyway I can do 8 chin ups now. Way better than my 3 when I first got here I want to be at 20 by the time I get home. I'm trying my best but when it is time to tract to trac I have to make myself do it which is not hard anymore but getting Elder Meyers to so is way hard. I tell you what is really nice is when I get letters from people it always makes me Happy! Emily is doing great in the church which make me way happy! I wrote Alex a letter and I should hear from William soon. I am visiting the Orton's tomorrow. It will be great to be in Frederick town. I Love the people I have met on my mission and all of them are friends and some I hope will be my friends for my whole life! We have good members down here but the very best members are up in Champaign Illinois!!!! I Love you mom thanks for all you do! You are the worlds best mom! If there is anything I can ever do to make your day better just let me know.=)

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