Monday, February 18, 2013

Hey mom, well I get to email today because we email at a college and the library is open. I had a rough week. But that is OK kit is all part of the plan. It was full of highs and some real lows... Well the family with the black mold house, we we moved them out of there and then life started getting better and now they don't talk to us.... I just think things are going good and the don't want God to be part of their life... But let me run though the week. Monday was p-day our appointments fell though. Tuesday we had zone conference, it was good. It was all about being happy... LAMBERTS WITH THE APS AND OFFICE ELDERS AND THE DISTRICT=) They all came down to have dinner with us =) It was so good to see them! My companion has been sick this week so we have not done any missionary work! BLAH.....It is so hard to watch the area crash and not be able to do anything about it. The very best high point of my week was; we went to the temple on the 16th... turns out that is when the Champaign YSA was at the temple so I got to see Elder Williams, Emily and Amy! Elder Williams is Great It was so great to be with him! Emily and Amy are the BEST MEMBERS EVER! They don't know how much it helped me to see all of them because my week was just so bad. Oh and I also saw Brother And Sister Kremer! They are coming down to Lamberts on Saturday and Lynn is coming on Friday So it will be a great week! Now some more good stuff we had a fireside at church on Sunday night and some people we are working with were there. Amber and Adam. It is a miracle that we found Adam.
We were teaching a family a lesson and Adam was in the other room when he heard us say the book of mormon he came into the room and said Mormon? I'm a mormon! He has been inactive but I hope he will come back... Amber said she loved the fireside. she said it was the first time she has ever gone to a church and felt everything was true! Then the spirit hit me! I knew that when I felt it too when she said that! Pray for Danny and his wife, he really wants to get baptized but his wife is against it. We don't want to cause problems in their marriage. There was also another guy there from a part member family
and we have someone moving to Sikeston that wants to be baptized! So the week was not all bad we still taught 3 member present lessons and found 1 new investigator but we have more work to do Heavenly father has more children here that are ready to hear the gospel. Don't worry mom I love every one of them! Even the ones that are hard to love.

Alex's apartment after the cleaning/

Alex and Elder Williams in Danville.
He wanted to make sure Everyone knew that they had permission to do this.

Another view of the Apartment.

The luxurious missionary suite.
You should send Elder Philips a package. He is a great missionary and he could use a few goodies. Transfer calls are next Wednesday! Oh. I should probable tell you that I did ask President Clark to extend my mission for one trasfer and let me train again. I pitch a real good case but he just laughed and
said no... and I figured you would be mad if I extended it anyway >.< but I tried. I love you mom! I'll be a better missionary this week. and you should read chapter 10 in preach my gospel it will help you in your class!    Love, Elder Campbell

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