Monday, February 11, 2013

THE ONLY THING I NEED IS TUNA!!!!that is because I've only had dinner at 4 members houses since I've been here... It is kind of rough but it will get fixed before I'm done here. (I keep teasing him that we are going to have tuna sandwiches for his homecoming)Tuesday we had service in the morning. I really like doing service there. Then we had lunch and then we had a lesson with a guy named Joe. Then we had a lesson with Daniel. He has suffered with head aches like I have.Then we had a lesson with a family the kids really want to learn but we will have to see about the parents.
Throwed rolls at Lamberts
Wednesday we had district meeting in the morning then we went to subway for lunch... I talked with some Jehovah Witnesses but they did not want me to come to their house and teach them about Jesus Christ... Bummer. Then we went to to this little town called Morehouse and a miracle happened! Now I have never seen the lords hand in missionary work so much since Fredercktown. We have only tracted for maybe 40 minutes since I have been here... and we have found 22 people to teach... CRAZY RIGHT! but in Morehouse we tracted into a family then taught the first lesson with the wife crying few times at the end we asked them to pray and ask God for a witness of it's truth. The wife said I already know it is true because I feel the spirit so strong and the husband was on board for changing and felt it was true as well. We were just skipping around for the rest of the day, We were so happpy. We told them that they need to still pray about it and gain another witness. There is one member family that lives in Morehouse and they are so happy about that and when we told the members about tht  lesson we got 2 more referrals for Morehouse. Then we came back and had dinner and then had our meeting with the ward mission leader. Thursday we had to clean the carpet here!!!!! It was so lame! So the mission got 2 carpet cleaners and they are traveling around the mission. Well we got it first because of how bad our carpet is. Well it took like 5 hours to do all of that!!! It was so nasty.... no matter how many times you went over something it never stopped sucking out dirt from the floor... but it looks a lot better now. I no longer want Kevin's job of cleaning carpets... I've had enough. Well I didn't have anytime to do missionary work. Well kinda, we did set up a lesson I think. Well Friday we had more cleaning of the carpet  we taught a lesson to the Frederick family. They are doing a lot better (The wife wants to get baptized by me before I go home But we have a lot of things to work on. Saturday we had a funeral of a very nice lady that would bring us candy... but a lot of non members were going to be there so we wanted to be there. Well after that we helped a guy with his yard! His wife was so happy when we showed up to help! We did a really good job and thought we had won them over with our hard work and we could teach them but it didn't happen... bummer. Sunday we had church and then dinner with a family named the Willliams. Then brother Williams came out on team ups with us! It was great! WE taught a family well kind of 2 families that live in an old funeral home. Well yeah that is the week. I'm losing a lot of weight =) yes Elder Gubler is crazy and yes he is in Alton and yes he is driving Lynn crazy, in a good way! Thank you so much for the rain coat! It came just in time! You are the best mom! Elder Meyers loved the blue tie that you sent! he is a stipe tie guy! Thank you so much for the ties mom! you are the best! Well I wish I had some pictures for you... So tell me what you want pictures of. Tomorrow we are going to Lambert's with the office elders and the APs it is gonna be way fun!

Love, Elder Campbell

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